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Dear weather,

last weekend +20° and now -5°? Stop behaving like a stroppy 13-year old, goddamnit.

No love,
my cold feet

Dear student,

do you realize that you just told our female protagonist that committing suicide would indeed be a brilliant idea because (and I quote) 'she should quit while she's ahead'?

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: WTF, dude?!

Dear beloved muses,

I get that you're all excited about me watching 'Bang goes the theory' and now want me to write 100k of Bradley James / Colin Morgan / microwave death ray shenanigans. But out of the two of us, one has to work for a living and can't afford to frolic about all day, and sadly, that person is me. So get a grip. PLEASE.

Sincerely yours,
someone who desperately wants to write that story NOW. I mean, come on, it's Bradley James building a MICROWAVE DEATH RAY! me

In conclusion: *weeps*


Oct. 20th, 2012 11:22 am
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Is anyone watching "Bang goes the theory"? I only just discovered it, and I love this show so much - and also I desperately want to steal from it and make fic out of it. Think about it, Bean, Orlando, Bernard and Sean A. or Bradley, Colin, Eoin and Katie (I can't DECIDE, I want to do a LotR and a Merlin version) hosting a TV show about popular science? I WANT THAT, NOW!
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I just realized why I can't stand Thomas Mann (I mean aside from him being an arrogant dick with only one style of writing which is identical with the way he talked all day and must've annoyed the crap out of everyone around him… can you tell I really don't like the guy?).

Some more spontaneous hate directed at Thomas Mann, some thoughts on why shorter is better (especially when it means avoiding the detailed description of cushion colours) and two questions for you )
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New TV season, yay!

So, I can't wait to see the second ep of the new Doctor Who season (stuck at my parents atm with horrible internet access). I was so happy that it finally returned even though I have to say that I thought the season premiere was a bit mediocre. But that's probably just my problem with the Daleks, I usually can't shake this 'been there, done that' feeling when they show up. Hm. But Dinosaurs on a spaceship? Picture me happy.

I also tried out this new Sherlock Holmes in New York show, 'Elementary' it's called I believe. I'm not sure about it yet. I'm not to thrilled about Joan Watson, I've never really gotten the whole gender swap thing, not even in fic. Also, I can't shake the feeling that the Sherlock actor is going for a mix of RDJ and Benedict Cumberbatch and it kind of rubs me the wrong way. On the other hand: More Sherlock Holmes can't hurt, can it?

I'm still blown away by Sean's performance in 'Accused' of course and can't get over how very very brilliant he was. I still don't even know where to begin.

Years late, I also finally gotten around to watching season 1-7 of The West Wing and now that I am through I am a bit bummed that there won't be any new brilliant C.J., snarky Toby or oh-so-arrogant Josh on my telly anymore. Seems I have to start watching all over again.

Vaguely TV-related (and since it also has Bradley Whitford in it): Has anyone seen the new Joss Whedon (and Drew Goddart) film yet? I'm a bit torn whether to go and watch it in the theatres. I was so disappointed with 'Avengers' and still am, so maybe I should better wait till it's out on DVD so I can watch and potentially blasphemously dislike it in private?

Now dropping the whole TV-related thing: I'm going to Berlin next week and to Gdansk a couple of weeks later. Anyone want a postcard :)?

And last but not least: I want to WRITE stuff and once again can't seem to find the inner calm to get to it. As far as 'playground universe creating' goes, the Rich Blokes AU is pretty much up and running but apparently my brain can't handle 'stealing crime plots' as a part-time job which is a bit of a bummer. And after spending a good deal of the summer reading tons and tons of 'Sherlock' fic I can't even get around _reading_ fic atm, let alone writing anything. It makes me twitchy.
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The fic of doom is reaching the 30k marker. Orlando won't stop doing shit that is distracting everyone from the investigation and Sean constantly stops doing whatever Orlando has told him to in favour of eating and drinking whiskey. Clearly, I have no control whatsoever over my characters.

Speaking of the fic of doom: Has anyone got a copy of Agatha Christie's "The ABC Murders" lying around? I'd really like to use a quote from it in the fic but I only have the German translation, not the English original, and I can't find it online. You'd really be helping me (or rather Orlando who really likes to lie, well that's not important here quote stuff).

In other news I spent about 9 hours at the stables today and I finally got some reading done. Once more I am amazed by how much the dramas of Friedrich Schiller move me. That man has a way with words that makes me hear and see each character right there in front of me. So, basically my day consisted of lying around in the grass surrounded by horses and crying and laughing over words written 230 years ago...

Speaking of reading: I love the Sherlock fandom for all the awesome, awesome stories it produces. Anyone else (still) reading Sherlock and willing to swap recs with me :)?

And speaking of whodunits: Has anyone else watched "Endeavour"? I originally only bought it because I couldn't get over the fact that I'd have to wait for another year for more of "Lewis". But I really, really liked it - and not just because Shaun Evans sort of looks like the lovechild of the ninth, tenth and eleventh Doctor. Really worth watching.

Also, I was looking for something else entirely on eBay (I think it was horse related but I forgot...) and I ended up bying this dress (the red one). I have no idea how that happened. I don't NEED another dress. Clearly my impulse control when confronted with clothes is about as well developed as Sean Bean's when confronted with women half his age willing to elope...
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So, I am back from a week on Corfu and let me tell you one thing: It did not look like my icon. I didn't really mind since I spent most of the day sleeping in the sun anyway, what do I care what it looks like. So, anyway I am a slightly less pale shade of pale now and actually read two books (John Francome who sadly just isn't the same class as Dick Francis - I just re-read "Decider" for the nth time and it's still fucking brilliant).

Also, I wrote stuff. Mind you, it's not really great but it's about 10k of random Orlibean that I don't intend to post. But that makes me hopeful that I will (one day) get that Not-really-Murder-Mysteries Orlibean finished.

Oh, I wrote a couple of postcards to some of you guys but I only posted them today (in Germany). The old man in the supermarket who had the monopoly on postcards, stamps and bananas did not have stamps for the US (or, come to think of it, more than five stamps for Europe).

And since the sun is shining here, too (fucking finally) I plan to spend the summer reading, writing and riding every day. What about you guys?

Hi there...

Jul. 8th, 2012 03:46 pm
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So I am still alive (barely. Fuck you, RL) and have six and a half weeks of summer holidays ahead of me (yay!) and nothing planned except for riding and writing (YAY!).

Speaking of writing, has it ever happened to you that you're that _desperate_ to write something, that your head is buzzing with the potential of a story or rather a verse that you can't manage to write even one coherent sentence? I have like 7000+ words written in another story in that Orlibean sort-of-murder-mysteries verse but they don't feel good enough, don't feel like they reflect what I want to do with these characters and this verse. And what's even worse(or thrilling, I haven't decided yet) is that I am SO far away from having a clear picture of the characters in my head. I want to write them rather badly and have no idea where to start.

Maybe, just maybe all that is just a result of being terribly overworked (once again, tyvm, RL) but it's a rather unique experience for me...

How is everyone btw :)? Good, I hope!
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I'm back from Weimar - and man, if there ever was a town that feels like you're walking right through literature then it's this one. Every time I visit there I come back and want to write 19th century poet fic (and every time I fail epically because apparently I'm just not good enough to pull that off). But still. WOOT.

I'm too lazy to upload pictures myself but if anyone of you wonders what that little town looks like: Here you go &hearts

What else, what else... Yesterday I had my 6th graders researching Alexander the Great and ended up explaining to them why it was totally sensible of him to be gay for Hephaestion. Last week I explained to them why foreign slaves were usually portrayed with huge penises on Greek vases. - I am such a good teacher.

Aside from that it seems like spring has finally arrived here and I am SO enjoying going out for a ride and NOT returning as an icicle. Oh sun, how I love thee. - Did I recently say that my mare is the bestest horse ever? Because she totally is, hands down. She is such a joy to ride.

Speaking of riding, yes, I am still working on SoK and I _think_ I will actually finish it some day. If I don't get distracted by Orlando's prettiness too often that is. That man needs to stop being so beautiful or I will never get anything done. Damn you, Orlando.

Am slowly catching up with Glee (still haven't watched Who's Xmas special, which is just SAD) and can't wait to see SamandGsittinginatree aka NCIS:LA.

How is everyone?
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I never really post anything politically but I just gotta say if Germany's minister of defence is not resigning from his position I'll be fucking ashamed to live in this country. For those of you who usually follow the plagiarism issue that every once in a while rears its head in fandom again, our minister of defence spits in the face of everyone who has ever written anything. How he acts and how the majority of the people seems to be okay with it? Frankly, I am disgusted.

On a lighter note: I continue being amused by how SoK has not only the funniest typos but also serious cases of accidental pov change and "the younger man / the older man"... Oops. - Speaking of the latter - aside from names and personal pronouns obviously which kind of stand ins do you personally find acceptable? I suppose I am okay with the occasional 'younger/older' and use 'the other man' but aside from that I really dislike the mentioning of hair colours, height and nationality (exception: if the character is in a foreign country and sticks out because of his nationality etc.). I am a bit undecided about the use of jobs however, I mean certainly it's okay if one character sees the other (solely) as "the teacher" or whatever but what if I'm writing the pov of someone would he refer to himself as 'the teacher / trainer / footballer'?

What about you guys? Personal squicks or 'most used's?

Completely unrelated? NCIS:LA? &hearts
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Two posts in one day, aren't I prolific? - This is directed to all my fellow Orlibeaners on my flist!

Since my muses and I are having this sort of epic clash of the titans headlock thing going on - meaning I still don't seem to be able to write anything new - I decided to go about it another way, i.e. trick them into obedience, and do something I've been thinking about for at least the last two years. Re-writing "Sport of Kings", that story about sex in the tack room Bean and his dog Orlando in tight breeches steeplechasing I wrote a few years back.

The original story will stay up where it is, partly because knowing me I will never finish this re-write project anyway... and partly because I reckon it's still alright as it is (minus some really embarrassing typos, ahem). The reason for me wanting to re-write is that while I still kind of like the story overall, I've always felt that it was lacking a few background things and more sex detail here and there and whatnot. Well, that and the whole tricking the muses into cooperating again.

My reason for telling you all this - aside from this totally being my own personal 'you need to get on this now' post...: If you read the story back then is there anything you think should have been / be added? Anything in terms of additional scenes, background info etc.? Or is there anything you think should be changed partly or completely (or deleted) - and yeah, this is a very loud call out for concrit :). - Even if you're not even sure you'd want to read a SoK 2.0 (which, so far, seems to want to be at least twice as long as the original...) I'd really appreciate the input.

Thanks guys!
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How is everyone?

Anyone remember my TV series project for school? I thought I might catch you all up on how I plan to rule the world show my kids what proper TV watching is supposed to be like (and btw, they really need the help. Today I asked them how someone who watches TV a bit more professionally / with more dedication is called (looking for the word "Fan") - what did they answer? "Addicted?" - Outch.).

In case anyone is interested: No one named Buffy OR Doctor Who when I asked them to name TV series; small consolation that at least Coupling and Lost made it onto the black board. Wednesday we're gonna start to tackle the issue of stylistic devices in TV series (compared to the traditional ones we usually search for in written text) and we're gonna try and find out by which means (and with which result) Jax Teller of "Sons of Anarchy" is characterised. Next Monday, we're gonna learn about field sizes and camera angles, using examples from the first ten minutes of the pilot of "Pushing daisies". I feel pretty good about my job right this moment :).

As for writing: I have accidentally written 22.000 words by now and there is not really any ending in sight (not to mention PLOT) but tell you what, I don't want this story to end EVER because it's so much fun writing it.

As for my continued TV addiction education: I still haven't managed to watch the new Who (even though the preview got me all kinds of excited) and I am SO looking forward to the Glee finale tomorrow. Also, is anyone watching "Breaking Bad"? A colleague of my gave me the first few eps on DVD and urged me to watch it but I don't know what to make of it...
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Long weekend, yay!

I gotta grade tons of papers but I'll also have time for writing and man, I can't tell you how good it feels to finally be able to do some serious writing again. So.Much.Fun.

Speaking of writing (and I have the nagging feeling that some time ago I already asked you guys about it but whatever :)): How do you write? Do you use traditional notebooks, do you make concepts before you start, do you type everything straight away, do you have different versions saved etc.? I'm just plain curious :).

The real reason for this post though is - just like last week :) - that I can't help myself but need to shout out how AWESOME Glee is. I don't care what people say about this week's ep (some seriously weird moments in there, yeah) but man, Finn and Puck and that second song? JESUS, AWESOME. Also, Quinn and Mercedes? ♥ And Sue's flat, OMG! And "trophy husband" - SO TRUE.

/random gleesquee
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What this following bit of rambling is NOT:
- a farewell to RPS,
- an admission of limited creativity,
- a cooking recipe.

Because I don’t think I can ever (translate: in the foreseeable future) say goodbye to my boys, I am way too full of myself to ever seriously contemplate that there’s limits to what I can do – well, except for cooking which I am crap at, which is why no recipe either.

But. I did some thinking about writing over the last few weeks, tended to come back to some wise things some people said over the last few years and suppose I can share the not-as-horribly-muddled-as-before thoughts now.

In a related discussion Brenda recently pointed out that when writing RPF we essentially write original fic. )
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One of my favourite authors once said that if you’re angry at someone or about something you should write a letter. You should pour all your irritation and fury into it and rant your heart out. Once your finished you should put it away, wait three days and then write a new one.

I never said I was good at taking advice or all that patient :). But I’ll try to turn this into less of a rant and more of a statement of general sorts. Because this – or things like this - has been bothering me for a while now. So, about writing and feedback... )

Comments are obviously enabled because hey, diversity and all that shit ;).

ETA: This exchange with [ profile] foxrafer made me want to encourage you to read the comments to this as well because some things might be clearer there than in my original post. I don't want to edit the original text above so I'm linking to some stuff in the comments, firstly to my response to [ profile] lenalove's comment in which I try to be more specific on what irritated me in the first place and why it did.


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