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And another one. After what seems like ages I present you a new Viggorli drawing at [ profile] tui25’s request.

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Hope you like it!
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Happy birthday, [ profile] lorielen!!!

I hope you'll have a wonderful day with all that one should have not only on birthdays but on every day of the year, really: happy family and friends, great food (perferably chocolate cake and cheese ;)), sunny weather and presents, truckloads of them.

Having you as a friend is one of the reasons why LJ has become home to me. Your creativity, your taste in things and the pure pleasure of discussing about any topic with you, your generosity, your sense of humour and your beautiful writing style, your enthusiasm about little as well as really big and important things, your choice in fandoms that has broadened my horizon so unbelievably and ah, you know your general and overall loveliness - You're incredibly dear to me and I'm so thankful and happy to have met you and to call you my friend.

May the next year be a successful and fun one and may this day (I know I have already mentioned them, but they're really important on birthdays, non?) be filled with cake and presents.

Speaking of, here's a little submission for the collection :). - I love you, dearie. *hugs tightly*

Ewan says... )

The reason (Draco/Lucius) )

Heavy breathing (Viggorli) )

What's in a name (Harry/Draco) )

In the woods (Boromir/Faramir) )

Familiar Faces (Keanu Reeves/Orlando Bloom) )

If reality was fiction (Snape/Lupin) )

Baking (VigBean) )
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Yet another drawing. This one I did a while ago for [ profile] razzleslash for she writes the most gorgeous Viggo/Orlando. She requested a drawing with a "moody Orlando and a Viggo with hair" for her current AU "Abuse of power" (which is so very cool) and this is what my pencil came up with. Hope you like it, folks :).

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Uhm, I'm not here. Cause I am working on my thesis 24/7 as a good girl should... So while I'm not here: This is my latest drawing. It's dedicated to [ profile] rowan_and for she wrote
this incredible Viggorli story which I highlyhighly recommend reading. It has a most brilliant Viggo-voice and every single sentence truly is a thing of beauty. Go read, folks - which of course I haven't, since I'm working and not here. Ahem :).
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Instead of working on my thesis I finished yet another drawing.

This is for Elisabeth whose "The Viggorli Chronicles" I adore without having watched any of the LotR films and without normally liking RPS very much - but this story ROCKS.

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