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Title: The felons but and if
Pairing: Sean/Viggo
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not true, as per usual.
A/N: Written for [ profile] evocates's prompt "Viggo/Sean, Troy era + a quote from The Marriage Portion, Adrienne Rich"

If life was a fairy tale, the films they are offered would always contain brothers in arms – Boromir and Aragorn in all kinds of universes, eras. But life isn’t a fairy tale. )
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Title: Close enough
Pairing: Viggo / Sean (well, sort of)
Rating: Gen
Disclaimer: Not true, as per usual.
Word count: 200
A/N: Instantaneous love in form of a double drabble for [ profile] evocates. – This sets in NZ and it's from Sean’s POV; Bernard’s quote is from Gunnar Björnstrand.

Close enough )
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First of all: Gdansk is AWESOME.

Secondly, I have fic for you.

Title: The cautionary tale of Sean Astin
Pairing: Sean Bean / Viggo Mortensen
Rating: R maybe? Also, this pretty much qualifies as crack.
Word count: ~2.500
Disclaimer: No, this surprisingly is not true.
A/N: This is for [ profile] evocates who wrote the loveliest Orlibean for me and whom I owed fic for a LONG time. Her prompt was “Five times Sean was embarrassed to be seen with Viggo”. This is Astin pov which means I cheated :). Also, this was written in something like three hours in the middle of the night, so I am not responsible for anything. – I suppose this can be read as a sequel to ‘Please enjoy responsibly‘.

Hello. My name is Sean Astin, but you can also refer to me as ‘the one sane person on the set of this movie’. Or, and personally I think this is the most appropriate, think of me as ‘the cautionary tale of why one should under no circumstances (not even under the danger of death) take up one’s friends’ offer to room with them’. At least not if all your friends are serious nutcases. )
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Just reposting this so I have it all in one place :). - Merry Christmas everyone, btw!

Title: Mended
Pairing: Viggo/Sean B.
Rating: light R
Word Count: 4.000
A/N: Written for the Trick or Treat exchange for [ profile] sons_of_gondor fpr [ profile] mooms who amongst other things asked for ‘domestic fluff’ and prompted ‘bonfires’. Originally posted here.

The temperature is mild and this sort of mellow night is what Sean will always associate with New Zealand. In the secrecy of twilight the ocean’s spray continues attempting to reach his naked feet but never does. Under his soles the sand is warm. It feels nice, just like the faint voices coming from Ian’s beach house are a background noise he’ll miss once he is back in England. )
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Title: Ahab
Pairing: Sean/Viggo
Rating: PG at most
Disclaimer: Not true.
Word Count: 650
A/N: Written for [ profile] bluegerl who wanted V/S and prompted “Everye neight and alle,fire
and fleete and candle-lighte” – I hope you like it, darling!

He takes refugee here, when there’s a hurricane threatening to bring chaos to his world. )
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Reposting my [ profile] wordsontongue entry because I like to have stuff all in one place:

Title: Saved by a flying man in a loincloth
Author: [ profile] afra_schatz
Rating: light R probably
Request: The great outdoors
Disclaimer: All made up.
A/N: The title is a quote from Disney’s ‘Tarzan’. Very classy, I know. Also, there is intensely artistic artwork included at the end of this. Written for [ profile] mooms and originally posted here.

If you asked Viggo he’d tell you that life outside was one big jungle. But mind you, he’d say it with a smile on his face – not just any smile but that slightly mad one that simultaneously makes Sean half-hard and check his seat-belt for safety – and of course Viggo would find the jungle metaphor intensely true and exciting (like everything in his life). )
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Titel: Ten years
Pairing: Sean/Viggo
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not true
Word count: 6x100
A/N: Welcome home, [ profile] caras_galadhon!

Six kinds of coming home )
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Before I vanish to Greece for a week (\o/) just a quick Vigbean repost. – Hope you all have a great week!

Title: Somewhat arse-backwards
Pairing: Sean / Viggo
Word Count: 1800
Rating: R
Disclaimer: All made up.
A/N: Written for [ profile] caras_galadhon for the [ profile] wordsontongue fic exchange, riginally posted here. Request: kink, established/long-term relationship, angst-with-happy-ending; Prompt word(s) or general mood(s) for the piece: Warmth, belonging

When people ask ‘And how did you two – ?’ – like people at parties sometimes do, especially when you introduce yourself by all but rugby-tackling me like you were a bloody 15 year old on steroids, and not a 50 something gentleman – I usually just shrug and say ‘ah, the usual’. And that’s kind of true. Well, okay, it’s a lie I suppose. )
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So, a friend of mine who reads the „Berliner Zeitung“ (a rather big newspaper here in Germany) gave me a nudge towards this article. It’s in German and I know that most of you guys probably don’t speak German, so I’ll try to give a brief summary:
It’s an article about Vigbean, or more generally speaking about reasons for writing slash, and RPS specifically. It’s written in the form of an interview and it briefly explains what slash is and then the interviewed (is that a word?) explains her reasons for writing RPS, specifically Vigbean (since some of the Vigbeaners on my flist are mentioned by name so I figure you already know which article I’m talking about anyway).
The main focus of the article is the interviewed’s perspective on slash as a possibility to write pornographic stories (and more than that sometimes) as a form of female sexual dream fulfillment.

Now, let me say before anything else, the author of the article is not judgmental but well-meaning (even though I can’t stand the usage of the word ‘normal’ in opposition to slash); the definition of slash and its place in fandom is brief but all in all accurate and the reasons for writing/reading that the woman interviewed states are well-phrased and while they aren’t congruent with what I’d say would be my reasons for reading and writing, they reflect points that have been made in fandom repeatedly (for instance the dream-fulfillment aspect).


I’m not sure what to make of this and I’d like to hear your opinion on it. Not, mind you, on the specific points made in the article – there is a vast number of reasons for liking slash and imo it’s pointless to argue which are the “best” / “most valid” or whatever reasons for it.

I’m more interested in your opinion about the “fandom going public / mainstream” thing. (ETA: I think I didn't phrase it all that well here. It's not about revealing the big secret of fandom (hah, as if there was such a thing as secrets in the age of internet), it's about how and what you can/may/should/shouldn't cover in a newspaper article about fandom and/or slash, directed to the general public. I should have made that clearer.)

My thoughts on fandom going mainstream )
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It's been ages and it's crack :)

Title: Please enjoy responsibly
Pairing: Sean/Viggo
Rating: light R for nudity, language and general crack
Disclaimer: Right. If you believe this happened, you seriously need to lay off Sean’s booze.
Word Count: 1.800
A/N: While writing this I learned that there is one dangerous thing that can lead you astray in your attempt to write porn. It is the alluring attraction of complete crack. Woe.

It's a widely known fact that Sean and Viggo hang out whenever they can. It has nothing to do with them thinking the hobbits too immature however, it's more that the hobbits think Viggo a little too weird, also Bernard and Karl say that they can only spend so much time with Sean before they get depressed.  )
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I can't believe I forgot to post this...

I drew this picture of Viggo and Sean a while ago - as a gift for the lovely [ profile] kittylass who is a brilliant writer, devoted fan and just a kind and thoughtful person all around. And then... I forgot to give it to her and / or post it here *facepalms*

I am so sorry, Kitty :). Here you go (finally), Sean and Viggo in a bubble of fluff (or on a summer day, however you wanna look at it):

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Before I forget to post it here :).

Title: Silence is… actually TMI is the new gold
Pairing / main characters: Sean Bean / Viggo Mortensen; Orlando Bloom, Karl Urban
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
Rating: R
Word Count: ~5.000
Beta: [ profile] kittylass (thanks again!)
A/N: Written for the [ profile] lotrips_remix 2009. Remixing “Patron Muse” by the wonderfully talented [ profile] caras_galadhon. Originally posted here.

One day, Armor looked down onto earth and saw the sacred arse. Naturally, he took out his bow and arrows for some target practice. )
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Title: Ordinary night
Pairing: Viggo Mortensen / Sean Bean
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Completely made up, none of this happened.
Word Count:636
A/N: Sets in the same verse as 'Wild horses' and 'Cold water'. Written for [ profile] govi20 for all the constant Sean loveliness :)

He is tired and hungry, he longs for the burning taste of whiskey in the back of his throat, longs for the soothing taste of Sean, the soothing feeling of something of Sean in the same place. )
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I'm a bit busy at work and keep getting shoved around by Sean!muse randomly, so it might be a while till I update any 'proper' fics (hey, I told you I'm shit with long fics as well as challenges...). However, here's what I wrote recently in [ profile] comment_fic (am too lazy for proper disclaimers and shit right now, all made up though):

Vigorli - dance )
Orlibean - fight )
VigBeanOrlando + inside )
Vigbean - Dinner jacket )

Also, I keep missing auctions, so if you know about fandom related auctions currently going on, please do give me a nudge, esp. if there's podfic involved :).
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Title: A lesson in the fine art of romance
Pairing and/or additional characters: Viggo/Sean B., most of the cast of LotR
Rating: NC17
Beta: [ profile] dilleydalley
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
A/N: Written for the [ profile] slashylotr_xmas fic exchange for [ profile] lijahlover

Request: I love to see a romantic getaway in a cabin with a cozy fire and candle light for atmosphere. Ending with a proposal and hot sex throughout would be amazing. I won’t do a death fic, I need a happy ending.

Viggo thinks Sean’s romantic skills are kind of lacking. Sean challenges Vig to outdo him. )
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Title: Definition
Pairing: Viggo / Sean
Rating: R
Disclaimer: It’s not true.
Word Count: 507
A/N: …and a happy birthday to you, [ profile] gattodoro (even though I’m not sure whether you read this pairing at all :)

What he does, every day, is this: )
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Title: Cold Water
Pairing: Sean Bean / Viggo Mortensen
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Very much with the not true.
A/N: Sets in the same verse as this. Written for [ profile] irrlicht74 just because.

Read more... )
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It's been ages but I finally sat down and drew something again :). Thanks to all of you who supplied me with reference material yesterday, it was a great help!

This one is for [ profile] helena_s_renn who writes the most amazing fics and who totally blew me away with the rock star ficlet she wrote me for Christmas. Helena, you asked for young Viggo and Sean and after playing around with them various versions I settled for something 19ish, which I hope is okay with you :). I hope you - and all other Vigbean fans on my flist - like the result.

Bumming around on the couch )
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Title: Love is blind? Now that’s stupid
Pairing: Vigbean
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 335
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
A/N: Written as a Christmas gift for [ profile] anthos65

For Anthos65 )


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