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And now for something completely different.
I've got a new picture for you and this time it's not a drawing but Colours! Well, red if you don't count black and white...
It's Eric and Orlando in "Sin City" style, inspired by [ profile] tinanialilli's gorgeous story "Lethal" that I liked a lot and from which I nicked the quote on my picture (I hope you don't mind, dear :)).
As I've said, completely different from my usual art style, so I'm really curious what you guys think - hate it, like it, think red suits them ;)?

Image hosted by

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Before I'm yet again off to Cologne for a few days I finished a new drawing. It's Eric and Orlando for a change ;) and it's dedicated to Irrlicht and the whole Nightclub universe that she invented and that I'm so in love with. Hope you all like it and I'll see you in a few!

Eric Bana / Orlando Bloom - Nightclub #2 )
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After ages and ages of not-getting-anything-done and before I'm off for a few days (that chauffeur duty), I finally finished my latest drawing. Go, me!

It's another Eric/Orlando (three in a row now :)) and it's an illustration for a roleplay [ profile] irrlicht74 and I are currently doing (which has already reached epic proportions by now :)).

Hope you like it!

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And since I'm returning home late on christmas eve I hope it's okay to already wish you guys a merry christmas, lots of presents (yea, I think that very important :)) plus all the 'happy days with family and too much food' stuff!
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I have been such a busy bee today...

First of all, I had the second of my three orals today (the last is in two weeks). two topics in middle high German and one about the German naturalism and all in all I got an 1,3 (A-),

And before I'm off to give private lessons, I have about a minute to post this here :):

Title: The Gun Powder Plot
Fandom/Pairing: Troy RPS Bana/Bloom
Rating: NC17
Summary: Eric finds out that Brits have the most strange holidays. PWP.
Disclaimer: So not true. So not making money with this.
A/N: This if for you, [ profile] mittyw, you and your dirty talk of fireworks... Tsk, tsk. Hope you like it.
I didn't make up the names of those fireworks, you can purchase every single one of them here. And _they_ said it's 12 inches, don't blame me.
Written in a hurry and not beta'd, sorry for possible mistakes.

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Caro: *clears throat* [ profile] perseph2hades, I know I still owe you that threesome -
Orli: *interrupts* Yea, man, what's that about? I've been leaning against this fucking wall for like a week now. What are Sean and Eric doing anyhow?
Caro: *irritated* Well, snogging, naturally.
Sean & Eric: *huge happy smiles*
Orli: *pouts*
Sean: Oh aye, like you let me join last time...
Orli: *scandalised* Hello?! That was so not my fault, man. 't was her! *points accusingly at Caro*
Caro: *massages temples* Aaanyway, Persephone, I can't write on at the moment cause your last fic was a complete overload for my poor brain -
Sean: I wonder why that is *cough* blowjob *cough*
Caro: Oh, shut up, Sean.
Eric: *waggles eyebrows* Bossy, bossy! *mocks Caro trying to immitate Sean's accent* Shut up...
Orli: You're a loon. *snuggles closer*
Caro: *desparately trying to get in controll* Exactly! Maniacs. The three of them. And I drew them for you, Persephone, which was quite hard, since I had to avoid looking at my thumb the entire time... Ahem. Hope you and all you other dear friends of mine like it!

Maniacs )
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Yet another fandom, hope I won't get confused in the future... Well, dearest [ profile] lorielen (Rec-Goddess) recced me [ profile] perseph2hades's Hector/Paris series. I read it and fainted. After regaining consciousness and being able to think more than "Gah!" again, I drew this for Perseph for the absolutely wonderful writing and for Lorielen for the reccing.
It's called "Hector's Paris" and it's behind the cut. Enjoy.

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