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Two weeks holidays, yay! I shall ignore the fact that I have three fat stacks of papers waiting to be graded for the moment... So, five random things that have nothing to do with work:

#1 I will be going to Gdansk for a week on Monday, anyone (aside from the usual crowd who regularly get postcard-stalked by me anyway) who wants a card please leave a note with the address here, I'll screen the comments.

#2 I had a good week, riding wise, since I've actually managed to get my arse of the bench and into the saddle twice. I'm rooting for a golden October because that's really the best time of the year to go hacking (and besides, my back could use the workout, nothing like two hours in the saddle to relax).

#3 I actually got some serious writing done this week and feel amazingly satisfied (again, ignoring the mounting stacks of class tests which should take priority). That's why I love participating in fic exchanges / challenges; it actually gives me not only a few prompts but a deadline. I am so very much useless without a deadline. Anyways, I wrote stuff and I am happy with it and I want to write more \o/

#4 On a completely unrelated topic (I am kind of all over the place, I know): Is there a tradition of advent calenders where you guys are from? It's pretty common over here and I am thinking of putting together several for my friends and family like I did last year. I am running out of random little gift ideas, however, so if you have any suggestions what to put in there in terms of little bits and bobs, esp. for my Dad and my brother who are total crap to shop for anyway, I'd much appreciate it.

#6 Are there any new shows premiering this fall? I'm asking because I really haven't been paying attention / accidentally stumbled over new stuff that looked interesting - if there is anything I should be watching, please do shove me in that direction :). As it is, I've just finished re-watching the first couple of seasons of 'In plain sight' and the first one of 'Chuck' (never really got into that one even though I own the first four seasons on DVD) and I tried out 'It's always sunny in Philadelphia' but that didn't really do it for me... all of this is very much not new in 2012, so I need a refresher course :).

Hope you're all doing well!
afra_schatz: Made by wizzicons on LJ (Fandom is home), why are you mean to me? There I was, rewatching Justified (oh, Timothy, why are you so PRETTY?) and when I got to the end of s2 I realised I haven't watched s3 yet and went to order it - AND IT ISN'T AVAILABLE YET. What is this nonsense? Same thing with the last (!) season of Burn Notice that is supposed to come out in December. HELLO? I can't possibly wait that long for my fix of emotionally constipated Michael W. Not fair.

As far as the new seasons of pretty much every show go, I'm also very behind, mostly because I went to Berlin on a classtrip last week and still haven't fully recovered. (I will kill myself with shopping to many clothes and useless nicknacks in museum shops one day).

I did see the premiere of Bones and continue to be underwhelmed by the Booth/Bones/stupid!baby thing. The more I see them together, the less I buy that relationship. Watching them kiss makes ME feel awkward, I am sure that is not what they intended...

Same thing with Leverage, sadly. I mean that show was never something to be taken seriously but this season (and pretty much most of the last one as well) was like reading bad fanfic written by a prolific 14year old, wasn't it?

I also watched the first two eps of Glee (for some reason) and am surprised how I am not completely annoyed with Rachel again atm. I am sure that feeling of wanting to kill her will come back soon though.

Has anyone watched Studio 60 when it aired btw? I bought it somewhat by accident and absolutely LOVED the first half of that one and only season. Granted, the second half was like a soap opera, but the first one was really fine.

Are there any new shows on the air that I should know about (i.e. watch)? Any recs?

Last but not least the obligatory ficcage-sigh: I re-watched DW's "The Lodger" and now have the loveliest little idea for a Bradley/Colin timestamp in the Remedy!verse, but I can't find a single minute atm to write it down. Life, why do you insist on being so busy? Not cool.
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... otherwise I'd already have, like, four TARDISes tattooed on various places on my body. Every time I watch this show I am SO IN LOVE with it that a spinning Police Box on my hipbone seems like a splendid idea.

Eleven things I loved about 601 and 6.02 )


Apr. 27th, 2011 08:25 pm
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Man, I love this show.

Spoilers )

Still have to catch up with Game of Thrones, the next Doctor Who (&hearts) and of course my favourite British detective duo ever, Lewis and Hathaway, but I think first I need to re-watch Glee. Again :).
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I finally managed to watch the first two eps of "Luther" last night and man, Idris Elba's gorgeousness - even in those horrible clothes - was so distracting that I kept asking "What has just happened" whenever his hands or his shoulders or his legs were on screen because for God's sake, who is able to concentrate on such mundane things as plot when there is Idris to ogle?

Aside from that, is it just me or is this show just a tad weird? I can't even put my finger on it - because I sure as hell enjoy Luther himself and most of the other characters are quite nice as well - but (aside from the fact that the psycho girl is already going on my nerves) something about the pacing of the show feels odd. There are some bits really fast and intense and they are interchanging with other bits that I find so slow that they border on tedious. Anybody else feeling that way?

Other than that I have been re-reading one of my favourite Dick Francis novels called "Longshot" and even though I read it for, like, the twentiest time it still is so very very awesome. And while I enjoyed the later books, mostly I suppose written by his son, Felix Francis just isn't Dick and it shows. That man has such a feeling for characters and pacing and atmosphere, there really are no other books that I feel so much luuurve for.

Whoever followed my new-saddle-ramblings a few weeks back: atm I am leaning towards Passier's Grand Gilbert even though I am still SAD that I can't seem to find a new Stübben. They are, hands down, the most comfortable saddles I've ever ridden in. Oh, and speaking of horse stuff, one random little anecdote: Guess whose mare was totally beastly yesterday when we went out hacking? That's right, mine. I felt a bit bad about reprimanding her when we came back to the yard and the first thing she did was run into her stable, practically cross-legged, because she needed to pee so badly. Because, you see, my horse cannot under any circumstances do that anywhere else but the privacy of her own stable (and with no one looking preferably. she's probably the only horse I ever met that had a shy bladder).

Following up on my angry post from a few weeks back: Re - our plagiarising minister of defence. He resigned last week and I was so frigging thrilled to hear that. Guess that means that I don't have to emigrate after all.

Nothing much happening otherwise - I got the first stack of essays for the second term lying here and wanting to be graded but the sunshine outside is too enticing for me to do anything but hang out in the yard. BUT I have Eric/Karl fic for [ profile] griffndor to write and man, I am so looking forward to playing with these two again.

Oh, and one last and totally random thing: So, Orlando did "Calcium Kid" with Billie Piper, right? So why isn't she showing up in RPS? It saddens me :(.

Everyone have a good Monday!
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Hi everyone :).

To all the horse people on my flist: I just got my tax return today and decided to invest the 800 € I'm getting back into a new saddle. I'm riding with a Wintec Pro Isabell Werth dressage saddle at the moment and while its a nicely cut saddle it's Wintec and therefore not leather. My absolute favourite saddle has always been the Stübben Romanus dressage saddle but sadly it's out of production. Anyone of you riders have any recs for a good saddle? I only ever ride with dressage only ones (even though I only go hacking) with minimal padding under the kneeroll (just like the Romanus). I don't really fancy the newer Stübben models but do like the look of the Passier Grand Gilbert... Thoughts anyone?

Relatedly - and by that I mean woho horses again - SoK 2.0 is up to 67k now and for some reason it just keeps GROWING, damnit. I shall finish it before the next millenium, I suppose...

Completely not related to horses: Has anyone watched "In Plain Sight"? I just finished the first season and I don't know what to make of it - while I like the premise and the leading characters, i.e. the marshalls, I kind of am rather fed up with all that annoying family story, particularly Mary's mother. Anyone?


Dec. 12th, 2010 03:54 pm
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If there is anything more awesome than riding a great horse through a completely deserted forest then I just don't know what that could be :). That feeling of having this incredible powerful being under you, every motion of it screaming "RUNRUNRUN" and yet you got nothing in your hands because your horse is waiting for you to give the okay to go from zero to seventy (kmh, and I'm not kidding) in a second? God, I love riding.

Other things I particularly loved this week: Re-reading great fic. Seriously, you know how it is when you come back to something and it is just as awesome as it was the first time around? Isn't that the greatest thing? It's no news that I feel that way about [ profile] giselleslash's fics I know, but I just got to say that just re-reading "Big Gay Love Actually" this weekend made me grin like a stupid loony. It's just that kind of story you never want to end because somehow all these characters sneak up on you and you want to be BFFs with them. Happyhappy making. Fic like that is just awesome.

Also, I finally managed to get my [ profile] slashababy fic done which has been giving me stomach aches for weeks, the stupid thing. Go me though!

And while I was terribly disappointed by this week's "Bones" (God, I HATE that storyline) and season 3 of "Sons of Anarchy" (I don't even know where to start and not even the general awesomeness of Opie and Tigs could save anything) I was pleasantly surprised by the second season of "Life" and finally watched the season finale of MERLIN and am still throwing sparkles and glitter and feel like a unicorn on drugs. Oh, show, never stop being so ridiculously AWESOME. And while we're talking about loveliness brought to us by the BBC - I can't wait for Doctor Who's Christmas special. Also, when is it time for the next series of "Sherlock" again?

Oh, and I'm not doing Christmas fic this year but if you want a Christmas card from me - do give me your address :). Just mail it to xanfan at gmx dot de if I haven't got it already!

I'm gonna go and watch that show where the wizard is crazy in love with his prince who is wooing him by making him muck out the stables aka Merlin again now :). Have a great Sunday everyone!
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Wow. I just realised that it took me a month to reply to comments. A MONTH. Something has seriously gone wrong this November, it can't be healthy that I haven't been online properly *shakes head* So, since I'm not even pretending that I was doing anything interesting in the meantime and since it's not like I have anything remotely wise to share with you, let's just jump straight to random shit, okay? So, here are 7 things:

#1 - I am totally behind with Merlin and cry sad unicorn tears over it. I will catch up and join you all in the flailing however.

#2 - I am up to date with Glee and have to say that while some of the earlier eps this season kind of annoyed me, it's getting better and better. I love the music and I really love that they start giving more screentime to all the other members of the Glee Club, especially Sam because his puppy-face makes me smile. Also: Where was SUE in the last ep? This can't be right.

#3 - I saw the new Woody Allen movie with a colleague of mine last Thursday and while the movie was superlame and soso cliched (the acting was the only thing that saved it) I had a very very interesting conversation with the colleague afterwards and totally sort of interviewed him on his views on art and kept thinking of Paint!Sean all the time :).

#4 - "Jeeves and Wooster"? My God, how much do I love the ridiculousnes awesomeness of that show? The answer is: A lot. - Only thing is that I can't watch House M.D. without waiting for Jeeves to show up...

#5 - In RL news: We have tons of snow and it annoys me because I caught a cold. 'My' horse had a bad knee for a while (and was fishing for pity shamelessly) but is all better now. Some of my kids are really smart, some of them are really lazy fucktards and I'd like to kick them. I sort of forced 60 of my colleagues into doing Secret Santa this year and feel very good about it. I nearly have ALL my Christmas presents already. Go me.

#6 - Awesome fanmerchandize I call my own: A Firefly metal key chain, Tardis salt and pepper shakers and Buffy's scythe. I still want Jayne's hoodie though and can't find it online anymore. Woe. (That being said: I totally want to know what your favourite fandom merchandize is that you own. TELL MEEE!)

#7 - Will find time to write again (and I have not forgotten about those prompts :)). Thanks to Gigi the Prompt Queen and her awesome brain of awesomeness I can hardly wait to have a bit of free time. Life is good.

How are you, guys?
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I finally watched BBC's Sherlock and my God, how much am I in love with it already (and want to marry Steven Moffat - I as well want to plan ridiculously awesome TV shows with a mate while on a train trip to shooting another ridiculously awesome TV show)? Now I want to read lengthy gen rated Sherlock fic - anyone got any recs?

Since I was angry enough about last week's Glee to post about it I suppose it's only fair to say that this week's episode made all up for it. What a great ep (despite the Puck thing) and heck, I even liked Rachel in it (and omg, plotting!Finn, how awesome are you?!), the Kurt and Burt talk was long overdue and very very great and I quite adored the Brittany and Artie part of the story, too. More eps like that please.

I would continue with squeeing about Merlin but I CAN'T BECAUSE I AM STILL TOO FLAILY!! I so love that cheesy show with all it's stupidly awesome actors, stupidly silly plots and omg, the bromance is killing me. (And btw, Gigi, my action figures arrived and ARTHUR'S SHIRT DOES NOT COME OFF which is a major fail)

While we're talking TV shows - is anyone watching the latest season of Bones? I need them to get the focus off of Bones/Booth, it's becoming seriously tedious, guys.

To end this with the already wide-spread but still so great news: The EW pictures of the reunion of the LotR cast make me embarrassingly happy and I wish I could write fic at the moment (muses, what up with that?). - Anyone on my flist signing up for [ profile] slashababy btw?
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Wow, it's been sorta ages since I last posted. Time to change that.

#1 First of all, in RL related news I'd like to point out that it's AWESOME that we have the bestest of weather in late September. Perfect for spending an afternoon on horseback / in a plum tree (which I both did yesterday) or in my lovely little cabriolet. School has started a month ago and mostly I got great kids - finally having fun with my A-level class as well, which is about time since I'll be leaving for Prague with them on next Monday and I was kind of not looking forward to that before. Six weeks of summer hols do wonders for the 17 year old mind :).

#2 Now that this is out of the way: On to the really important stuff aka the telly.

I recently watched the second season of Sons of Anarchy (finally) and I am still so blown away by the intensity of the acting. Even if I sometimes ask myself if in midst all the glorification the questionable side of the Sons and everyone's intense belief shouldn't get a bit more screen time, I've hardly watched another show with characters as compelling and complex as these. Well, except for The Wire but hey, that's a given, right?

Speaking of compelling characters (and by that I mostly mean Bradley James's naked chest): Merlin has started again! Oh you lovely silly little show, how much have I missed you! And we get even more half!naked Bradley and intense!Colin, more MORGANA (who totally needs to be written in caps and caps only) and adorable Gwen/Arthur on top. And Tony, one must not forget Tony. If only I didn't have to wait till Christmas for Doctor Who to start up again - I'd kill for twice the adorable silliness that moves my heart :). Finally got to watch the DW prom as well and MY GOD how much do I love this show? The answer is A LOT.

Also: GLEE is on again! FINALLY! Marry me, Sue!!

And any new stuff on this year that is worth watching? Any recs from you guys?

#3 And how is it that every time I find myself asking myself why I still seem to be stuck in LotR fandom when practically nothing is being posted (which is sort of like a deep religious crisis of faith for me, except with more naked men involved), someone posts fic that is so awesome that I feel kind of ashamed for ever questioning the one-true-home that is this fandom? The fic I'm speaking of of course is [ profile] giselleslash's latest Orlibean, called "Who's going to drive you home", and is about the most perfect thing ever written - beautiful characterisation, wonderfully charming banter and fun, and all those little things that make my heart swell and nearly burst with sheer and utter LOVE. If you haven't already, I urge you to read it. Seriously.

#4 I'm currently not writing anything fandom related and the reason for that is my best mate's upcoming birthday and this mythology fanatism we share. As some of you might remember we started with this mythology casting years ago and since then gotten deeper and deeper into anything related to Greek mythology, and once again I'm working on this huge writing project as a result of that. So, if you're into Greek mythology and would like to discuss share the love please don't hesitate to squee at me / with me in the comments. Like who is awesomer than Herakles (the answer is: no one, no matter what you say, [ profile] azewewish)? Who could resist Paris's pout? Who on earth takes that nutter Ares seriously? Why is Clytemnestra the most awesome female character ever? And so on :).
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How is everyone?

Anyone remember my TV series project for school? I thought I might catch you all up on how I plan to rule the world show my kids what proper TV watching is supposed to be like (and btw, they really need the help. Today I asked them how someone who watches TV a bit more professionally / with more dedication is called (looking for the word "Fan") - what did they answer? "Addicted?" - Outch.).

In case anyone is interested: No one named Buffy OR Doctor Who when I asked them to name TV series; small consolation that at least Coupling and Lost made it onto the black board. Wednesday we're gonna start to tackle the issue of stylistic devices in TV series (compared to the traditional ones we usually search for in written text) and we're gonna try and find out by which means (and with which result) Jax Teller of "Sons of Anarchy" is characterised. Next Monday, we're gonna learn about field sizes and camera angles, using examples from the first ten minutes of the pilot of "Pushing daisies". I feel pretty good about my job right this moment :).

As for writing: I have accidentally written 22.000 words by now and there is not really any ending in sight (not to mention PLOT) but tell you what, I don't want this story to end EVER because it's so much fun writing it.

As for my continued TV addiction education: I still haven't managed to watch the new Who (even though the preview got me all kinds of excited) and I am SO looking forward to the Glee finale tomorrow. Also, is anyone watching "Breaking Bad"? A colleague of my gave me the first few eps on DVD and urged me to watch it but I don't know what to make of it...


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