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Dear weather,

last weekend +20° and now -5°? Stop behaving like a stroppy 13-year old, goddamnit.

No love,
my cold feet

Dear student,

do you realize that you just told our female protagonist that committing suicide would indeed be a brilliant idea because (and I quote) 'she should quit while she's ahead'?

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: WTF, dude?!

Dear beloved muses,

I get that you're all excited about me watching 'Bang goes the theory' and now want me to write 100k of Bradley James / Colin Morgan / microwave death ray shenanigans. But out of the two of us, one has to work for a living and can't afford to frolic about all day, and sadly, that person is me. So get a grip. PLEASE.

Sincerely yours,
someone who desperately wants to write that story NOW. I mean, come on, it's Bradley James building a MICROWAVE DEATH RAY! me

In conclusion: *weeps*
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The fic of doom is reaching the 30k marker. Orlando won't stop doing shit that is distracting everyone from the investigation and Sean constantly stops doing whatever Orlando has told him to in favour of eating and drinking whiskey. Clearly, I have no control whatsoever over my characters.

Speaking of the fic of doom: Has anyone got a copy of Agatha Christie's "The ABC Murders" lying around? I'd really like to use a quote from it in the fic but I only have the German translation, not the English original, and I can't find it online. You'd really be helping me (or rather Orlando who really likes to lie, well that's not important here quote stuff).

In other news I spent about 9 hours at the stables today and I finally got some reading done. Once more I am amazed by how much the dramas of Friedrich Schiller move me. That man has a way with words that makes me hear and see each character right there in front of me. So, basically my day consisted of lying around in the grass surrounded by horses and crying and laughing over words written 230 years ago...

Speaking of reading: I love the Sherlock fandom for all the awesome, awesome stories it produces. Anyone else (still) reading Sherlock and willing to swap recs with me :)?

And speaking of whodunits: Has anyone else watched "Endeavour"? I originally only bought it because I couldn't get over the fact that I'd have to wait for another year for more of "Lewis". But I really, really liked it - and not just because Shaun Evans sort of looks like the lovechild of the ninth, tenth and eleventh Doctor. Really worth watching.

Also, I was looking for something else entirely on eBay (I think it was horse related but I forgot...) and I ended up bying this dress (the red one). I have no idea how that happened. I don't NEED another dress. Clearly my impulse control when confronted with clothes is about as well developed as Sean Bean's when confronted with women half his age willing to elope...
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So, I am back from a week on Corfu and let me tell you one thing: It did not look like my icon. I didn't really mind since I spent most of the day sleeping in the sun anyway, what do I care what it looks like. So, anyway I am a slightly less pale shade of pale now and actually read two books (John Francome who sadly just isn't the same class as Dick Francis - I just re-read "Decider" for the nth time and it's still fucking brilliant).

Also, I wrote stuff. Mind you, it's not really great but it's about 10k of random Orlibean that I don't intend to post. But that makes me hopeful that I will (one day) get that Not-really-Murder-Mysteries Orlibean finished.

Oh, I wrote a couple of postcards to some of you guys but I only posted them today (in Germany). The old man in the supermarket who had the monopoly on postcards, stamps and bananas did not have stamps for the US (or, come to think of it, more than five stamps for Europe).

And since the sun is shining here, too (fucking finally) I plan to spend the summer reading, writing and riding every day. What about you guys?
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First of all, how brilliant is Firefly? I am currently rewatching the entire series and man, I can't believe there's just 13 episodes. I need at least 130 more, there is not a single character I don't adore, not a single ep I don't love to pieces. How can anyone resist


the sweetest siblings of all times (that scene makes me tear up every single time)?

I really need to get my arse of the couch and get my Firefly art prints framed.

Other important insights into my mind: I have given it some thought and I think there are few things that make you as happy and content as sitting in the sun on a bench, dozing, with your horse resting her muzzle on top of yours, dozing as well. Or alternately, having filly who doesn't understand the whole concept of personal space rest her head in your lap, demanding that you NEED to scratch her ears and NOW. I love my horses.

Also also, I finally caught up with Community and it frightens me a little to which extent Abed is EXACTLY like me... Except for the ability to transform into a unicorn and/or Batman maybe but I'm working on that.

I miss you all btw and guess what I have two weeks of Easter holidays coming up and I am so definitely planning on getting some writing done. As it happens, you don't feel whole as a person when you're not regularly writing random sex scenes (although, let's not kid ourselves, for some reason I have fallen into the treacherous habit of needing to write something that somewhat resembles plot lately. Far more dangerous than PWP, that is).

And lastly, because a post should end with things people should buy, I give you this. You're all welcome :).
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For some reason time seems to be passing way quicker than it used to. There's probably a ripple in the time flux continuum or something. It's either that or I have grown to be even more of a sloth than I was before. Since that is practically impossible it must be some error in time. So clearly this is yet another argument why the new season of Doctor Who should start asap.

In other words: Yes, I am still alive. Work is an absolute bitch (remind me to never again agree on going on a class trip with over 100 pupils aged 15 to 16...) and our horses collectively came down with a cold last week. Also, and I can't believe I'm saying this, I am yet again sucked back into the "Sport of Kings" verse and am doing re-writes of the re-write. Talk about time loops and the like... I need a new verse or possibly a new fandom.

What else? Oh, yes, the important stuff: It's way way overdue and extremely late but I'd like to thank everyone for the ecards and presents, the posts and vgifts you sent for my birthday. It meant a lot to me and I love you all right back!

Also, I've noticed while going through some older entries that I have become one of those people who don't answer comments which is about as impolite as uh, not swallowing after giving head? I have my suspicions that this metaphor is kind of wonky... Anyhow, I shall correct that error some time soon :).

In terms of fannish things: I turned one of my cooler-style rain coats for my horse, a blue and red one, into a Superman cape by sewing a huge Superman logo onto it. Kira approves and now demands that her black one gets a Batsignal... Also, I watched all three seasons of "Deadwood" and while I am somewhat peeved how abrupt the third season ended I am consoled by the beauty that is Timothy Olyphant (shallow? Who? Me?).

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Believe it or not but I am actually still alive. Somehow, with the autumn over here being completely and utterly awesome for riding, I find myself on horseback every day (bestest sport in the world and a full on gallop through red and golden leaves is so addictive). And between that and grading the truckload of essays on my desk (seriously, it's ridiculous) I don't seem to find time for anything else. Well, apart from buying a truly shameful amount of shoes on eBay that is. But I am totally behind on about every show I watch and I don't even know how to spell fanfic anymore, let alone write it.

Ah well. What I have watched however was the season premiere of 'Bones' and I am not sure what to think of it. I am most certainly one of those people who sat in front of the telly going 'aw, no, not that, come on people' at the end of the sixth season and I have to say 7.01 felt a lot like reading fanfic. The last time that happened was when I watched the last few eps of "Queer as folk" but that was intensely crappy fanfic on top of everything, so I'm not sure I like this feeling. On the other hand, 7.01 was not as horrible ooc as I'd feared. Hm. - Thoughts anyone?

I have been re-watching my 'Jeeves and Wooster' DVDs as well, mostly due to the fact that I'm reading Stephen Fry's autobiography at the moment (man, that guy is so self-involved it honestly amazes me - but damn entertaining, too) and I seriously think that someone needs to turn this into fanfic for me...

And knowing fully well that I have quite a couple of prompts still outstanding, I'm gonna ask nevertheless: Anyone willing to throw a prompt or two my way for my boarding school verse? Any characters or setting, I don't even need to write Viggo or Eric but I'd really like to find a starting point to play in that verse again :).

- Any new shows that started this season that you could rec btw? I mean it's not like I haven't got hours and hours of TV to catch up on already but still...
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That girl has nothing on my horse, I tell you. Kira is so nitpicky that today she wouldn't eat her straw because it was too yellow, she wouldn't eat her hay because it didn't have the right smell (she made her distaste rather obvious by just taking a dump directly on it...) and she wouldn't eat her mix of shredded turnip and cornflakes because - imagines the horror - the cornflakes weren't crunchy enough. Only when I emptied an entire bottle of malt beer over her turnip/flakes she graciously deigned to eat it.

And nope, it's not because she's sick or because the quality of the food was bad. Kira and the pea, seriously.

How exactly can horses survive in the wilderness :)?

How is everyone? Good I hope!

- And now for something completely different: Where do you guys get your fanshirts (if you have any)? I know that cafepress has some really great motives but all the shirts (and sweatshirts) they offer are really of crappy quality and I have no idea wherelse to get my fix of seriously fannish clothing. And recs?
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So I FINALLY bought a new saddle and need to share my new pride and joy with you. I just now bought it on ebay and can't wait to have it send to me but I'll share the pics I got already because I am all w00t about it right now:

My Passier )

Speaking of the mare, my poor darling had a sore knee on Monday and yesterday and today I had to save her from a rather too forward mare who thought that it was PLAY TIME!!1! and completely ignored Kira's panicking. Great way to spend an afternoon, I can tell you, to throw yourself between two horses and have the over eager one choosing you to be the new victim playmate and rise right in front of you...

(Relatedly, yes, I am STILL working on SoK and for some reason it just keeps growing and I keep re-writing even old scenes. Something is wrong with my porn skills though, instead of writing proper steaming sex I just keep adding face-to-face time with the horses. What exactly does that say about me...?)

And to end this the way I think every post on LJ should end: SAM + G = &hearts - Oh, they can't possibly get any more adorable, can they?
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I'm back from Weimar - and man, if there ever was a town that feels like you're walking right through literature then it's this one. Every time I visit there I come back and want to write 19th century poet fic (and every time I fail epically because apparently I'm just not good enough to pull that off). But still. WOOT.

I'm too lazy to upload pictures myself but if anyone of you wonders what that little town looks like: Here you go &hearts

What else, what else... Yesterday I had my 6th graders researching Alexander the Great and ended up explaining to them why it was totally sensible of him to be gay for Hephaestion. Last week I explained to them why foreign slaves were usually portrayed with huge penises on Greek vases. - I am such a good teacher.

Aside from that it seems like spring has finally arrived here and I am SO enjoying going out for a ride and NOT returning as an icicle. Oh sun, how I love thee. - Did I recently say that my mare is the bestest horse ever? Because she totally is, hands down. She is such a joy to ride.

Speaking of riding, yes, I am still working on SoK and I _think_ I will actually finish it some day. If I don't get distracted by Orlando's prettiness too often that is. That man needs to stop being so beautiful or I will never get anything done. Damn you, Orlando.

Am slowly catching up with Glee (still haven't watched Who's Xmas special, which is just SAD) and can't wait to see SamandGsittinginatree aka NCIS:LA.

How is everyone?
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Yes, I am still alive :). As it happens I seem to spend most of my awake time shared between school and stable and the little time I am at home and not trying to out-snore my neighbour (seriously, that guy is a phenomenon) I write. BUT I'm not dead :).

Has anyone watched the last two Bones eps yet, the ones that aired after the Christmas break? I haven't because I am seriously traumatized by the one where Bones went COMPLEHETELY CRAZY AND TOTALLY OOC because of that woman buried under a tree. - Are the later ones safe to watch or will I throw something at my telly?

ALSO, I had a Doctor Who / Buffy crossover dream last night. Angel was in it (or Booth, I think my sleeping brain had them confused), the Doctor was kind of absent but we were all chased by some sort of Autons. I was Dawn (wtf) and of course got eaten by a plastic monster so Buffy could get all ragey - and just before I woke up Buffy's wrath was interrupted by commercials, trying to sell me a Boromir Lego doll. Way to break the fourth wall, brain. Now I'll never know whether Buffy will un-plastic me Dawn. Clearly, my life sucks.
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So, if there is anything lovelier than riding through the thickest of snow, then I don't know. Well, okay, riding through an autumn forest beats it, mostly because you don't have to fear that you'll accidentally go ice-skating with your horse... but still, what a lovely day to ride and how good is going out hacking for my equilibrium? The answer is very.

Two things, however, that do annoy me are a. my still ongoing hardcore writer's block (seriously, I write, like 2000 words of something, then decide it's utter crap and never look at it again. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.) and b. the ipod I had to get to play my audiobooks because my mp3 player doesn't support the format. Seriously, how can something be as needlessly complicated and annoying as ipod and itunes? I hate this thing already.

On the plus side again: I have been reading SO much good fic lately! Not really in my first fandom of choice but SPN crackfic never fails to amuse me and oh, Merlin, when does s4 start again? I miss you!
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Note to self: When using public transportation due to SNOW, think about which kind of podfic you want to have on your mp3 player. It is a tad embarrassing to sit opposite a tiny grandma and have hardcore porn in your ears :).

That aside, I actually have today and tomorrow off because the schoolboard decided that there is too much snow. Inconveniently, I still have to show up on Thursday before the proper hols begin. I am REALLY looking forward to those because the combination of fucking snow, too much to do and stupidity of pupils is really annoying me right now. (Excerpt from an essay? "The monogamy targets historically interested persons." - Right, because there is no difference at all between monograph and monogamy, is there? *facepalms*)

So, since I am in need of cheering up, I shall now use this post to spam you all with random pretties that sit on my harddrive and want to be perved over :).


Dec. 12th, 2010 03:54 pm
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If there is anything more awesome than riding a great horse through a completely deserted forest then I just don't know what that could be :). That feeling of having this incredible powerful being under you, every motion of it screaming "RUNRUNRUN" and yet you got nothing in your hands because your horse is waiting for you to give the okay to go from zero to seventy (kmh, and I'm not kidding) in a second? God, I love riding.

Other things I particularly loved this week: Re-reading great fic. Seriously, you know how it is when you come back to something and it is just as awesome as it was the first time around? Isn't that the greatest thing? It's no news that I feel that way about [ profile] giselleslash's fics I know, but I just got to say that just re-reading "Big Gay Love Actually" this weekend made me grin like a stupid loony. It's just that kind of story you never want to end because somehow all these characters sneak up on you and you want to be BFFs with them. Happyhappy making. Fic like that is just awesome.

Also, I finally managed to get my [ profile] slashababy fic done which has been giving me stomach aches for weeks, the stupid thing. Go me though!

And while I was terribly disappointed by this week's "Bones" (God, I HATE that storyline) and season 3 of "Sons of Anarchy" (I don't even know where to start and not even the general awesomeness of Opie and Tigs could save anything) I was pleasantly surprised by the second season of "Life" and finally watched the season finale of MERLIN and am still throwing sparkles and glitter and feel like a unicorn on drugs. Oh, show, never stop being so ridiculously AWESOME. And while we're talking about loveliness brought to us by the BBC - I can't wait for Doctor Who's Christmas special. Also, when is it time for the next series of "Sherlock" again?

Oh, and I'm not doing Christmas fic this year but if you want a Christmas card from me - do give me your address :). Just mail it to xanfan at gmx dot de if I haven't got it already!

I'm gonna go and watch that show where the wizard is crazy in love with his prince who is wooing him by making him muck out the stables aka Merlin again now :). Have a great Sunday everyone!
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Wow. I just realised that it took me a month to reply to comments. A MONTH. Something has seriously gone wrong this November, it can't be healthy that I haven't been online properly *shakes head* So, since I'm not even pretending that I was doing anything interesting in the meantime and since it's not like I have anything remotely wise to share with you, let's just jump straight to random shit, okay? So, here are 7 things:

#1 - I am totally behind with Merlin and cry sad unicorn tears over it. I will catch up and join you all in the flailing however.

#2 - I am up to date with Glee and have to say that while some of the earlier eps this season kind of annoyed me, it's getting better and better. I love the music and I really love that they start giving more screentime to all the other members of the Glee Club, especially Sam because his puppy-face makes me smile. Also: Where was SUE in the last ep? This can't be right.

#3 - I saw the new Woody Allen movie with a colleague of mine last Thursday and while the movie was superlame and soso cliched (the acting was the only thing that saved it) I had a very very interesting conversation with the colleague afterwards and totally sort of interviewed him on his views on art and kept thinking of Paint!Sean all the time :).

#4 - "Jeeves and Wooster"? My God, how much do I love the ridiculousnes awesomeness of that show? The answer is: A lot. - Only thing is that I can't watch House M.D. without waiting for Jeeves to show up...

#5 - In RL news: We have tons of snow and it annoys me because I caught a cold. 'My' horse had a bad knee for a while (and was fishing for pity shamelessly) but is all better now. Some of my kids are really smart, some of them are really lazy fucktards and I'd like to kick them. I sort of forced 60 of my colleagues into doing Secret Santa this year and feel very good about it. I nearly have ALL my Christmas presents already. Go me.

#6 - Awesome fanmerchandize I call my own: A Firefly metal key chain, Tardis salt and pepper shakers and Buffy's scythe. I still want Jayne's hoodie though and can't find it online anymore. Woe. (That being said: I totally want to know what your favourite fandom merchandize is that you own. TELL MEEE!)

#7 - Will find time to write again (and I have not forgotten about those prompts :)). Thanks to Gigi the Prompt Queen and her awesome brain of awesomeness I can hardly wait to have a bit of free time. Life is good.

How are you, guys?
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So, three weeks of no post at all and now I come bearing nonsense :). I am barely online atm due to Stuff (yes, with a capital S because I am so important) and due to me spending an insane amount of time on horseback (or decorating gingerbread houses) BUT I wanted to drop in for a sec to leave you all with this:

Starting at about 1.40 this is Stephen Fry giving acting lessons to Hugh Laurie in 1982 and I can watch that stupid video over and over and still find it ridiculously funny :D.

And I'm out, because due to stupid daylight saving I have only about two hours to ride without getting lost in the darkness now... Hope you're all doing alright!
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Wow, it's been sorta ages since I last posted. Time to change that.

#1 First of all, in RL related news I'd like to point out that it's AWESOME that we have the bestest of weather in late September. Perfect for spending an afternoon on horseback / in a plum tree (which I both did yesterday) or in my lovely little cabriolet. School has started a month ago and mostly I got great kids - finally having fun with my A-level class as well, which is about time since I'll be leaving for Prague with them on next Monday and I was kind of not looking forward to that before. Six weeks of summer hols do wonders for the 17 year old mind :).

#2 Now that this is out of the way: On to the really important stuff aka the telly.

I recently watched the second season of Sons of Anarchy (finally) and I am still so blown away by the intensity of the acting. Even if I sometimes ask myself if in midst all the glorification the questionable side of the Sons and everyone's intense belief shouldn't get a bit more screen time, I've hardly watched another show with characters as compelling and complex as these. Well, except for The Wire but hey, that's a given, right?

Speaking of compelling characters (and by that I mostly mean Bradley James's naked chest): Merlin has started again! Oh you lovely silly little show, how much have I missed you! And we get even more half!naked Bradley and intense!Colin, more MORGANA (who totally needs to be written in caps and caps only) and adorable Gwen/Arthur on top. And Tony, one must not forget Tony. If only I didn't have to wait till Christmas for Doctor Who to start up again - I'd kill for twice the adorable silliness that moves my heart :). Finally got to watch the DW prom as well and MY GOD how much do I love this show? The answer is A LOT.

Also: GLEE is on again! FINALLY! Marry me, Sue!!

And any new stuff on this year that is worth watching? Any recs from you guys?

#3 And how is it that every time I find myself asking myself why I still seem to be stuck in LotR fandom when practically nothing is being posted (which is sort of like a deep religious crisis of faith for me, except with more naked men involved), someone posts fic that is so awesome that I feel kind of ashamed for ever questioning the one-true-home that is this fandom? The fic I'm speaking of of course is [ profile] giselleslash's latest Orlibean, called "Who's going to drive you home", and is about the most perfect thing ever written - beautiful characterisation, wonderfully charming banter and fun, and all those little things that make my heart swell and nearly burst with sheer and utter LOVE. If you haven't already, I urge you to read it. Seriously.

#4 I'm currently not writing anything fandom related and the reason for that is my best mate's upcoming birthday and this mythology fanatism we share. As some of you might remember we started with this mythology casting years ago and since then gotten deeper and deeper into anything related to Greek mythology, and once again I'm working on this huge writing project as a result of that. So, if you're into Greek mythology and would like to discuss share the love please don't hesitate to squee at me / with me in the comments. Like who is awesomer than Herakles (the answer is: no one, no matter what you say, [ profile] azewewish)? Who could resist Paris's pout? Who on earth takes that nutter Ares seriously? Why is Clytemnestra the most awesome female character ever? And so on :).

Back :)

Aug. 18th, 2010 07:30 pm
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Just dropping in to say that I'm back from my week on Kos. Man, 7 days of doing NOTHING but hang on the beach is exhausting! Needless to say that we had great weather, I read something like 6 books (among them another one of the Wilde ones, two DI Frost novels which I liked), spent way too much time with the Greek mythology heroes (again) and am of course still only faintly tanned, no matter the hours in the sun :).

What have I missed? Another article about Orlando's questionable body hygiene? Bean announcing his fifth engagement? Bradley posting sex vids of himself and Colin on youtube? - TELL MEEE!
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#1 I'm away for the weekend on a wedding. Usually I hate these things but it's a really good friend of mine and I trust her not to bore/annoy me to death with her wedding (I know, terribly altruistic of me to expect that weddings should in fact be all about pleasing ME).

#2 Speaking of wedding - I just saw in [ profile] azewewish's LJ that Bean's wife apparently is filing for divorce and it makes me all sad :(.

#3 On MUCH MUCH happier notes (and completely unrelated) I finally got my new car and it's awesome.

#4 Also, I started reading this really great book... No, wait let me start by saying that I hate going to bookstores because apparently only boring people work there or at least only boring people are there to help the helpless customer (= me). It shouldn't surprise me that book recs from boring people usually result in me holding utterly BORING books in my hands... Also, when I ask for "a crime novel, something exceedingly British, please" why do they try to sell me Stieg Larsson? ALSO, why do they think it wise to tell me - who started the conversation with "I adore Dick Francis" - that Dick Francis only writes horse related things (which he doesn't) and isn't witty (which he is). Idiots.

ANYWAY. I bought a book (on my own...) and it's awesome. It's called "Oscar Wilde and the Ring of Death", is written by Gyles Brandreth, and it's really Oscar Wilde RPF with murder. IKR? - He is friends with Bram Stoker and Arthur Conan Doyle (both amazingly characterised), the latter makes a lot of sense because the stories are told in the style of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, by Wilde's best friend. I'm only on page 50 so far but it's like really good fanfic (and we all know that I don't have higher praise than that ;)). Definitely worth giving it a try, don't let the stupid pink book cover put you off.

#5 Has anyone else watched "Black Books" or is watching "Lewis"? I want someone to share the happy with :).
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After two weeks of almost-falling-off-the-radar (stupid RL):

Four reasons why my life is awesome right now

#1 - As of today I have SIX AND A HALF weeks of summer holidays. W00t! - And aside from a week of horse-sitting, a wedding and a holiday somewhere in Greece I have absolutely NOTHING scheduled. Awesome.

#2 - I finally finished my monster fic. 56k and no plot in sight, I feel quite accomplished and shit.

#3 - I bought a new car today! As you might remember I had to get a new car quickly after my accident two years ago and while the car I got was cheap and almost new, I never liked the stupid thing. But my new one? Ooooh, shiny darling. It's a 2009 Opel Tigra Twintop twoseater with 90 PS, and approx. 7l/100 km. I can collect it next Tuesday or Wednesday and I am absolutely psyched because it's exactly my kind of car.

Photos behind the cut )

#4 - I just managed to NOT come in last on the Rainbow Boulevard in MarioCart for Wii. Clearly, I rock.

- So, how are you all :)?
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Long time, no post, time to change that. So here's six random things:

I have a bloody sore throat and can barely talk (not a good idea to just ignore initial soreness and just keep on chatting, and it's not as if it's the first time :)). Anyone got any good recipes against that? Besides shutting the fuck up I mean?

I finally got around to watch the A-team movie. What a hilariously big amount of fun! That tank scene? Man, it's exactly the completely unrealistic and mental kind of stuff that we saw in the TV show. My kind of movie. - Personal favourite probably was Sharlto Copley, I adored him.

I also managed to get my hands on a copy of "Boondock Saints II". Yeah... no. While I loved the brothers (not really a surprise) the movie was a bit too busy celebrating itself (and Troy Duffy) to really draw me in. And if anyone has seen the extras... well, Troy Duffy is a bit full of himself, isn't he? (Adoring the hell out of Sean and Norman though because they are awesome). Favourite scene was the tattooing sequence right at the beginning. Man, I love Connor and Murph and their weird semi-incestuous closeness.

Also, youtube is evil. I spent a whole hour watching Peter O'Toole clips yesterday (God, how much do I adore that man? Brilliant, brilliant actor) when I was supposed to be doing something else entirely. Damn you, youtube.

And finally, in response to the latest Doctor Who episode: I quite adore Eleventh's stylishness. First the bow tie and now the Fez? You rock on, Doctor.

Also, I'm in desperate need of good crime novels to read. Any recs? I definitely like British ones best, my favourite authors being Dick Francis (my all time fav), Lyndon Stacey and Peter Robinson; I'm not into any of the Italian detectives (what's it with all the food references :)?) and I don't really like the Scandinavian ones either. So, if you got something that you enjoyed I'd be much obliged if you shared it with me.

ETA: Hah, I just found this very accurate description of horse related writing on amazon: "It takes a great deal of faith to gear a novel this horse-besotted to the general public. Horse love is one of those things either you get or you don't, and for the vast majority of the populace, horse stories tend to read like porn written for 13-year-old girls." - True :).


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