Jul. 10th, 2012 07:02 pm
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Can someone explain to me why I can watch 9 hours of TV or read fic on my netbook for the same amount of time without my eyes starting to hurt but it takes just two hours of reading a book (and one with normal print size) and I want to grab a spoon to gauge my eyes out because they HURT?! Clearly, my eyes are trying to tell me something with this... obviously, they WANT me to read porn on the internet instead of biographies of long dead authors. Traitors.

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I just want to writewritewrite completely mundane every day life stories that make me smile - for some reason I accomplish almost everything of that sentence except for the last 4 words. Replace those with "that turn out to be completely pointless" and you have my situation.

Ahanyway. Not the reason why I am posting, that is Mark Twain, the old egg (I might or might not have been reading too much P.G. Wodehouse lately, whathowhatho). For anyone who ever contemplated trying to learn German this should be a must-read and I think every German on my flist might smile broadly at this.

In other (Mark Twain's) words: "...and you find out for the first time what the man has been talking about; and after the verb merely by way of ornament, as far as I can make out the writer shovels in HABEN SIND GEWESEN GEHABT HAVEN GEWORDEN SEIN, or words to that effect, and the monument is finished."
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I finally managed to watch the first two eps of "Luther" last night and man, Idris Elba's gorgeousness - even in those horrible clothes - was so distracting that I kept asking "What has just happened" whenever his hands or his shoulders or his legs were on screen because for God's sake, who is able to concentrate on such mundane things as plot when there is Idris to ogle?

Aside from that, is it just me or is this show just a tad weird? I can't even put my finger on it - because I sure as hell enjoy Luther himself and most of the other characters are quite nice as well - but (aside from the fact that the psycho girl is already going on my nerves) something about the pacing of the show feels odd. There are some bits really fast and intense and they are interchanging with other bits that I find so slow that they border on tedious. Anybody else feeling that way?

Other than that I have been re-reading one of my favourite Dick Francis novels called "Longshot" and even though I read it for, like, the twentiest time it still is so very very awesome. And while I enjoyed the later books, mostly I suppose written by his son, Felix Francis just isn't Dick and it shows. That man has such a feeling for characters and pacing and atmosphere, there really are no other books that I feel so much luuurve for.

Whoever followed my new-saddle-ramblings a few weeks back: atm I am leaning towards Passier's Grand Gilbert even though I am still SAD that I can't seem to find a new Stübben. They are, hands down, the most comfortable saddles I've ever ridden in. Oh, and speaking of horse stuff, one random little anecdote: Guess whose mare was totally beastly yesterday when we went out hacking? That's right, mine. I felt a bit bad about reprimanding her when we came back to the yard and the first thing she did was run into her stable, practically cross-legged, because she needed to pee so badly. Because, you see, my horse cannot under any circumstances do that anywhere else but the privacy of her own stable (and with no one looking preferably. she's probably the only horse I ever met that had a shy bladder).

Following up on my angry post from a few weeks back: Re - our plagiarising minister of defence. He resigned last week and I was so frigging thrilled to hear that. Guess that means that I don't have to emigrate after all.

Nothing much happening otherwise - I got the first stack of essays for the second term lying here and wanting to be graded but the sunshine outside is too enticing for me to do anything but hang out in the yard. BUT I have Eric/Karl fic for [ profile] griffndor to write and man, I am so looking forward to playing with these two again.

Oh, and one last and totally random thing: So, Orlando did "Calcium Kid" with Billie Piper, right? So why isn't she showing up in RPS? It saddens me :(.

Everyone have a good Monday!
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I'm back from Weimar - and man, if there ever was a town that feels like you're walking right through literature then it's this one. Every time I visit there I come back and want to write 19th century poet fic (and every time I fail epically because apparently I'm just not good enough to pull that off). But still. WOOT.

I'm too lazy to upload pictures myself but if anyone of you wonders what that little town looks like: Here you go &hearts

What else, what else... Yesterday I had my 6th graders researching Alexander the Great and ended up explaining to them why it was totally sensible of him to be gay for Hephaestion. Last week I explained to them why foreign slaves were usually portrayed with huge penises on Greek vases. - I am such a good teacher.

Aside from that it seems like spring has finally arrived here and I am SO enjoying going out for a ride and NOT returning as an icicle. Oh sun, how I love thee. - Did I recently say that my mare is the bestest horse ever? Because she totally is, hands down. She is such a joy to ride.

Speaking of riding, yes, I am still working on SoK and I _think_ I will actually finish it some day. If I don't get distracted by Orlando's prettiness too often that is. That man needs to stop being so beautiful or I will never get anything done. Damn you, Orlando.

Am slowly catching up with Glee (still haven't watched Who's Xmas special, which is just SAD) and can't wait to see SamandGsittinginatree aka NCIS:LA.

How is everyone?
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Hi everyone :).

To all the horse people on my flist: I just got my tax return today and decided to invest the 800 € I'm getting back into a new saddle. I'm riding with a Wintec Pro Isabell Werth dressage saddle at the moment and while its a nicely cut saddle it's Wintec and therefore not leather. My absolute favourite saddle has always been the Stübben Romanus dressage saddle but sadly it's out of production. Anyone of you riders have any recs for a good saddle? I only ever ride with dressage only ones (even though I only go hacking) with minimal padding under the kneeroll (just like the Romanus). I don't really fancy the newer Stübben models but do like the look of the Passier Grand Gilbert... Thoughts anyone?

Relatedly - and by that I mean woho horses again - SoK 2.0 is up to 67k now and for some reason it just keeps GROWING, damnit. I shall finish it before the next millenium, I suppose...

Completely not related to horses: Has anyone watched "In Plain Sight"? I just finished the first season and I don't know what to make of it - while I like the premise and the leading characters, i.e. the marshalls, I kind of am rather fed up with all that annoying family story, particularly Mary's mother. Anyone?
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Yes, I am still alive :). As it happens I seem to spend most of my awake time shared between school and stable and the little time I am at home and not trying to out-snore my neighbour (seriously, that guy is a phenomenon) I write. BUT I'm not dead :).

Has anyone watched the last two Bones eps yet, the ones that aired after the Christmas break? I haven't because I am seriously traumatized by the one where Bones went COMPLEHETELY CRAZY AND TOTALLY OOC because of that woman buried under a tree. - Are the later ones safe to watch or will I throw something at my telly?

ALSO, I had a Doctor Who / Buffy crossover dream last night. Angel was in it (or Booth, I think my sleeping brain had them confused), the Doctor was kind of absent but we were all chased by some sort of Autons. I was Dawn (wtf) and of course got eaten by a plastic monster so Buffy could get all ragey - and just before I woke up Buffy's wrath was interrupted by commercials, trying to sell me a Boromir Lego doll. Way to break the fourth wall, brain. Now I'll never know whether Buffy will un-plastic me Dawn. Clearly, my life sucks.

Racing <3

Jan. 23rd, 2011 11:56 am
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Note to self: Sport of Kings is not going to rewrite itself. If you spend your entire morning watching old Grand National videos on youtube this may be good for your heartrate but not for your wordcount. Just saying.

But, people. Just tell me that watching Red Rum winning the 1973 Grand National isn't about the best way to spend one's Sunday morning. I dare you.

(Hope you all have a great weekend :))
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So, three weeks of no post at all and now I come bearing nonsense :). I am barely online atm due to Stuff (yes, with a capital S because I am so important) and due to me spending an insane amount of time on horseback (or decorating gingerbread houses) BUT I wanted to drop in for a sec to leave you all with this:

Starting at about 1.40 this is Stephen Fry giving acting lessons to Hugh Laurie in 1982 and I can watch that stupid video over and over and still find it ridiculously funny :D.

And I'm out, because due to stupid daylight saving I have only about two hours to ride without getting lost in the darkness now... Hope you're all doing alright!
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Wow, it's been sorta ages since I last posted. Time to change that.

#1 First of all, in RL related news I'd like to point out that it's AWESOME that we have the bestest of weather in late September. Perfect for spending an afternoon on horseback / in a plum tree (which I both did yesterday) or in my lovely little cabriolet. School has started a month ago and mostly I got great kids - finally having fun with my A-level class as well, which is about time since I'll be leaving for Prague with them on next Monday and I was kind of not looking forward to that before. Six weeks of summer hols do wonders for the 17 year old mind :).

#2 Now that this is out of the way: On to the really important stuff aka the telly.

I recently watched the second season of Sons of Anarchy (finally) and I am still so blown away by the intensity of the acting. Even if I sometimes ask myself if in midst all the glorification the questionable side of the Sons and everyone's intense belief shouldn't get a bit more screen time, I've hardly watched another show with characters as compelling and complex as these. Well, except for The Wire but hey, that's a given, right?

Speaking of compelling characters (and by that I mostly mean Bradley James's naked chest): Merlin has started again! Oh you lovely silly little show, how much have I missed you! And we get even more half!naked Bradley and intense!Colin, more MORGANA (who totally needs to be written in caps and caps only) and adorable Gwen/Arthur on top. And Tony, one must not forget Tony. If only I didn't have to wait till Christmas for Doctor Who to start up again - I'd kill for twice the adorable silliness that moves my heart :). Finally got to watch the DW prom as well and MY GOD how much do I love this show? The answer is A LOT.

Also: GLEE is on again! FINALLY! Marry me, Sue!!

And any new stuff on this year that is worth watching? Any recs from you guys?

#3 And how is it that every time I find myself asking myself why I still seem to be stuck in LotR fandom when practically nothing is being posted (which is sort of like a deep religious crisis of faith for me, except with more naked men involved), someone posts fic that is so awesome that I feel kind of ashamed for ever questioning the one-true-home that is this fandom? The fic I'm speaking of of course is [ profile] giselleslash's latest Orlibean, called "Who's going to drive you home", and is about the most perfect thing ever written - beautiful characterisation, wonderfully charming banter and fun, and all those little things that make my heart swell and nearly burst with sheer and utter LOVE. If you haven't already, I urge you to read it. Seriously.

#4 I'm currently not writing anything fandom related and the reason for that is my best mate's upcoming birthday and this mythology fanatism we share. As some of you might remember we started with this mythology casting years ago and since then gotten deeper and deeper into anything related to Greek mythology, and once again I'm working on this huge writing project as a result of that. So, if you're into Greek mythology and would like to discuss share the love please don't hesitate to squee at me / with me in the comments. Like who is awesomer than Herakles (the answer is: no one, no matter what you say, [ profile] azewewish)? Who could resist Paris's pout? Who on earth takes that nutter Ares seriously? Why is Clytemnestra the most awesome female character ever? And so on :).
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#1 I'm away for the weekend on a wedding. Usually I hate these things but it's a really good friend of mine and I trust her not to bore/annoy me to death with her wedding (I know, terribly altruistic of me to expect that weddings should in fact be all about pleasing ME).

#2 Speaking of wedding - I just saw in [ profile] azewewish's LJ that Bean's wife apparently is filing for divorce and it makes me all sad :(.

#3 On MUCH MUCH happier notes (and completely unrelated) I finally got my new car and it's awesome.

#4 Also, I started reading this really great book... No, wait let me start by saying that I hate going to bookstores because apparently only boring people work there or at least only boring people are there to help the helpless customer (= me). It shouldn't surprise me that book recs from boring people usually result in me holding utterly BORING books in my hands... Also, when I ask for "a crime novel, something exceedingly British, please" why do they try to sell me Stieg Larsson? ALSO, why do they think it wise to tell me - who started the conversation with "I adore Dick Francis" - that Dick Francis only writes horse related things (which he doesn't) and isn't witty (which he is). Idiots.

ANYWAY. I bought a book (on my own...) and it's awesome. It's called "Oscar Wilde and the Ring of Death", is written by Gyles Brandreth, and it's really Oscar Wilde RPF with murder. IKR? - He is friends with Bram Stoker and Arthur Conan Doyle (both amazingly characterised), the latter makes a lot of sense because the stories are told in the style of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, by Wilde's best friend. I'm only on page 50 so far but it's like really good fanfic (and we all know that I don't have higher praise than that ;)). Definitely worth giving it a try, don't let the stupid pink book cover put you off.

#5 Has anyone else watched "Black Books" or is watching "Lewis"? I want someone to share the happy with :).
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Long time, no post, time to change that. So here's six random things:

I have a bloody sore throat and can barely talk (not a good idea to just ignore initial soreness and just keep on chatting, and it's not as if it's the first time :)). Anyone got any good recipes against that? Besides shutting the fuck up I mean?

I finally got around to watch the A-team movie. What a hilariously big amount of fun! That tank scene? Man, it's exactly the completely unrealistic and mental kind of stuff that we saw in the TV show. My kind of movie. - Personal favourite probably was Sharlto Copley, I adored him.

I also managed to get my hands on a copy of "Boondock Saints II". Yeah... no. While I loved the brothers (not really a surprise) the movie was a bit too busy celebrating itself (and Troy Duffy) to really draw me in. And if anyone has seen the extras... well, Troy Duffy is a bit full of himself, isn't he? (Adoring the hell out of Sean and Norman though because they are awesome). Favourite scene was the tattooing sequence right at the beginning. Man, I love Connor and Murph and their weird semi-incestuous closeness.

Also, youtube is evil. I spent a whole hour watching Peter O'Toole clips yesterday (God, how much do I adore that man? Brilliant, brilliant actor) when I was supposed to be doing something else entirely. Damn you, youtube.

And finally, in response to the latest Doctor Who episode: I quite adore Eleventh's stylishness. First the bow tie and now the Fez? You rock on, Doctor.

Also, I'm in desperate need of good crime novels to read. Any recs? I definitely like British ones best, my favourite authors being Dick Francis (my all time fav), Lyndon Stacey and Peter Robinson; I'm not into any of the Italian detectives (what's it with all the food references :)?) and I don't really like the Scandinavian ones either. So, if you got something that you enjoyed I'd be much obliged if you shared it with me.

ETA: Hah, I just found this very accurate description of horse related writing on amazon: "It takes a great deal of faith to gear a novel this horse-besotted to the general public. Horse love is one of those things either you get or you don't, and for the vast majority of the populace, horse stories tend to read like porn written for 13-year-old girls." - True :).
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So I had a really bad start into the day - I can tell you that hardly anything sucks more than hearing the same thing over and over again about your class, how there's mobbing going on and how everyone (including now a psycho therapist) is offering me fucking useless advice. I am fucking on to that fucking thing for three years now and believe me, suggestions á la "you should try talking to the children" are not exactly all that helpful. Argh.

My day overall was quite alright though, despite that, and here is why:

I had my 8th graders in the afternoon and we're doing late 19th century German history now and I frigging love teaching history so much. (relatedly: My Sons of Anarchy lesson went really well and I think I got some kids addicted already. Next stop: Pushing Daisies)

I re-watched random episodes of the first season of Merlin and might have fastforwarded to Prat!Prince and Cheekbones scenes a lot. &hearts

[ profile] menel posted an interesting and thought-provoking meta about sex in fanfiction and I love discussing this stuff.

[ profile] azewewish's last post just reminded me of the A-Team movie coming out this summer and I am SO PSYCHED! I absolutely adore the show and the trailer looks absolutely awesome and completely like my kind of movie. W00t!

And last but not least: I love shopping at Cafepress. I just ordered this Blink hoodie and this baby!Dalek shirt.

Life, in all, is good :).

Tell me about your day, guys, and what made it awesome! (Also, share with me your guilty pleasures on Cafepress :))
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Long weekend, yay!

I gotta grade tons of papers but I'll also have time for writing and man, I can't tell you how good it feels to finally be able to do some serious writing again. So.Much.Fun.

Speaking of writing (and I have the nagging feeling that some time ago I already asked you guys about it but whatever :)): How do you write? Do you use traditional notebooks, do you make concepts before you start, do you type everything straight away, do you have different versions saved etc.? I'm just plain curious :).

The real reason for this post though is - just like last week :) - that I can't help myself but need to shout out how AWESOME Glee is. I don't care what people say about this week's ep (some seriously weird moments in there, yeah) but man, Finn and Puck and that second song? JESUS, AWESOME. Also, Quinn and Mercedes? ♥ And Sue's flat, OMG! And "trophy husband" - SO TRUE.

/random gleesquee
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So, between going to the dentist yesterday (has anyone of you ever seen the dental root they just got pulled from their tooth? Wicked :)) and going out hacking with my psychobitch!horse (which was actually very nice since we're having the most beautiful of autumns here), I am mostly being a good teacher this weekend. Being a grown up is stupid.

However, I am still hugely amused by my aforementioned current bathtub reading material, which is full of anecdotes that make me grin. For example: How to deal with Trolls:

"I vaguely remember tracking down a thirteen-year-old troll's father once, and emailing him a list of reasons why the internet was not his son's baby-sitter, and now the internet knows where his son lives. He never responded, and the thirteen year old showed up a couple of weeks later in a rage about being grounded and that I HAD NO RIGHT to tattle on him. Meh. It just felt sooo gooood. I should note that I was twenty-eight at that time. Tattling on a thirteen-year-old. We're all pathetic in our own special ways."


On a completely different note: Has LJ been wonky for anyone else recently? It won't for the hell of it let me post my Harry/Karl/Orlando in some comms. Is that Russian censorship going on? If so, what do the Russians have against crack!porn, I ask you??? *whines*

And since this post is not random enough yet: I wanna read stuff. Please do go ahead and rec me your 3 all time favs from the genre of mindless joy (crack's good too). Don't care about fandom / pairing, I just want to get high :).
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Remind me to never make promises I don't want to keep? I said I'd write an intro for a friend's book project and I just keep procrastinating it - it's SO BORING and I'd rather be writing porn instead in what sparse free time I have atm. *headdesk*

In other news: True to form I did write 5000 words of porn and the reason for why I'm not posting is because the fic is in that stage where playing around with it is all about the little details and the most fun. *pets fic*

Also, I am nudging you all into the direction of the Halloween fic exchange at [ profile] sons_of_gondor because well, it's FIC EXCHANGE. What other reasons do you need to sign up :)?

A completely random question: Does anyone of you own cowboy boots? I'm kinda sorta thinking of buying some mostly because it pisses me off that I constantly have to buy new shoes and want something to fricking last :). Any recs for brands or whatever?

I'm having a shitload of schoolwork to do these days and there're not even essays to grade... But you might all be interested that once again Orlando made it into the main cast of "Don Carlos" as my 12th graders cast it :). His best mate is played by Gerard Butler or Paul Bettany or Vigo (sic. They have got a LOT to learn). Good kids.

Exchange of the day with my now 7th graders (they grow so fast and still remain a pest):

(During a written test someone is trying to cheat AGAIN; I react by loudly clearing my throat.)

Leon: (innocently) Miss C, you clear your throat rather a lot today. Do you have a disease?
Me: (dryly) Yeah. You.
Robin: (resignedly) What, we're a sickness now?!
Leon: (enthusiastically) I'm the chief germ! (to Robin) And you're fired!!
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So, me and a colleague met up for movie night yesterday evening and we ended up watching E-town which is by far my fav Orlando movie because his acting is amazing in it imo. In the middle of the movie my colleague leans over and asks whether Drew is autistic (because, I presume, he wasn't wailing with grief like you learn it in your average chick flick). It was the same colleague who bashed Buffy when we were doing library duty together and then came back from watching 'Twilight' and considered it 'not that bad'. Seriously, I am surrounded by morons...

In other news, I just watched the first ep of 'Castle' and this is going to be my next favourite-of-all-times TV show 'cause Nathan Fillion on a weekly basis is just so very awesome. And him as a whodunit author is just yessss.

Has anyone seen Dollhouse yet? I am kinda reluctant because I was looking forward to a new Joss thing for such a damn long time and now my expectations are kinda super high...

Random shit

Jan. 4th, 2009 10:38 pm
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Again, mostly random observations here (but I promise there will be sexficpost tomorrow :)):

#1 - Finally watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special and actually quite liked it. Always difficult to do these in-between-companion ones, but this was quite a good solution, even if the villians annoyed me a bit (as they usually do).

#2 - Am leaning towards Sean/Sala/Karl for [ profile] seans_50 atm. Is there anyone who'd volunteer to beta something like that for me? Not that I've acutally written a word so far or anything, I thought I might ask first :).

#3 - Watched the third season of "Bones" as finally my DVDs arrived and I swear, the characterisation in that show and specifically the partnership of Bones and Booth makes me so very happy I could fangirl the hell out of stupid Boreanaz's ass.

#4 - Have still a little bit of a lit-crush on Sean Astin (thanks for holding my hand throughout it, [ profile] ireth06 *g*. He has a lovely way with words and his descriptions are so very neat in phrasing, I feel like I have to share:

Sean Astin and spot-on-ness )

#5 - [ profile] giselleslash just made a post in her LJ, starting a sort of song-character meme that I like a lot and will corrupt once I actually get around to listing all the songs that keep getting stuck in my head when I write Paint. For now, my song of choice is Anything you can do (I can do better) (this version is sung by John Barrowman, which doesn't hurt either) and the corresponding characters to that are (obviously) Spike and Angel :).

Anything you can do (I can do better) )

#6 - The nominations for the [ profile] slashy_oscars are open and seriously, years blurr and I almost nominated a fic that wasn't written in 2008. Thrice. So, to say it with Entourage's Turtle (LOVE that show): My vote can totally be bought. I just gotta know what to vote for/nominate ;). Any nudges?

#7 - In case anyone but me listens to podfics - After the tone by [ profile] kashmir1 is a really good one. Like most of them, it is J2, it's an AU and quite well written and the reader's voice is lovely. I had a nice afternoon cleaning my flat to this story ;).
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#1 I finally finished with the essays I had to grade AND I beat Karl into obedience to cooperate in writing [ profile] azewewish's birthday fic. I rock.

#2 Obviously not as much as Horst Mads Mikkelsen of course, especially not if he's written by the Queen of Awesome aka [ profile] giselleslash in her fantastic story "Viggo's meat pit". Fantastic, because for one, it features someone who is actually madder than Viggo (yes, you read that right) and involved with him, and then because the way she wrote the major pairing in this, which is Orlando/Hugh Dancy made me want to OTP the hell out of the story.

#3 On the 'I rock - not so much' front, I have to have my car MOT'ed and can't do it today because I forgot the registration in my flat. Bummer.

#4 Back to the sunny side of life - I got a bunch of "Doctor Who" audio novels for Christmas and am so in love with the entire concept, especially since there are interviews with the writers / readers on the CDs as well that fangirl the hell out of the show and the writing process, which apparently is a lot like writing fanfic, too. Love that notion.

#5 Speaking of fanfic, I'm most probably signing up for the fic challenge at [ profile] seans_50, well since the comm looks so lovely and promising to be much fun and it's BEAN who needs to have his upcoming birthday celebrated with loads of smut and stuff. I'm just not sure yet which character(s - cuz hey, I could be writing a 3some, yeah?) to toss into bed with him for that. Creative suggestions?

#6 Also for random adoration: I love Sean Astin in all his politcal correct glory, I seriously do. [ profile] ireth06, I'm gonna spam your inbox with more detailed love in a while, yes? - Has anyone any other good recs regarding books about the filming process of LotR?

#7 If I remember that correctly there is a tool thingy that allows you to download your entire journal, comments and all. I recall seeing posts about that about, what, a year back or something but can't remember where. Anyone?

#8 And just because: Extra special New Year's hugs for my darling [ profile] amygirl, because she's kind and considerate and generous and a whole lot of other things that need to be squished, too.

#9 Also, Happy New Year everyone!
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Less than two weeks till Christmas hols - and much, much needed (I'm starting to lose my humour here *is grumpy*). To keep myself on track, I am generously buying early x-mas gifts for myself in between grading essays etc. and look what I found: I so want this first dress. Seriously, I already have three or four dresses I never wear but aside from Boro's sword (as in the last post) I really, really want Éowyn's dress...

Speaking of prettiness: I finally started watching Troy with my 13th graders. And honestly? Orlando, I love you, and Eric, you too. But God, this movie sucks (as did, btw, 'The other Boleyn girl' which I watched last Friday. Might have been cause Eric wasn't in it enough and I can't stand Natalie Portman. Might just be 'cause the story is stupid :)). Back to Troy, I don't think it speaks for the movie that the fact that I have to watch Paris strut around naked together with 22 13th graders doesn't make me as squeamish as the godawful dialogue that followed. Urgh.

As for recent highlights: I watched all seasons of "Entourage" and that show rocks.

And last but not least: Anyone know about fandom related auctions with podficcing offers that are running atm? I'd love to invest some money for a good cause and get someone who is a native speaker to record some LotR fic. All the high quality SPN stuff is great, yes (seriously), but I want more of my fandom to listen to while I'm, say, on horseback. Because riding plus LotR porn? Heaven. - So, recs anyone?

Plus, last call for x-mas wishlist ficcage, people :).
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Note to self: You're in for more than pleasant surprises when you automatically picture the singer of country music you're listening to on the radio to look like Kenny Rogers (don't ask). Because as much as I like my men bearded, Andy Griggs prooves to be much cuter than good ol' Kenny, don't he?

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Just sayin'.


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