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Title: undated
Pairing: Sean/Orlando, Paint!Verse
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Lies.
Rating: Gen
A/N: In response to [ profile] lenalove’s prompt ‘green’ for the Paint!boys.

’green’ drabble )
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My netbook is sort of fucked and my internet access is crap at best which is really annoying (what did people do with their free time before they had the www?). STILL, I have two things: First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to [ profile] caras_galadhon for gifting me with an extraordinarily beautiful Vigbean fic in the [ profile] wordsontongue fic exchange (I still owe you plenty of comment-loving).

Secondly, I come bearing fic:

Title: Red-hot hoochie coocher
Pairing: Orlando / Karl
Rating: PG at most
Disclaimer: Not true.
Word Count: ~1.500
A/N: Last of my prompt fics, this one is fucking late for [ profile] azewewish. Hope you like it!

In which Karl totally rocks the sexy accountant look and Orlando wants to be Axl Rose, only the classical music industry won’t let him. Also, there is NO plot. Surprise! )
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Title: Lovestruck fool of epic proportions
Pairing: Sean/Orlando
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1330
A/N: Written for [ profile] amygirl who wanted “Sean and Orlando… doing… stuff” :)

Sean, he's something of a sneaky character. Yeah, yeah, I totally know what you're all gonna say. “What? Sean BEAN? You're kidding, he seems like the most open and outright person!” )
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Title: Face licking totally is an acceptable form of courtship
Pairing: Eric/Karl (AU)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1332
A/N: Written for [ profile] ireth06 who requested "a ficlet with Eric/Karl as pairing. Something silly. Anything will do!"

There is a reason that most people would rather have a heart attack than be in a fifty mile radius of Karl when he is drunk. )
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RL is being an insufferable bitch this week, so this is just a fly-by post because I need to get this stupid thing off my harddrive and now :).

Title: Even though you are a golddigging skank I’m happy to share my köttbullar with you
Pairing: Orlando/Sean
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I am pretty certain it did not happen like this. Or, you know, at all.
Word Count: 9.500
A/N: Written for [ profile] giselleslash who gives as good prompt as Orlando gives head (or so says Sean) and wanted “Orlando/Sean, ‘I'll have you know that drinking beer for breakfast is a lifestyle choice, not a sign of alcoholism.’” Which I took and wrote over 9k of domestic schmoopcrack around it. Go me.

“Orlando”, Sean says slowly, trying to hide his terror, “we are not going to IKEA.” )
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Title: Like dirty laundry
Fandom / Characters: BtVS / Xander and Spike
Rating: Gen
Spoilers: None really, sets somewhere during the last episodes of Season 7, definitely after "Dirty Girls"
Disclaimer: The Buffyverse was created by God who is also known under the name of Joss Whedon. No profit being made from this.
A/N: [ profile] idlesloth poked me for Spike, Xander and the basement of doom and strangely, the muses became wistful...

Read more... )
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Aaand the winner is...

Title: Erica
Pairing: Eric Bana / Orlando Bloom / Sean Bean
Rating: PG 13 at most
Disclaimer: This is so very not true.
A/N: [ profile] liriel1810 asked for Orlando, Bean and a sandcastle and just a moment later [ profile] irrlicht74 prompted Orlando, Bana and a sandcastle. I decided to cheat :).

Read more... )
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Sorry for the disappearance act, RL has been awfully busy. Anyway I come bearing fic:

Title: Pretty thing
Fandom + Pairing: LotR RPS Karl Urban / Sean Bean
Rating: NC 17
Disclaimer: Completely and utterly made up.
Word count: 1143
AN: For [ profile] azewewish who pointed out that Karl’s not getting enough.
A/N2: This is the fic formerly known as "Like flirting". I renamed it because I repeatedly mixed it up with "Flirtation (noun)" which is rather stupid of me :)

Read more... )
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Title: But the feelings gone
Pairing: Karl Urban / Eric Bana
Rating: Gen, Fluff :)
Word count: 563
Disclaimer: I’m not Eric Bana. Honestly. I wouldn't write fic if I were, I'd be too busy staring at my naked self in the mirror.
A/N: The song this is about can be found here (Gordon Lightfoot - If you could read my mind) You might wanna listen to it first / during for this to make at least a bit of sense. Besides: it's good :).

Read more... )


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