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Time to share your wisdom with me, guys :).

First of all, if you have some extra money to spend, where do you do so if you're doing it on the internet? Aside from the obvious choices like go to Amazon and buy every Sean Bean film and if your not broke yet after that go to ebay and try to get hold of Orlando's knickers where do you like to buy awesome stuff? I always feel like I should know about these places but fact is that I only very recently discovered as well as and there must be tons of other awesome places to spend money out there that I don't know of.

Secondly, I'm looking for a bit of creative input / birthday present advice. My best mate's birthday is coming up and for those of you who've known me for a while, she's the one I started this whole mythology casting thing with. Suffice to say that by now we sort of have built our own private New Zealand like that, not only on the mythology side but also in regards to the cast itself. Over the last years I've always done something related to that for her birthday - like a fictional filming folder with excerpts from scripts, setting design and merchandize ideas; or a whole postman's bag full of fictional letters; or (last year) a novel about the filming of a Heracles/every one else crossover. The reason why I'm telling you all this is that this year the brilliant idea what to do now hasn't arrived yet. - So my question is, if you could wish for anything (that is half way possible to realize :)) in LotR FPF or RPF fandom, what would it be? Maybe it can help me find something I can steal adapt for my mythology-gift-of-doom project.
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Title: The lightning bolt is my penis
Pairing: Zeus/Poseidon
Rating: PG probably
Word Count: ~1.000
Disclaimer: This totally happened. And I live on Mt. Olympus.
A/N: So, [ profile] azewewish wanted Godporn. All I got is Godcrack. - I got bored and lookit what the random prompt generator gave me: "(write for) 20 minutes * A Mythical Creature or Idea * coffee" :).- For the record, if it pleases you you may think of the Gods as they were cast in Percy Jackson, that is Sean Bean as Zeus (omg, I want that poster!) and Kevin McKidd as Poseidon. However, my first choice for Poseidon is and always will be Paul Newman ♥ - The title is clearly almost stolen from Doctor Horrible :).

Poseidon pre-coffee was an absolute pleasure to handle. And by 'being a pleasure' Zeus obviously meant being a pain in his divine arse. Speaking of arse, he'd very much like to shove his lightning bolt up his brother's behind. And no, not a metaphorical expression (Seriously? He was the one giving exclusive interviews in Troy to Homer - what do you think where the man got the skills from? To think that Zeus would refer to his manhood as a lightning bolt... Man, get real.) )
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Why is it that people that go to the theatre are such a pretentious bunch? Seriously, I really have two problem with German theatres, the first being the plays mostly being way too epic (booooring and annoying) and the second being the majority of people in the audience that think that because they go to the theatre they are so awesomely educated middle-class. Argh.

Reason for this outburst? I was in an adaptation of the "Odyssey" a couple of days back and it was AWESOME. It completely ridiculed some of the epic seriousness that is Homer, but in such a clever and loving way that it made me squeal in delight. Alkinoos, the King of Phaeax (the place where in Homer's Odyssey Odysseus lands and retells his journey), for example was constantly busy organising his theatre ensemble that was putting the adventure of great Odysseus on stage, no matter that the real Odysseus was completely wtf about the whole thing. Telemachos had an action figure as a Dad-replacement and there was SINGING, guys. It was made of superwin, the only thing missing in it was that there was no Heracles even though I firmly believe that a bit of Heracles is what every myth needs.

Anyway, it was awesome and clever in its ridiculousness and it spoke of so much dedication to the mythology and Homer but also to the modern world. And what do these people that call themselves oh-so-educated do? Frown upon it because they just.don'

That drives me up the fucking wall. Idiots.

In related news: My best mate wrote me a script for "Odyssee - The Musical; Main character: Heracles" for Christmas and had Ares sing a sad ballad for his temporarily AWOL FWB Heracles. *love*

In short: All Greek writers were on some seriously awesome drugs. I love Greek mythology.
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More insane mythology pairings :).

Long ago I have cast Sean Bean as Heracles (how convenient, since Heracles appears EVERYWHERE in the Greek mythology :)). Again long ago I appointed Jared Leto to be Ioalos, Heracles's nephew and charioteer (and one of the few people Herakles didn't accidentally throw from a rooftop).

And since [ profile] irrlicht74 is currently gushing over Leto and [ profile] lilith_lilium made this lovely picspam I decided to partake in the ongoing Leto-loving with this:

Heracles (Sean Bean) and Ioalos (Jared Leto) )
Drabble (100 words, R-rated) accompanying the drawing )
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Made a picture to accompany my story "Human" (Patroklos/Achilles), and of course this one is as well for [ profile] justinetre *hugs*.

And a 'thank you' goes to to [ profile] kukkurkurat for her encouragement.

Hope you like it, guys!

Patroklos and Achilles )
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Title: Human
Fandom: Troy / Iliad
Pairing: Patroklos (Antonio Banderas) / Achilles (Brad Pitt)
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: Well. I don't own anything, neither the Iliad nor "Troy". But I still think it very possible that this might have happened, over 3000 years ago ;).
Word count: 1.031
A/N: This is all [ profile] justinetre's fault because we had this top/bottom discussion concerning Patroklos and Achilles. This is what I think :). Hope you like it!
Guess what? Not beta'd. What a surprise.

Human )
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Finished another drawing. That in itself should be surprising for December from now on will only be called Caro's-great-dawdling-month BUT not only that, the biggest surprise is it's het! Seriously, I'm not kidding you...

You all remember my latest Hektor/Paris drawing for [ profile] menel's "Hektor's golden apple"? Well, this one's inspired by "Homecoming", first chapter of the "Days of blood and battle" series. It's a Andromache/Hektor scene that is soooo fluff (even though Hektor'd probably kill me if he heard that). I absolutely LOVE the chemistry between Menel's Andromache and her Hektor, hence this:

Andromache arched an eyebrow as she wrapped her arms around her husband’s waist. 'And how should a wife reward such a dedicated husband?'  )
(Quote from "Homecoming", obviously :))
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I had an argument with Hektor. Which I lost, naturally. See, I read the first chapter of [ profile] menel's "Days of blood and battle" series and since then I had terrible difficulties to think of anything else but Hektor bathing. So, I wanted to draw that and asked Hektor to be so kind and undress - for pure artistic reasons of course. Well, he fucking _growled_ at me. Said he wouldn't stand around naked in my presence for I would jump him immediately I wouldn't survive that. He's probably right, but I'm still pouting that I therefore had to draw him in full armor.

So, [ profile] menel you see, I tried my best, but it turned out to be not a smutty bath scene but the brothers as I picture them after reading your second chapter. Hope you - and of course all you other dear people - like it

Hektor is not amused. Paris is. )

Now, I'm going to read aaaalll the lovely SB/OB [ profile] firiel77 was so kind to rec me. Yay, it's good to be me these days :).
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Yet another fandom, hope I won't get confused in the future... Well, dearest [ profile] lorielen (Rec-Goddess) recced me [ profile] perseph2hades's Hector/Paris series. I read it and fainted. After regaining consciousness and being able to think more than "Gah!" again, I drew this for Perseph for the absolutely wonderful writing and for Lorielen for the reccing.
It's called "Hector's Paris" and it's behind the cut. Enjoy.

Read more... )


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