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Title: The Axiom of Choice
Pairing/Verse: Eric/Viggo, Boarding School Verse
Rating: PG13
Word Count: ~ 5.600
Disclaimer: Definitely not true.
A/N: So uhm, this might be a bit intellectually overdone :). The mathematical problem mentioned in this really exists and what better way of foreplay is there than heated academic discussions? Hey, I think that's hot.

In which Viggo broods and blames Orlando and Eric talks a lot about socks and thinks of it as good advice. Also, there is INXS and kissing. )
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Hi guys! I finally managed to finish this drawing that I've been playing with for a couple of month now. It's from the boarding school verse and Viggo refers to it as their wedding photograph. Eric says that a. he doesn't want to be wed in the middle of a yearbook photoshoot because that is terribly unromantic and Viggo hasn't even manned up to buy him flowers yet (which btw, is a total lie since of course Vig does that all.the.time, if by "buying" you mean "stealing" and by "flowers" you mean "Orlando's cacti") and b. Viggo better wear a proper wedding dress for the reception or Eric is not going to put out.

Ahanyway, here it is:

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Stupid time zones… is it the 11th yet? Well, it is here, so:

Happy birthday, [ profile] giselleslash!!! Lookit, I imprisoned certain people in my metaphorical cellar and made them do fic for you:

Title: Our backup lives
Characters: Colin Morgan and Bradley James (Boarding school AU)
Rating: So very Gen
Word Count: ~4.000
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
A/N: This is another bit from the boarding school verse. There’s no need to have read any of the previous parts however: The teachers are largely NZimported LotR actors and the boys are two of the boarders, that’s all you need to know.
A/N 2: This is for my darling braintwin, my fellow farty glitterpony owner, the Voice to my bagpipe solo, one of the coolest people and bestest writers out there. Happy birthday, you amazing woman! I <3 you.

“You could poke someone’s eye out with that,” Colin says calmly. )
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This universe? My new happy place :).

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Title: You’re all talk
Characters: Eric and Viggo, plus Orlando, Sean, Karl, Johnny, Bernard, Harry et al
Rating: PG13 at most
Word Count: ~7.000
Disclaimer: Not true.
A/N: The pov switches in each part, just so you don’t get confused; and just for clarification: Dom = Dominic Monaghan; Dominic = Dominic West :).
A/N2: This is for [ profile] amygirl who wanted more from the boarding school AU (-> The Staff) and prompted ‘manly or not I want to see the other BFF duo...i.e. Sean & Orlando. In other words Gen me up’. Vig and Eric still insisted on being the protagonists in this, hon :). Also, some people in this are totally Gigi’s fault, you’ll know which ones.

In which Eric is a lonely fourteen wheeler speeding down the highway of mathematics, Viggo is appealingly humble all the time as well as randomly naked, Bernard has to defend his own honor since nobody else volunteers, Sean and Karl perv over WoW and Orlando is the only one acting like a responsible adult (even though he has smelly feet). )
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Title: The easy lightheartedness of the truth
Pairing: still stubbornly aiming for Viggo/Eric, you’ll have to settle for BFFness here though
Rating: Gen
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
Word Count: 2.970
A/N: This sets in the boarding school AU, some time after ’That weekend in the city’, but it’s not necessary to have read that.

“You just can’t stand it when I’m right, huh? When I win the semantics game? Brooder.” )
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Okay, I should stop fiddling with it now (and finally get to read+comment on Kitty's new fic \o/).

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Title: That weekend in the city
Pairing: Viggo Mortensen/Maria Bello/Eric Bana
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: ~5.500
Disclaimer: Man, I wish this was true.
A/N: This sets in the boarding school world. It’s not necessary to have read the previous bit, ‘Dear Eric’, but it would maybe help to get Eric’s mindset as this is set not so long after his return from Australia.

When it comes down to it, what is it that defines you? Is it the sum of your accomplishments and your failures, is it little bits of your every day life? Or is it maybe most clear who you are when you simply spend time with your best mate? – Eric never asks himself such questions. It’s Viggo who does and usually in order to lure Eric into doing things things with sometimes questionable legality degree. )
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It's a beautiful summers day outside and I have to do some lesson planning now while tanning on the balcony. Life? Good. Also good: I wrote something again :). I hope you enjoy this, even though it is rather, well, unusual for me:

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Title: Dear Eric
Characters: Eric and Viggo, plus pretty much the entire NZ cast, disguised as boarding school teachers
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 5.300
Disclaimer: Not true.
A/N: You need to know nothing to understand this. However, if you’re interested in the writing background, go here. – And yes, I am planning to write more in this verse and yes, at some point I will get Eric and Viggo naked. Together even. I think.
Dedication: This is for Amy without whom none of these guys would have a profession. And for Gigi and Brenda for being them. And for Slothy for all the help with the details (James is in!), and also for Lori because her Vig is still the one I love best. – Man, this is like an Oscar acceptance speech :).

In which Viggo writes a lot, it is all about Eric, Orlando is a fighter for enlightenment, Karl is just there to look regal, and everyone is way too interested in Sean’s sex life. Oh, and on the periphery, there is also school. )
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It all started with this wip. In order for any of the bits I wrote after that to make sense, you have to read the original one as setting in middle of the 1990s because Orlando and the hobbits are still pupils in this while later on they are teachers themselves. I originally 'cast' some of the actors for different subjects to teach, until I got into a discussion with Amy.

The result of that was this slightly cracky comment-fic kind of thing. In relation to the following bit it again is a bit inconsistant (for example, Eric is acutally in the fic and not in Australia) but this time the teachers and their subjects are 'correct' and the plot device of evil art history classes is mentioned in the following bits as well.

So, basically, this is the writing backstory for the boarding school AU - you certainly don't have to have read either of the two stories mentioned above, but if you did, I hope it didn't completely confuse you :).

The Staff )

As for the "new" stories:

#1 Dear Eric

#2 That weekend in the City

#3 The easy lightheartedness of the truth

#4 You're all talk

#5 Our backup lives

(Our wedding photo)

(drawing with impromptu story-plotting in the comments)

#6 The Axiom of Choice
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Okay, here it is. Remember my bunny-euthanasia project? This is the boarding school fic from hell that has given me sleepless nights and that I hereby give up for adoption. So, if anyone reads and likes and wants to take/continue/molest/whatever: please feel free to do so.

This is a WIP, but without the “P” – I will most probably never finish this. However, I did for once try to come up with an actual plot (even if that is prolly the reason why this fic is doomed to begin with) and I had HUGE fun coming up with the characters and their jobs. So, maybe you’re interested in a little side trip anyways.

Title: That blasted boarding school WIP
Author: [ profile] afra_schatz
Fandom: LotR RPS AU
Rating: a shameful gen
Pairing: aiming for Bean/Urban – failing miserably so far, I’m afraid...
Disclaimer: All lies. And more lies and yet more of them.
A/N: Featuring Sean, Karl, Viggo, Eric, Bernard, Orlando, Elijah, Dominic, Heath Ledger and (exclusively for Giselle :)) Jake Gyllenhaal
A/N2(Dec. 2009): I edited this to get the subjects right. Also, this now officially sets in the mid 1990s :).

“Ah, there you are, -” the first kid was within sight and had to take another deep breath to finish, “sir. Thought we’d lost you.” )


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