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First of all, how brilliant is Firefly? I am currently rewatching the entire series and man, I can't believe there's just 13 episodes. I need at least 130 more, there is not a single character I don't adore, not a single ep I don't love to pieces. How can anyone resist


the sweetest siblings of all times (that scene makes me tear up every single time)?

I really need to get my arse of the couch and get my Firefly art prints framed.

Other important insights into my mind: I have given it some thought and I think there are few things that make you as happy and content as sitting in the sun on a bench, dozing, with your horse resting her muzzle on top of yours, dozing as well. Or alternately, having filly who doesn't understand the whole concept of personal space rest her head in your lap, demanding that you NEED to scratch her ears and NOW. I love my horses.

Also also, I finally caught up with Community and it frightens me a little to which extent Abed is EXACTLY like me... Except for the ability to transform into a unicorn and/or Batman maybe but I'm working on that.

I miss you all btw and guess what I have two weeks of Easter holidays coming up and I am so definitely planning on getting some writing done. As it happens, you don't feel whole as a person when you're not regularly writing random sex scenes (although, let's not kid ourselves, for some reason I have fallen into the treacherous habit of needing to write something that somewhat resembles plot lately. Far more dangerous than PWP, that is).

And lastly, because a post should end with things people should buy, I give you this. You're all welcome :).
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Title: No power in the verse
Pairing: Sean/Orlando (‘Firefly’ AU)
Rating: err somewhere between PG and R?
Disclaimer: Yeah, this totally happened, I was there. In space. In the future.
Word Count: around 4k
A/N: [ profile] dodger_sister requested Orlibean in space. And since my brain automatically short-circuits to Joss’s Firefly universe whenever ‘space’ is mentioned, I decided to basically steal everything from there. If you haven’t watched the show (WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!) it’s not necessary for this. – There are translations for the Chinese words in this at the end of this which, surprise surprise, I also stole from Firefly.

You’d think that there are very few excuses to fly a Firefly. You can’t afford a proper ship, for one. You are chased by Reavers and the only alternative form of transportation available is a three legged horse. Or, finally, you have one of them romantic bones in your body (and an old browncoat in your closet) and think that owning a flying junkyard makes you something of a rebel. – Sean, Orlando has known that for a very long time, just has very very bad taste. )
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After a discussion with Brenda, I just couldn’t resist. Of course this means that I am horribly behind on all things work, because apparently writing 3000 words about why Joss is boss and why ‘Buffy’ is true art, doesn’t count as ‘lesson preparation’. Pfft to that, really.

Why Joss is boss. An academic’s love declaration, of sorts

Preamble: 'Whatever' girl’s three religious beliefs

I'm not really passionate about a lot of things, not in the '100% devoted to it’ sense of it anyway. I do like reading and talking about literature for example, but I studied it mostly because I like to prove why something is crap, not because I wanted to swoon over the brilliance that is, say Hermann Hesse (urgh). Same with my writing and art, I enjoy myself and am happy when other people like the results, but personally I don't even really get the fuss about plagiarism because I'd probably take someone copy/pasting my stuff as a (sorta weird) compliment to my writing and shrug it off.

We could go on and branch out to not-literature areas as well, but point is, and that's I'm trying to say, I'm not really the overly passionate kinda gal and should probably have 'whatever' tattooed on my chest or something.

So, it always surprises me kind of a lot, when I _do_ feel that fire, that fanatism, that made people go on crusades, or, to put it a bit less cynical, that makes you feel so fucking alive and joyous that you need others to participate / share your happiness.

So, when it comes my intellecutal passions, we have the following three things:
- Wilhelm v. Humboldt's idea of 'Bildung'/Education
- the theory of historiography (as in: how humankind constructs history)
- Joss Whedon

And no, there isn't a specific ranking in the order of listing, Joss's works to me have the same value as my two other (granted, equally geeky) choices.

What has this got to do with fandom anyway? )

Thank you!

May. 26th, 2008 05:16 pm
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Thank you all who voted for Paint in the [ profile] slashy_oscars the result really made me smile like an idiot - and the muses are humping my leg something fierce (as if the buggers needed any more encouragement - I don't have tiiime for you, boys *whines*). Seriously, thanks, it means a lot to me.

And because I can't seem to stop gushing over Joss's brilliance this week, another three vids recced: One Mal centric video and I can't believe how _perfect_ the song is, and another Simon and River one (even if the text is a bit over the top in that one ;)) because his love for her makes my heart ache (and his snark makes me giddy but that's something else ;)). Oh, and Giselle? You win. Obviously, she's the queen of all things. *snort*
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I know I might be annoying you a bit with my outbursts of random fandom love ;) but I just NEED to say that this has got to be the most awesome Firefly / Serenity merchandise ever (I just ordered it for my living room wall :)). Also, the postman totally screwed up my good intentions to grade essays all day by delivering my copy of The Archer. It's even better than the original fic - honestly, if you buy one book this month make sure it is this one.
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Does anyone have "Carry on wayward son" by Kansas and would be willing to upload it for me? Not that I am actually brave enough to listen to it after the SPN finale but my best friend craves it something fierce... If you could help me out supporting her secret masochistic tendencies I'd love you forever and prolly stalk you with my gratitude (which is, I realise, more a thread than a promise :)).

Oh, also and completely unrelated: I am SO in love with "Firefly", it's ridiculous. It's the most beautifully shot show ever. As for some random links:
Some favs including This Land and Jayne wisdom,
Mal being awesome, Simon being awesome, too (even if the song is SO wrong...),
Adam singing 'The hero of Canton',
Mal's song (I love this - it's an extension of the theme song and, well, downright awesome tribute),
Simon and River Music vid (such a gorgeous song),
Joss's Q&A for 'Serenity' (There are no words for how much I love this man. Honestly.)
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Title: Christmas wonder, sorta
Fandom: Firefly
Pairing and rating: none specific and gen
Word count: 1.800
A/N 1: Not beta’d, sorry for any mistakes.
A/N 2: I wrote this as a gift for [ profile] jaynelove and wanted to send it to her before posting it. Well, she got it today, so there’s no point in holding it back any longer, is there :)? So once again even if a little late: Merry Christmas to you all.

On to the ficcie )
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*clears throat*

And it happened again. I wrote fic. It's in the Firefly fandom and in German, so I'm afraid not many of my dear friends can read it, but I post it here anyway :).

Title: Mit offenen Augen

Fandom: Firefly
Rating: PG 13 maybe? For violence.
Pairing: None, really. A bit of Jayne/River.
Disclaimer: God himself Joss owns the universe.
A/N: I wrote this for Kati's birthday about a month ago and we already spent a wonderful day reading and talking bout this. So, Kati (who btw now finally got an LJ - welcome [ profile] jaynelove!!) here it is all online and virtuall and not sunshiny and asparagusy :).

Click on the pic to read.


Mit offenen Augen Teil 1 )


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