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I went to watch Stranger Tides yesterday and didn't have high expectations. That was pretty much what kept me from throwing my (over priced) popcorn at the screen I suppose because man, that film was not worth the money for the ticket, was it?

Fourteen things about PotC4. Spoilers obviously. )
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Long time, no post, time to change that. So here's six random things:

I have a bloody sore throat and can barely talk (not a good idea to just ignore initial soreness and just keep on chatting, and it's not as if it's the first time :)). Anyone got any good recipes against that? Besides shutting the fuck up I mean?

I finally got around to watch the A-team movie. What a hilariously big amount of fun! That tank scene? Man, it's exactly the completely unrealistic and mental kind of stuff that we saw in the TV show. My kind of movie. - Personal favourite probably was Sharlto Copley, I adored him.

I also managed to get my hands on a copy of "Boondock Saints II". Yeah... no. While I loved the brothers (not really a surprise) the movie was a bit too busy celebrating itself (and Troy Duffy) to really draw me in. And if anyone has seen the extras... well, Troy Duffy is a bit full of himself, isn't he? (Adoring the hell out of Sean and Norman though because they are awesome). Favourite scene was the tattooing sequence right at the beginning. Man, I love Connor and Murph and their weird semi-incestuous closeness.

Also, youtube is evil. I spent a whole hour watching Peter O'Toole clips yesterday (God, how much do I adore that man? Brilliant, brilliant actor) when I was supposed to be doing something else entirely. Damn you, youtube.

And finally, in response to the latest Doctor Who episode: I quite adore Eleventh's stylishness. First the bow tie and now the Fez? You rock on, Doctor.

Also, I'm in desperate need of good crime novels to read. Any recs? I definitely like British ones best, my favourite authors being Dick Francis (my all time fav), Lyndon Stacey and Peter Robinson; I'm not into any of the Italian detectives (what's it with all the food references :)?) and I don't really like the Scandinavian ones either. So, if you got something that you enjoyed I'd be much obliged if you shared it with me.

ETA: Hah, I just found this very accurate description of horse related writing on amazon: "It takes a great deal of faith to gear a novel this horse-besotted to the general public. Horse love is one of those things either you get or you don't, and for the vast majority of the populace, horse stories tend to read like porn written for 13-year-old girls." - True :).
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I still haven't shaken the holiday's laziness and still haven't transfered my London pics from my camera to my laptop (so no pics today) BUT I did see "Clash of the Titans" in London and just remembered that I wanted to babble about it :).

Clash of the Titans - spoilers; also Doctor Who and Bones, latest eps )
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I just came back from (finally) watching "Holmes" - and man, what a fine movie!

I really enjoyed every minute of it, every aspect of it. The acting was splendid (even if Mark looked like a mixture of Hitler and Dracula ;)), the dialogue was great, the set design - oh, such a gorgeous picture of 19th century London. And it was so Sherlock Holmes and everything that you gotta love about it, the late industrialism as the background, the arrogance and brilliance, the crime solving method. And again, what a fine job of acting and directing.

- Wow, second movie in a row that I liked. Seems like hell's freezing over :).
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I watched Percy Jackson on Saturday :). And really, I felt well entertained indeed!

Things I liked, things I didn't like, thing I didn't quite get )
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I decided that Quentin Tarantino is now my favourite director. Not particularly because I liked "Inglourious basterds" all that much but because it occured to me once again that even if I try really hard there is absoltely no message in his films. None. Nada. - I kinda love that about a movie :).

As for Inglourious basterds in particular - nice movie. Good acting all around and while the film had its lengthy moments (like for instance that very first scene or the one in the cellar) it was never obnoxiously boring. Nice characters and again I have to mention that I really liked the acting and how the actors 'clicked' with one another, so to speak. Also, I want to have dirrty dirrty sex with Gedeon Burkhardt's voice. Seriously.
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Dear Johnny,

I love you, I even love that strange thing you sometimes grow under your lovely nose that bears some resemblance to a mustache. I own your movies and I actually even kinda like them too, Sweeney and From Hell and everything. (You rocked in "Once upon a time" btw)

So don't take this the wrong way but after watching "Public enemies" I would kindly ask you for a refund of my money. Not only has this film (in case you didn't notice) Christian Bale and the single facial expression he is capable of in it. What is more is that I think while you weren't looking someone exchanged the skript for bad!fic - the dialogue esp. in the so called love scenes was so horribly ridiculous I nearly puked into my popcorn (Was this movie supposed to be a comedy?).

Also, I think something must've been wrong with the movie projector, certainly it can't have been intentional that almost HALF of the film was in meaningful slow motion, can it?

Aside from you and that Bale guy there were some other people in the movie that I couldn't tell apart (not counting David Wenham but he kinda disappeared after ten minutes or so :(). But surely it didn't matter because the audience wasn't supposed to care about those other random gangster dudes that kept showing up, right?

I still love you, though. Please transfer those 6 Euros for my cinema ticket to my bank account and in the future, please do choose your next role in a movie that features either of the following three (if possible all):

a. a plot;
b. characters one gives a shit about;
c. dialogue not written by mentally challenged chimpanzees.

Hugs and kisses,

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I just came back from watching "Gran Torino" with my brother and man, I can't remember when I liked a movie I saw in the theatre as much as I liked this one. Sure it has some flaws and a few characterisations were a tad cheap / I didn't get the logic of a few scenes but none of that mattered. What a fine piece of directing and of acting, I've had such a good time watching Clint Eastwood in it. It was funny and intelligent, well paced and well acted; all my thumbs up for this film :).

... I still can't remember the last time I enjoyed myself at the movies. Die Hard 4.0 probably *g*.

Anyone else watched it yet?
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Just returned from watching "Valkyrie" with my 10th graders. Well, Tom Cruise at least didn't piss me off, which after the impertinence that was M:I 2 is at least something. Thing is, I was rather BORED by the whole thing mainly because well duh, everyone already knows how the movie is gonna end anyway. Which got me thinking, maybe this is a genuinely German perspective? So, I'd be really happy if you would take part in the poll - and specify in comments if you like.

[Poll #1346995]
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My 11th graders will return from their internships next week and so I sat down and planned history lessons - we're gonna do ancient Greece next, yay. I decided to start off with a bit of '300' because I think it's a nice intro to the whole 'our roots?' thing. Anyway, I needed to rewatch a bit of it and took it with me into the bathtub and [ profile] jaynelove, who burned me the copy of it, put another Gerard Butler film into the case, called "Dear Frankie".

So, two hours later I come out of the tub all wrinkly because I just had to watch the entire movie, and couldn't even bring myself to get out of coldish water. It's really a beautiful movie and my, I think it made me fall in love with Gerard :). His acting (as well as everyone else's really) is, God, it's wonderful in this, so many subtle things, you want to freeze frame it bit by bit so you can stare at it for a little longer. I'm usually have difficulties with movies with a storyline like this one because I can't stand even the littlest bit of too much sentimentality, it always throws me off. This one though, this is just so right. The directing is fantastic and I love the editing of this film, again, so many subtle things but oh, it's so good. One of those films you want to watch again and again because it makes you feel this quiet sort of happiness.

Just watch it :).
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Just came back from seing AWE for a second time and there's still a few things that I don't get...

Getting to the heart of the matter (SPOILERS) )
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Just came back from the cinema and watched "The Perfume", Tom Tykwer's adaptation of the famous novel by Patrick Süskind. Wanna know my opinion?

Shit, I can hardly get over how fucking bored I was to analyse in detail what was so horribly wrong with that movie imo. )
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Another week full of what seems like truckloads of work. I'm bordering the bad kind of stress where you only see the little miscalculations, the small mistakes you made and not the successes and accomplishments, though. Good thing it's weekend now and good think that there's fandom :).

I've been listening to Sean Bean reading "King Arthur" on my way to work every morning this week (he makes me giggle every time he speaks as Elaine and someone should writie him a letter that it's dangerous when he - without any warning - suddenly starts bellowing "Prepare for battle" on the top of his lungs. Damn, I nearly caused a rear-end collission because of that...).
That lead me to finally buying and watching the movie, too, and aside from the fact that the person who advised Clive Owen to become an actor should be skinned alive as a punishment, I actually liked the film. Arthur's uncombed bunch is quite loveable (Is there any chance there migth be a Galahad cuddle toy? 'Cause I want one, aaaww that smile :)) and I grinned every time the Saxons shouted out their battle cry (I knew my university courses in old high German and old Saxon would come in handy some day :).
I've also watched Elizabethtown and I can tell you that after a murderously hard week there is hardly anything more calming that staring into Orlando's face for hours and watching him wearing green socks.
End of the tale: Fandom's good for sanity. And: I love you, guys and I miss you.
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[ profile] menel was so kind and gifted me with the DVD of "Helen of Troy" (thanks again, darling!) - therefore I am going to amuse you with my Greek mythology obsession for yet another time and provide you with a very spoilery review with lots of references to "Troy"!

x-posted to [ profile] popcorn_addicts (sorry if you have it twice on your flist)

Helen of Troy


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