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First of all, thank you for all your lovely feedback for the Christmas fics - I know I'm terribly behind with replying, but I will get to it :).

Secondly, Christmas seems to be the time of awesome fic. Not only on the re-reading front (I just re-read
[ profile] giselleslash "Staying the course" for the nth time and it still gives me shivers), but regarding the new fic as well. If you happened to have spent Christmas on the moon (which is the only excuse that counts for having missed this) I strongly advise you to instantly catch up with [ profile] azewewish 's "Temporary monogamy" that she started posting in her writing journal [ profile] broadwriting . It's the same one I gushed about already and it's promising to be 25k of Awesome. Orlando being a 20 something year old bloke (and not a 13 year old girl), Viggo as the slightly gross wise nutter, fantastic Karl/Sean and man, we're only in the first chapter.

Second and a half-ly (still about ficcage), you also need to read this fic (which is flocked, though) that [ profile] helena_s_renn  wrote for me for Christmas. It's a short bit of Eric/Karl and it's written by Helena, which should be reason enough for you to run over right now. Seriously, her writing is always exquisite, with that special edge to her men and a very distinct way with words, and it's ERIC/KARL! And NC17, did I mention that? Scorching.

Thirdly, I found an all new creative way to postpone more grading and playing with the Paint boys again. Usually, I don't print out my own stories but of course they are the exception, and now I made a shiny folder all exclusively for them that I am insanely and totally immodestly happy with.

Have a look )


Dec. 21st, 2008 08:27 pm
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#1 - My Christmas fics stack up to almost 19.000 words now. Would you like it all in one go on the 24th or the 25th, or sorta split up or something?

#2 - Speaking of free time (yay!): Anyone can point out a gallery with a good collection of Karl pictures for me? Or even Harry? Cause I'm just about to finish my Théoden picture and need a new project...

#3 - If you haven't already: Do go over to [ profile] slashylotr_xmas and read all the awesome fic that is posted there. I'm especially pointing you towards this because it was written for meee and it is made of so much awesome - the characterisation of Orlando alone made me so insanely happy that I could actually squeal. And it's just the prologue, meaning there is gonna be more. Yay \o/! - Thank you to who it was who wrote this *loves*

#4 - And, while we're at it:

Title: Nightclub
Authors: [ profile] irrlicht74 & [ profile] afra_schatz
Pairing: Orlando Bloom / Eric Bana
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All made up. Not making money with it. Yaddayadda...
Beta: [ profile] bloominbabylon - Thank you so much!
A/N: All the previous bits from this particular incarnation of these two can be found here Again: Nightclub owner Eric + bartender Orlando = adult content. In other words: Seasonal PORN, people! This is a follow up to the cookie baking session and we get to meet Orlando's family. Who is... sorta... well, you know how relatives are :).
A/N2: You need to join the comm to read the fic. If you don't want to do that and still want to read it, please tell me and I'll mail it to you or whatever. Sorry for the trouble.

More Nightclub
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"Doesn't paint in town", my painter/muse Orlibean, got nominated for a [ profile] slashy_oscars in the category "Best short fic / best AU". I was totally thrilled when I received the email from the mods :). Thanks for nominating it, guys! (Here's the link to the complete voting list)

Speaking of fic, I'm amazingly slow with writing atm but I read quite a bit of really good stuff over the last weeks and decided that instead of reccing in individual posts like I did in the past, from now on I'll have a major rec list at the top of my LJ that I'll update every now and then. So, if you'd like to read what I liked to read just check that one out :).

Also, I'd like to ask those of you who are active in the SPN fandom for a bit of reccing / for pointers. It's been a while since I've been in a fandom other than RPS but what I loved about Buffy was that there were quite a few quite brilliant and insightful essays / meta on different aspects of the show, i.e. the most brilliant article on Spike and the concept on courtly love(taken from Slayage, for anyone who's interested). Is there anything similar in SPN fandom? I'm not really looking for anything specific - though something that would explain the concept of characterisation regarding John would be rather helpful ;) - I'd just like to read some witty essays again :)
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I don't really rec much and this definitely is the first time reccing outside my usual fandoms as well. But, guys, you _need_ to listen to this. Yes, listen, as in 'sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and listen to bloody amazing fanfic on your ipod'.

The story is very well crafted, the dialogues sound real, you can feel the thoughts and emotions, can see the characters interacting and get drawn into their world and the movie they're filming (a fictional, untitled project - I _so_ want to see that on screen, too). The way present and past are interlaced works extremely well - you're left a bit in the dark at the beginning and throughout the story you get more and more into the characters' headspaces. The fic has got humour and angst, irony and melancholy, anger and romance, guys acting like guys and really, I can't praise it highly enough.
As for the recording, the story is narrated so professionally, I actually went looking for the CD case to skip through the booklet because I forgot that I hadn't bought it in a store ;). The narrator's voice is wonderfully even and she gets into the characters's voices so very well that you can hear them speaking, see them in front of you.

Now, I don't care if you've watched 'Supernatural' or read RPS in this fandom or not - because I haven't before finding these audiobooks (and I'm picky with my fandoms) and really, it doesn't even matter. Because the story is _that_ good and the reading is _that_ amazing. Trust me on this.

So, go and download
'The Jared Padaleki Untitled Project' by [ profile] esohpe, read by [ profile] issaro.
And make yourself comfy on the couch and enjoy.
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Thank you guys for yesterday - feeling much better today :). And since it is the beginning of the weekend I come bearing an assembly of random and yet not so random things, all weekendish and lovely in their way :).

#1 Something hilarious

#2 Something painfully sad and beautiful

#3 Something powerful

#4 Something sexy

#5 Something adorable

#6 Something true

#7 Something with dimples

#8 Something artistic

#9 Something piratey

#10 Something really porny

#11 Something ancient
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I have sweet kids :). Today, I was talking about the hierarchy of needs with my fifth graders and they had to write a list with three things they wish for. When we wrote them all on the blackboard one of my boys (who had asked me whether he could change places before the lesson which I hadn't allowed) dictated, "I wish Miss C. was nicer." And while, dutifully and smiling, I wrote it down, the rest of the class shouted out in indignation, chiding him along the lines of, "Even nicer than she is already? Totally impossible!" :). Aaaw, bootlicking totally works for me *g*.

Anyways, being rather happy with my job this week (despite the wretched grading) I call out for specific fic recs to you guys: What I'd like to read in the, like, 10 minutes of free time I have per day, would be well written school fic. With the boys as pupils or teachers or with them in schoolboy age in general.

I break ground with a few of my personal favourites )

So, rec me school fic, people :)!

And secondly, while we're at it: How would your perfect staff of teachers look like? A while ago I played with the idea of a Boarding School AU and while the writing itself remained a WIP I had loads of fun 'casting' teachers for different subjects.
Under the cut is my character list from the fic (added a few more to it) and I'd be mightily interested in your choice of teachers, too :). Who would you employ and why? Agreeing with me? Disagreeing?

Ridiculously hunky staff of teachers in Caro's school of dreams )

Fic Meme

Mar. 9th, 2007 10:19 am
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While I’m being disgustingly slow with the whole catching-up and typing-fic issues, I couldn’t resist doing this:

Tagged by [ profile] doylebaby

Post a list of your top five fics favourite you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

I picked from the fics I have written alone and narrowed it down to specific chapters when choosing a series.

As of March, 5th 2007 )

ETA: As of September, 5th 2008 )
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I always thought there should be a list of fics for rainy days. Metaphorical ones, I mean, since literal rainy days in Westphalia equal ‘most of the year’ anyway. But you know those kinda days when the only thing you’re glad about is that you own a lap top because you can’t even face getting out of bed. So, what to do? Read fic, obviously. Fluff and humour mingling, that kind of fic that leaves you with a dopey smile on your face and butterflies shagging in your belly, that makes the world a little better.

So, I’ve been collecting links to that kind of fic and hereby present you

Fuck you, melancholy! Multifandom Fic Recs

On to the fics )

Feel free to add your own in the comments, lovelies!

Oh, and - last but not least ;) - in case you’re interested in me babbling about writing check out Mini Spotlight #1 and Mini Spotlight #2 I filled out for [ profile] lotr_spotlight If you wanna comment on those (for whichever reason *g*) please do so directly in the com :)
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I'm off on a class trip for a week starting tomorrow morning. Wish you all a pleasant week and I hope to be back in one piece on Friday :). But before I go:

Irrlicht posted the next part of Contrasts. Yay!

Title: Contrasts 3, Part 3
Authors: [ profile] afra_schatz & [ profile] irrlicht74
Pairing: VigBean, of course
Rating: Erm...hard R? (Seriously now, they actually get somewhere this time :))
Disclaimer: All made up. Not making money with it. Yaddayadda...
Summary: Sean’s a tax consultant and Vig’s a book illustrator. They meet at a party and like each other instantly, but aren’t sure what to make out of it. Yet. ;)
Beta: The lightning-fast [ profile] helena_s_renn Thank you so much!

Previous parts: Part One + Part Two + Part Three + Part Four

New: Part Five


[ profile] irrlicht74 wrote a stunningly beautiful ficlet for the [ profile] 25fluffyfics prompt "Dancing" which you can find right here. Love, love, love it!Irrlicht, hon, what's next for me then ;)?
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Before all: Happy birthday, [ profile] mittyw! I hope you have / had a wonderful day filled with loving time with your family as well as some quality time with your PC and some good Banabloom smut *squishes you*

Thanking Giselle and Govi )

Art and Fic recs revolving around Bloomenhaal, Bean, Éomer, Vigbean, Viggorli and Banabloom )

Last but not least: [ profile] mesnica and [ profile] prussiluskan, I held the Louis XIV’s lesson today and the little buggers even got the bit with the lilies symbolising the Trinity right! Thanks again for the heads up!

That’s it for today, people, I’m off to bed now *yawns and starts snoring*
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I’m off to Switzerland for ten days but not before posting this: A while ago I promised [ profile] govi20 to draw her a Vigbean picture of her choice. She said I should just draw what I liked and if the result inspired her, she’d write something fitting to the picture.
So, this is what I came up with. Two pictures actually and over thirty years between them. I hope you, Carol as well as all the other Vigbeaners on my flist, like the result – it was rather fun to draw.

Viggo and Sean in 1973 )

Viggo and Sean nowadays )

See you all in ten days!

ETA: The lovely [ profile] govi20 wrote a wonderful fic in response to these two pictures. It is a five parter called "Halo" and you can find it here, here, here, here and here. Thank you so much, dearie!

Fic meme

Jul. 6th, 2006 10:17 pm
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Am off to visit the bf in Berlin for a few days - so long, guys.

Also: Once more the cry out for fic recs. Folks, I implore you, I have way too much time on my hands and I'm suffering from good-fic-withdrawal-symptoms something fierce. To make this a little more specific I'll turn this request into a meme :).

1. What was the fic that originally got you into your current fandom(s) / current OTP(s)? Not necessarily the very first fic you stumbled across but the one that really got you hooked?

My answers: )

2. Which fic got you so addicted that you just couldn't stop reading it - longest time spent (more or less by free choice ;) in front of the PC?

My answer: )

3. Regarding AUs - which were the most original ideas for an AU you've read, or - slightly different - which were the most believable and fascinating AUs you came across so far?

My answers: )

4. Regarding WIPs: Which were the fics you were biting your fingernails for updates - like first-thing-in-the-morning-even-before-brushing-your-teeth?

My answers: )

5. And if you're a writer yourself: Which one of your fics are you most proud of / happy with - which should I therefore instantly (re-)read? :)

Bye for now, see you in a few!
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I decided the upcoming week of doooooom needs to be faced with fic. Since I don't have time to write anything myself I'm coming round to ask you guys for some recs.

I'd love to read some NZ fics, whatever the pairing and rating, fluffy and / or humourous would be grand. So, I beg all of you who have a link or two to their favourite light New Zealand story stored on their PC to post it here and make my weekend with it.

Starting myself by once again pointing at "The Viggorli Chronicles" by Elizabeth that - a long time ago reviewed by Lori - got me into this fandom :). (Viggorli, obviously)

Also of course [ profile] shrinetolust's bloody brilliant "Touching" (VigBean).

And (can't do a post without Orlibean now, can I?) [ profile] giselleslash's adorable Sunny/Angel universe, starting with "The Known World" and continued here.

So, come on now, people - help me out here! What are your favourite NZ fics?
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I’m still alive. Barely, because my nose feels like a big slime monster crawled into it and died there. In other words: Flu. Also: Big time stress to no end and the next week will be known to future generations as the week of DOOOOOM. But yeah, still alive. And I’ve finished my thesis on KoH – well, almost – and graded the class test that was long over due.

I got two reasons for sneaking away from the truckload of work waiting for me. The first one is this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Isn’t it fucking AWESOME? [ profile] lorielen made it for my story Sport of Kings and I love it so so much that of course I need to show it off here :).
Look at how adorable Orlando looks, his hair all messed up like he’s just taken off his jockey helmet (or had a good long fuck…) and aw, that look on his face *melts*. And Sean! *howls* Of course Bark would never ever wear a stubble like that, being all serious trainer-bloke-like, which obviously means that this picture is taken after three days of not-getting-out-of-bed-at-all. Which sorta explains that grin on his face… And look at the colours and the picture of the horses and the quote (okay, I admit being that self involved…) – it all is so perfectly “Sport of Kings”, isn’t it? Thank you so much, Lori, this is beyond wonderful! *prints it out and does dirty things to it*

Okay, I’m done with the gushing now. No, wait, my second topic involves a lot of drooling, too (what a surprise). It's been a while since I've been reccing fic here and somehow it makes me feel like having collected Panini stickers for months without owning an album to put them into (do people outside Germany collect Panini sticker? *is clueless*)

ANYWAY. Vigbean. Orlibean. Sharpe. There:

Time for three recs )

Last but not least: [ profile] lorielen posted a bunch of lovely icons in the campaign to make hotmensex a LJ interest. *licks her Beanie butt icon*
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In case you're looking for something real nice to read, go and enjoy Giselle's stuff. She writes the most adoreable, enjoyable, funny, romantic and sexy dialogues that leave me with a big fat smile on my face every time. Orlibean (surprisesurprise) and Farrell/Bloom and I wait for the latest CF/OB WIP to update with more impatience than for being allowed to open the next door on my advent calender (and that means a whole lot and I don't even _like_ Farrell), Just saying... :)
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Oookay. School starts again tomorrow and I have to say that six weeks are hardly enough. Especially since the weather in Westfalia has been nothing short of shitty for entire August. All my sun-tanning-in-the-garden-while-forcing-lil-sis-to-read-Dick-Francis-to-me plans fell through. But instead of being a good girl and preparing my lessons I was a good girl and read bunches of fanfiction :). Go me.

So, before I'm off to school and probably too busy to even _think_ so much as "hotmensex" (sad, sad times), I come bearing arms full of recs for you all - my favourites of the thousands of pages of VigBean I've read over the last weeks and some fantastic art links I really want you to clicketiclick :).

VigBean recs )

ART recs - HP, LotR, BtVS, PotC et al )

So much for summer freedom, I'll be around a bit less frequently now, but I'll be thinking of you - and smut - as often as I can :).

P.S. Oh and since LJ is even grander than usual and now allows us 100 icons *beams* - anyone got any "recs" for me where to find droolworthy Banabloom and VigBean icons free for grabbing? Or Angel/Spike, BDS or mythology ones? Ah, any other witty / pretty ones too, please! 'Cause "88 of 100" just doesn't look right, does it? /selfishness mixed with procrastinating of work

10 things

Jun. 3rd, 2005 07:29 pm
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Long time, no randomness. Time to correct that :).

#1 I had a really, really strange day yesterday. There I was, peacefully driving to school (at frigging 7 in the morning I might add) when my smut muse decided to pay me a visit. Which is unfair to begin with 'cause at 7 am my brain is not yet awake and can’t tell said muse off. Thinking about porn while driving 170 km/h on the A1 is not good. Anyway. It wasn’t a usual, hey-let’s-entertain-ourselves-with-thinking-through-the-kamasutra-while-pushing-a-BMW-off-the-fast-lane sorta thoughts. No. At approximately 7.15 cet my muse gave birth to a new Eric. Eric as a primary school teacher. *cries* This is not right. Not the Eric bit, mind you, I never say no to a new Bana-muse (do I, Irrlicht?), but to the primary school teacher bit. Picture me driving though pretty Westphalian landscape in early morning mist sporting an idiotic grin until I caught sight of myself in the rear mirror. Dear Lord, is that work invading my brain’s porn section or is it – worse if you ask me – hormones? *cries more* Eric would be a brilliant primary school teacher, though… *headdesk*

#2 [ profile] lorielen has posted a huge bunch of Keanu Reeves and Orlando Bloom icons, that I love to pieces and that I really need you to look at and drool over. I just love Lori’s style, always the perfect combination of picture and text+font, sweet and sexy and mostly with a wink included.

#3 I’ve just sorta returned to school after a few weeks of seminars (*yawn*) and started in new classes. Instead of the 5th year and the 10th, I’m now in a 6th grade in history (Roman empire – darn, I missed them Greeks by inches) and in an 11 in German, doing Schiller (which reminds me that I have yet to tackle that Goethe/Schiller genius project, don’t I, [ profile] mittyw?). Had my first lessons in both today and especially the 11 was real fun to work with *beams geekily*

#4 Kati recently recced me this and I nearly died laughing. It’s a series of short fics from different authors, topic fairies. And I swear to you, there’s nothing more funny than the idea of Sawyer woke up fairy. Well, except for Jayne woke up fairy maybe *giggles*.

#5 There’s this petition for more user iconsI found repeatedly on my flist. Since imo one really can’t have enough icons of SEAN BEAN OMG I’m passing this info on to you guys, too.

#6 In case you’re German and a fan of „Die drei ???“ – did you know there is this fanmade episode floating around on the net. It’s called „Die drei ??? und der humpelnde Goldzwerg“ and I cried tears with laughter when my sis played it to me. Just saying… *g*

#7 I finallyfinally have seen all the Bean movies I ordered a long time ago and didn’t watch until now cause my mom guarded them jealously I never found the time. Now I need MORE. So, far I own these ) (cut ´cause maaany). Now, tell me, folks, what else do I really, really need to buy?

#8 The ever wonderful [ profile] irrlicht74 has linked me to this. It’s a multifandom fanfic project, cluedo style by [ profile] eviea, starring among others a dead Lord Pitt, Colonel Banadinovich, Detective chief inspector Bean, Lord Viggo Mortensen II and many more. You can either read it as a normal fanfiction or you can help dear Detective Bean with the investigations. Fun, people :).

#9 Yesterday, I finally got the 3 DVD Edition of PotC *bounces*. I’ve only watched the Johnny and Geoffrey bits so far, but man, I can’t frigging wait until PotC2 comes out and really need to (re)read PotC fics again. So, any recs? Fics you read recently and you liked / tought original or all time classics, I really should reread? Oh and btw, have you already seen action figure Jack one and two?

#10 Happy birthday, [ profile] jaynelove! Belated, I know, but only LJ wise, right? I hope you’re having a frigging wonderful time in Jaynestown – I wish I was there with you, so we could watch Firefly and go jane-austening on the lake and stuff! While you’re gone, I’ll just re-watch Brisco then :).
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I'm getting quite good at organising things, don't I? So here's more ticking of things-Caro-thinks-wooorth-mentioning:

#1 [ profile] lorielen is my heroine. On monday I had a loooong week of school and stuff ahead of me but I still bet with you guys that I had the best start possible into this week, solely because of Lori and because of "The pervyness of you" (VigBean). You'll never guess what's the reason for dear Beanie's imprisonment :)...

#2 Speaking of Sean/Viggo: [ profile] shrinetolust's "Touching" - I have to admit that I still haven't left a single line of feedback *hangs head in shame and hopes that reccing here is okay nonetheless* - but honestly, it's not my fault that her way of writing Sean leaves me absolutely speechless, is it? Though so :). So, guys, if you want to read one hell of a great take on Beanie's pov - funny, manly-man, snarky, insecure, more manly-man and utterly lovable - then what are you waiting for? Go READ!

#3 I had my first lesson visited today. One of the guys supposed to teach me how to teach was there in my history lesson in grade 10 about Swing music and though I have to admit there was nothing swing-y about my performance (I'd have fallen asleep myself if I hadn't have to do so much of the talking...) he was kinda positive about my future as children-torturer and I'm glad to be done with this first round of being x-rayed, educationally. Stupid detail is that I have to prepare lessons for tomorrow now...

#4 Thanks to [ profile] jaynelove I could watch "Lost" 1x20 today. As soon as I'm done with the disbelieving blinking I will write some sort of review, promised, Kati. Seriously. Damn. - On German Lost: What do you guys think of the dubbing so far? I'm quite pleasantly surprised, I have to say.

#5 Alan Rickman, so my newspaper and some other sources say, is going to be the leading character in the movie version of "The Perfume" by Patrick Süskind, which I'm sure will especially please [ profile] killthwight, right :)? Anybody, who hasn't read the book so far: What in God's name were you thinking?! Really, I don't think much of most of German literature these days, there're whole truckloads of utter rubbish on the German book market, but you _have_ to read The Perfume, it's amazingly brilliant writing and has such an anti-hero.

#6 Thanks to [ profile] justinetre's latest post, the mythology freak inside of me as finally made a re-appearance (poor guy has had a hard time what with me being all busy-busy over stupid Nazis for school and no time for them Greeks...), here's a request: Mythology reccing for Caro, please (who is, as you might have noticed, too lazy to type whole sentences even when she wants something from you...). Your favourite stories, guys? Aside from the ever fantastic Hektor/Paris, I'd love to read some Odysseus/Diomedes, some good Achilles/Patroclos and *blushes* mebbe some Hektor/Andromache...

#7 My 5th grade is so very cute. Yesterday, we had another of those usually quite tedious Grammar lessons and I had sentences prepared for them to let them find out the correct grammatical order and stuff. The first sentence was: "Harry Potter owns an owl for two years." Fucking biggest mistake of my life, that. Picture me in the middle of 27 absolutely indignant 10 year olds lecturing me on how Harry got his owl FIVE years ago. *shakes head over self* I will never become a good teacher, will I? *giggles* (Just imagine the riot after sentence #2: "Out of boredom Ron played with his frog." A fucking FROG?! What was I thinking?)

#8 [ profile] irrlicht74, dammit, drag your bum back home, my muses are driving me nuts, what with all the sexual frustration going on at the moment! Bean is roaring by now, running around in circles on top of my poor braincells and Eric fucking gives me that kicked puppy look 24/7 now. Seriously, I need you to be back home right about NOW *hides from muses*

#9 Speaking (once again) of Sean. Time for one last reccing in this post :). You're still here by [ profile] alexabond. Everyone knows about my soft spot the size of Mars for good Sean/Orlando and this is gorgeous and most importantly very real-feeling writing.

#10 I love my boots. I got these stylish cowboy-boots-meet-high-heels boots in the prettiest of red-brown leather for a year now and no sane person should fancy their own shoes like I do :).


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