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After a remotely busy day on my balcony (I love autumn) I sat down to re-watch the RotK EE specials and ended up with a sketchpad in my lap :). This picture is something new to me because usually I work with specific reference pictures and and almost paint-by-numbers painstaking aim for accuracy. For this, I had a couple of photos to get certain details right but alltogether this is by far the most free-handed thing so far and I'm quite happy with the result, especially with how Faramir turned out (so, just ignore any odd angles that might be in this ;)).

Aaanyway, as for the pictures content - you know how I always come back to drawing more Faraboro and while I am still rather pleased with the baby version of them and the older  'contemporary' versions, I needed to re-do something around the ages of 15/20. This is it :).

(and the full-body version: )

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With spring having finally arrived here and me having too much time on my hands and the prospect of lots of white empty walls in my new flat, I sat down and worked on a bit of decoration, a Faraboro drawing, done on coloured paper with brown pencils. And because I'm the proud owner of a digicam I captured the wip as well and add it here :). Not exactly dial up friendly.

The finished Faraboro drawing )

Close up of Boro's face )

Close up of Fara's face )

The work in progress )
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Title: His brother
Fandom: LotR FPS, Boromir and Faramir
Rating: gen
Warnings: Hardcore fluff ;)
A/N: A sorta companion piece to the Baby!Faraboro drawing. And you thought I couldn't get any mushier. Ha! - Written for [ profile] abandt

Some of Boromir's friends had baby brothers. )
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Okay, prepare for teh fluff. - I haven't forgotten about the still open autumn prompts and I will definitely draw Sparrington and VigBean and Greg House and Banabloom but thing is, all of a sudden I had this urgent need for fluff. And I mean that, seriously, this drawing is the mushiest that I have ever done. By far. By now you might have guessed that it can only be Faraboro then and you're right.

I dedicate this to [ profile] irrlicht74 because as if she sensed it she posted another ficlet from the "Nightclub" universe that was juuust the right thing to quench my fluff-craving.

Claiming the crown of the kingdom of fluff I give you Baby!Faraboro )
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Happy birthday, [ profile] lorielen!!!

I hope you'll have a wonderful day with all that one should have not only on birthdays but on every day of the year, really: happy family and friends, great food (perferably chocolate cake and cheese ;)), sunny weather and presents, truckloads of them.

Having you as a friend is one of the reasons why LJ has become home to me. Your creativity, your taste in things and the pure pleasure of discussing about any topic with you, your generosity, your sense of humour and your beautiful writing style, your enthusiasm about little as well as really big and important things, your choice in fandoms that has broadened my horizon so unbelievably and ah, you know your general and overall loveliness - You're incredibly dear to me and I'm so thankful and happy to have met you and to call you my friend.

May the next year be a successful and fun one and may this day (I know I have already mentioned them, but they're really important on birthdays, non?) be filled with cake and presents.

Speaking of, here's a little submission for the collection :). - I love you, dearie. *hugs tightly*

Ewan says... )

The reason (Draco/Lucius) )

Heavy breathing (Viggorli) )

What's in a name (Harry/Draco) )

In the woods (Boromir/Faramir) )

Familiar Faces (Keanu Reeves/Orlando Bloom) )

If reality was fiction (Snape/Lupin) )

Baking (VigBean) )
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Wonderful weather over here and hence I spent my weekend in the garden, refusing to work but drawing. Again it's the brothers of Gondor, this time quite a bit younger though. And awake :). My rough guess is that Boromir is something like 24 on the picture which makes Faramir about 18 then.

This picture is dedicated to [ profile] lorielen - hope this cheers you up a bit, even though Boromir has this patented 'don't dare to come near my little brother' scowl ;). Love you, dearie!

Young sons of Gondor )
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Hope you guys had happy easter days! I didn't spent mine searching easter eggs or taking a spring stroll (of bloody course it was raining here...) but drawing.

This picture comes with a question of great importance and I ask you guys to please think very severely about it: Does the great Boromir snore? If not, what is he doing there then...?

Sleeping sons of Gondor )

Kati, this one's for you. Not a pairing of your choice, necessarily, I know, but I already started it when I received your GORGEOUS easter present and thought about you while drawing. Plus, I promise to do Sawyer/Sayid next :).
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[ profile] lorielen, could you please stop being such a wonderful person? If you don't, I promise I'll shower you to death with gifts someday which would be a dreadful loss for the world, wouldn't it? So, for hell's sake, stop making those gorgeous icons, stop constantly reccing me such wonderful fic and stop being - well, you, 'k? *major mock sigh* Anyway, this time the gift is only another drawing which doesn't weight a lot, so no immediate death-shower-warning...

It's a fluffy Boromir/Faramir and I hope you - and all you other lovely friends of mine - like it!

Read more... )


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