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Believe it or not but I am actually still alive. Somehow, with the autumn over here being completely and utterly awesome for riding, I find myself on horseback every day (bestest sport in the world and a full on gallop through red and golden leaves is so addictive). And between that and grading the truckload of essays on my desk (seriously, it's ridiculous) I don't seem to find time for anything else. Well, apart from buying a truly shameful amount of shoes on eBay that is. But I am totally behind on about every show I watch and I don't even know how to spell fanfic anymore, let alone write it.

Ah well. What I have watched however was the season premiere of 'Bones' and I am not sure what to think of it. I am most certainly one of those people who sat in front of the telly going 'aw, no, not that, come on people' at the end of the sixth season and I have to say 7.01 felt a lot like reading fanfic. The last time that happened was when I watched the last few eps of "Queer as folk" but that was intensely crappy fanfic on top of everything, so I'm not sure I like this feeling. On the other hand, 7.01 was not as horrible ooc as I'd feared. Hm. - Thoughts anyone?

I have been re-watching my 'Jeeves and Wooster' DVDs as well, mostly due to the fact that I'm reading Stephen Fry's autobiography at the moment (man, that guy is so self-involved it honestly amazes me - but damn entertaining, too) and I seriously think that someone needs to turn this into fanfic for me...

And knowing fully well that I have quite a couple of prompts still outstanding, I'm gonna ask nevertheless: Anyone willing to throw a prompt or two my way for my boarding school verse? Any characters or setting, I don't even need to write Viggo or Eric but I'd really like to find a starting point to play in that verse again :).

- Any new shows that started this season that you could rec btw? I mean it's not like I haven't got hours and hours of TV to catch up on already but still...
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Yes, I am still alive :). As it happens I seem to spend most of my awake time shared between school and stable and the little time I am at home and not trying to out-snore my neighbour (seriously, that guy is a phenomenon) I write. BUT I'm not dead :).

Has anyone watched the last two Bones eps yet, the ones that aired after the Christmas break? I haven't because I am seriously traumatized by the one where Bones went COMPLEHETELY CRAZY AND TOTALLY OOC because of that woman buried under a tree. - Are the later ones safe to watch or will I throw something at my telly?

ALSO, I had a Doctor Who / Buffy crossover dream last night. Angel was in it (or Booth, I think my sleeping brain had them confused), the Doctor was kind of absent but we were all chased by some sort of Autons. I was Dawn (wtf) and of course got eaten by a plastic monster so Buffy could get all ragey - and just before I woke up Buffy's wrath was interrupted by commercials, trying to sell me a Boromir Lego doll. Way to break the fourth wall, brain. Now I'll never know whether Buffy will un-plastic me Dawn. Clearly, my life sucks.


Dec. 12th, 2010 03:54 pm
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If there is anything more awesome than riding a great horse through a completely deserted forest then I just don't know what that could be :). That feeling of having this incredible powerful being under you, every motion of it screaming "RUNRUNRUN" and yet you got nothing in your hands because your horse is waiting for you to give the okay to go from zero to seventy (kmh, and I'm not kidding) in a second? God, I love riding.

Other things I particularly loved this week: Re-reading great fic. Seriously, you know how it is when you come back to something and it is just as awesome as it was the first time around? Isn't that the greatest thing? It's no news that I feel that way about [ profile] giselleslash's fics I know, but I just got to say that just re-reading "Big Gay Love Actually" this weekend made me grin like a stupid loony. It's just that kind of story you never want to end because somehow all these characters sneak up on you and you want to be BFFs with them. Happyhappy making. Fic like that is just awesome.

Also, I finally managed to get my [ profile] slashababy fic done which has been giving me stomach aches for weeks, the stupid thing. Go me though!

And while I was terribly disappointed by this week's "Bones" (God, I HATE that storyline) and season 3 of "Sons of Anarchy" (I don't even know where to start and not even the general awesomeness of Opie and Tigs could save anything) I was pleasantly surprised by the second season of "Life" and finally watched the season finale of MERLIN and am still throwing sparkles and glitter and feel like a unicorn on drugs. Oh, show, never stop being so ridiculously AWESOME. And while we're talking about loveliness brought to us by the BBC - I can't wait for Doctor Who's Christmas special. Also, when is it time for the next series of "Sherlock" again?

Oh, and I'm not doing Christmas fic this year but if you want a Christmas card from me - do give me your address :). Just mail it to xanfan at gmx dot de if I haven't got it already!

I'm gonna go and watch that show where the wizard is crazy in love with his prince who is wooing him by making him muck out the stables aka Merlin again now :). Have a great Sunday everyone!
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I just got the rest of the "Boston Legal" seasons on DVD (which are terribly cheap on amazon UK just fyi :)) - and I just have to say that aside from the unique cases, great speeches and the amazing rest of the cast (Candice Bergen first and foremost) I don't think there is any character on television as complex and beautifully fucked as Alan, nor is there any other friendship that touches me as much as his and Denny's. I just love this show so much.

Anyone with me :)?

In other TV related news: I do adore the new Doctor (and his suspenders) even if last Saturday's eps was one of the weirder sort (really, fishalienvampires?!) and while I'm not too happy regarding the current Bones/Booth situation I am however rather happy with the other stuff that happend in last week's ep. (Also, speaking of Boreanaz - I think it's really vital that he does a show in which he co-stars with Marsters (again) and definitely Ian Somerhalder. Just saying.)

Also, why isn't it Tuesday already? I want my Gleeeee (preferably with ridiculous amounts of Puck and Finn and Santana and Brittany in it) and my NCIS:LA (oh, Sam and G how much I love thee).

In conclusion: I am watching way too much telly.
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I still haven't shaken the holiday's laziness and still haven't transfered my London pics from my camera to my laptop (so no pics today) BUT I did see "Clash of the Titans" in London and just remembered that I wanted to babble about it :).

Clash of the Titans - spoilers; also Doctor Who and Bones, latest eps )

Bones love

May. 14th, 2009 09:30 pm
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So, I'm kind of having the week from hell over here - all with bad nights and ENDLESS trucks of stupid work all day long - and I come home from a too long day and get to watch the season finale of "Bones". And yeah, I'm kinda grinning like a lunatic, even after the second viewing. I love that tis show can make me this ridiculously happy and balanced out :). I didn't really dig the whole private line from 4.25 (even though it was kinda funny) but man, the utter craziness of 4.26 makes me dopey with glee - it's like kinda campy fanfic come to life. I adore it. Back to work now. /random
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Does anyone of you know (or know where to look for it :)) which episodes of "Bones" are fairly low on the squick factor? My best mate is coming to visit over the weekend and I really really need to get her addicted to that show - she likes the idea and adored that ep with the traveling circus. She just really doesn't like squicky decomposed bodies and well, "Bones" is the show with the liquid body in the fridge, yes? So, any eps you remember that aren't as bad? Maybe just nice and clean bones instead of maggots and stuff :)?

This post sounds really, really weird...

Okay, to make this a liiittle less creepy and again about the recs: Aside from watching TV my friend and I plan to re-do my balcony. It's just that I have, like, the opposite of a green thumb. Any of you gardeners out there who could tell me which kinds of flowers etc I should buy that are of the die hard variety :)?

Random shit

Jan. 4th, 2009 10:38 pm
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Again, mostly random observations here (but I promise there will be sexficpost tomorrow :)):

#1 - Finally watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special and actually quite liked it. Always difficult to do these in-between-companion ones, but this was quite a good solution, even if the villians annoyed me a bit (as they usually do).

#2 - Am leaning towards Sean/Sala/Karl for [ profile] seans_50 atm. Is there anyone who'd volunteer to beta something like that for me? Not that I've acutally written a word so far or anything, I thought I might ask first :).

#3 - Watched the third season of "Bones" as finally my DVDs arrived and I swear, the characterisation in that show and specifically the partnership of Bones and Booth makes me so very happy I could fangirl the hell out of stupid Boreanaz's ass.

#4 - Have still a little bit of a lit-crush on Sean Astin (thanks for holding my hand throughout it, [ profile] ireth06 *g*. He has a lovely way with words and his descriptions are so very neat in phrasing, I feel like I have to share:

Sean Astin and spot-on-ness )

#5 - [ profile] giselleslash just made a post in her LJ, starting a sort of song-character meme that I like a lot and will corrupt once I actually get around to listing all the songs that keep getting stuck in my head when I write Paint. For now, my song of choice is Anything you can do (I can do better) (this version is sung by John Barrowman, which doesn't hurt either) and the corresponding characters to that are (obviously) Spike and Angel :).

Anything you can do (I can do better) )

#6 - The nominations for the [ profile] slashy_oscars are open and seriously, years blurr and I almost nominated a fic that wasn't written in 2008. Thrice. So, to say it with Entourage's Turtle (LOVE that show): My vote can totally be bought. I just gotta know what to vote for/nominate ;). Any nudges?

#7 - In case anyone but me listens to podfics - After the tone by [ profile] kashmir1 is a really good one. Like most of them, it is J2, it's an AU and quite well written and the reader's voice is lovely. I had a nice afternoon cleaning my flat to this story ;).


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