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So, today at JC, there was a professional photographer, taking pictures of the classes and individual pupils before the summer holidays start. Naturally, they photographed the staffers as well and Orlando (and Dom West probably) suffered through the mandatory shit, but Orlando is SO not down with anything else. Sean, on the other hand, of course is chuffed for this, though most of his enjoyment comes from it pissing Orlando off so much.

So, this is one of the few shots of Orlando AND Sean and you can see that Orlando is walking out of the frame as the photographer takes the shot. Possibly because in the back there are some JCers wrestling on the lawn and Orlando needs to go and chew them out :).

July, 10th - Photo Op )
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Aaron and Liv, being judgmental :)

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Since Emmerdale is torturing me with heartbreaking previews, I thought I should maximize my pain. This is possibly not healthy :).

Sad Robert )
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I am sliiiightly obsessed with Robert Sugden, yes, why do you ask :)?

Yet more Emmerdale Art )
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Finished another one. At first I tried one with Eleven but I wasn't happy with the finished thing so I started all over again with my fav Doctor :). Hope you like it!
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Before I'm off to the stables in order to freeze some parts of by body off (seriously, who turned up the COLD? What's it with that, I thought we were heading for spring?!), I thought I'd just drop this here. It's the third of my Mucha pictures, finished yesterday and showing Braaaadley. Who else? Click for bigger.

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Happy birthday, [ profile] azewewish !!!

I hope you have a great day and by great I mean I hope that Orlando is riding his unicorn right over your head and let it glitter all over you! Also, I'm thinking it'd be a wasted day if there wasn't Karl in a birthday cake somewhere along the line. I love you with an intensity that would require a restraining order if it weren't for the ocean seperating us. You're one of the coolest persons I know (even though you have this thing about disagreeing with me. Why is that I ask? Probably because the make-up sex is all the more awesome, isn't it) and I'm so glad I met you and all that other sentimental stuff.

And since my muses are still not cooperating there is no birthday ficcage (WOE). But at least I managed to do something else creative... I'm not entirely sure whether it was a good thing that I had colour pencils lying next to my sketchpad but whatever, it's KARL and he's always hot, right?

I heart you like Viggo hates shoes, like Bean loves soccer football, like Orlando worships the sword of truth, like Karl rocks at being an ev0l bastard.

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So, I made art. Though the word 'art' is probably not all that fitting, it should be 'the arty equivalent to crack mixed with unashamed fangirling' really. This is an illustration for one of the most perfect Christmas stories ever, [ profile] giselleslash 's fic "Big Gay Love Actually", that has Sean and Orlando being the perfect old married couple, Jake and Gerry as sort of inept wooers, Colin and Bradley as pining and oblivious, and Viggo with pie AND Eric. So, I thought I should make a fool out of myself and made this (both times clickable):

And the same one once again, just with added quotes )

So, if you excuse me now, I need to sit in a corner and feel slightly embarrassed :). I ♥ U, Gigi.
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Been a while since I drew something - forgot how relaxing doodling can be :). This is another piece to illustrate the "Doesn't paint in town" verse and shows the boys in 1994 - somewhere between Lan's summer ramble and what happened in Prague later that year, sort of Sean's take on things, if you will.

Hope you like it! 
Click for bigger!

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Hi guys! I finally managed to finish this drawing that I've been playing with for a couple of month now. It's from the boarding school verse and Viggo refers to it as their wedding photograph. Eric says that a. he doesn't want to be wed in the middle of a yearbook photoshoot because that is terribly unromantic and Viggo hasn't even manned up to buy him flowers yet (which btw, is a total lie since of course Vig does that all.the.time, if by "buying" you mean "stealing" and by "flowers" you mean "Orlando's cacti") and b. Viggo better wear a proper wedding dress for the reception or Eric is not going to put out.

Ahanyway, here it is:

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In an attempt to do a followup of this Mucha inspired Sharpe pic I made something especially with [ profile] giselleslash in mind :).

These are Chuck and Ned from "Pushing Daisies":

Click on the image for bigger.
So, what do you think? Pie anyone :)?

Art: Sharpe

Jan. 3rd, 2010 02:10 pm
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Starting of the new year with a bit of artwork :).

This is Sharpe, A. Mucha Style:
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As some of you might remember, my best mate and I have this huge mythology casting project thing. Not only did we cast about 200 characters from Greek mythology by now, we also (starting sliiightly sleep depraved and possibly drunk if I recall correctly...) seem to have given all 200 actors a life of their own and started random new family relations (among other things).

I'm telling you all this because otherwise the drawing I'm about to post (which is my xmas present for my friend) will make even less sense. Somehow Bradley James (who plays Arthur Pendragon on 'Merlin') ended up being Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester on SPN) little brother in our universe. And since those two are two of my best mate's favourite eye candy boytoys actors I dressed them up all pretty and fittingly for their characters and squished them into a frame together.

So, here you have siblings Bradley and Dean Jensen:

(click for full size)

I am quite happy with it but if you do find something that you thing wrong, please tell me so I can fix it :).
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I can't believe I forgot to post this...

I drew this picture of Viggo and Sean a while ago - as a gift for the lovely [ profile] kittylass who is a brilliant writer, devoted fan and just a kind and thoughtful person all around. And then... I forgot to give it to her and / or post it here *facepalms*

I am so sorry, Kitty :). Here you go (finally), Sean and Viggo in a bubble of fluff (or on a summer day, however you wanna look at it):

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I've had a bit of free time over the weekend and spent it getting a sunburn on my knees on the balcony. Oh, and drawing a bit, Orlando and Sean from Paint (as per usual :)). 'cause we all know that Orlando can't possibly walk past a photobooth and that Sean goes everywhere Lan drags him. So, a few bucks and minutes later, this is what would most likely come out of the slot:

Dedicated to the wonderful [ profile] kittylass who made me all yay and happy with the icon I'm using :).

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I'm being superlazy when it comes to writing, which is all due to me stumbling over my printout of shoebox_project and kind of getting lost in it. Damn Remus and his adoration for punctuation...

Anyhow, I drew something. Meet Orlando and Karl, the most adorably in love jocks ever, owned by [ profile] azewewish :).

(click for bigger)

Have a good Wednesday everyone!


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