Fic: Gum

Sep. 30th, 2017 03:30 pm
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In its head of house's attempt to upend 'Europe's horrible reliance on fucking Christian holidays', Mirkwood House has always been very prolific when it came to alternative festivities.

On September, 30th however, Palm House really beats Orlando's bunch of little heathens easily. It is Chewing Gum day in the USA, and Matt, husband of Palm's head and thus somewhat the Prince Philip to its queen, announced a housewide bubble blowing competition.

Naturally, Matt comes in first in 2017, his fifth victory in a row.
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Okay, so considering the somewhat disconcerting, even if not surprising result of the election, I shall do what romantic poets did 200 years ago; stick my fingers into my ears and pretend I am elsewhere. This, however, doesn’t land me in a beautiful forest or somewhere else dreamlike, but with Orlando in front of a toilet. That is probably also disconcerting, though not surprising.

Anyway. Orlando and I had a chat about me needing something nice tonight vs he not being my fucking personal entertainment muppet (even though, technically, he IS. But don’t tell him I said that), which is why I mixed tranquilizers into his beer. Hey, it’s a trick I learned on Emmerdale, okay?

September, 24th - Autopilot )
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Hahahaha, so this has reached a new low. I blame Gerry. And the four hour staff conference I had to endure this afternoon. And the above mentioned website. But mostly, it's Gerry's fault :D.

September, 19th – Screenplay )
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For [personal profile] noalinnea. Proof of Orlando's immense flirting skills :).

September, 16th - Kitsch )

Fic: Break

Sep. 14th, 2017 08:26 pm
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Happy Scottish Thugmuffin Day (otherwise known as Thursday), everyone, and especially [personal profile] gattodoro!

Also, if you're interested in how Eric feels after the booze-up yesterday, you need to check out [personal profile] noalinnea's entry from earlier today <3

September, 14th - Break )

Fic: 13

Sep. 13th, 2017 09:40 pm
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I would like to thank Wikipedia for contributing the majority of this fic :). The rest is down to Eric's drunk brain.

September, 13th - 13 )


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