Fic: Whale

Aug. 11th, 2017 09:39 pm
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I cannot be blamed for this one. It is Bernard's fault.

To Mr Sean Bean
Wellesley Hall
Jackson College


Dear former teacher Sean Bean,

This is Huck Finn and I bet you thought you’d never here from me again. In case you forgot: You were my teacher and I am not a made-up person or anything, After I left JC I became a fisherman maybe you already knew that? I started with small fish but I worked my way up to really big fish like sharks and whales. But whales are not really fish because they give birth to little baby whales. Sometimes when I kill a whale I am sad because of that. The life of a fisherman isn’t easy. I also have to get up very early because the fish are early risers and and the early bird catches the worm fish. Did you know that by 1930 hightech whaling fleets were killing some 50,000 whales worldwide every year? That is a lot of whales. Sometime I name the big ones that I am after. Right now I am chasing one that is called Moby Cock. I hope I catch it soon. Otherwise it gets boring.

Much love, your former pupil Huck Finn
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