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This is for [personal profile] gattodoro who has an unhealthy interest in the relationship of Betty and West. Just saying. And also, Betty approves of your Westcoast joke, just fyi. He will use it for the remainder of his ENTIRE holiday. West, on the other hand, doesn't like you very much anymore. Might want to check your car for explosives in the next couple of days.

‘That is possibly the least diplomatic I’ve ever seen you, West. That poor taxi driver was on the verge of crying.’

‘I can relate.’

‘No reason to let it out on him. It’s not his fault that you agreed to go surfing with me.’

‘No, I am certain that it’s yours.’

‘I am certain that it is because you are rather weak-minded and very impressionable. You can be talked into pretty much anything. You could very well be a member of a cult. Are you? A member of a cult?’


‘You sure, West? Not one of those born again types or anything? Or a member of, what’s that funny group again that believes in saviours coming in spaceships?’


‘No, you bampot. I reckon it is Scietologists.’

‘I’m not one of those either.’

‘Anyroad. My point is -’

‘You have a point? Like, ever?’

‘This is my point, West. You could be more diplomatic from time to time. I mean, I’ve been there when you told Christopher you’d rather scoop your own brain out with a spoon than listen to him a second longer.’

‘I never said that, Gerry.’

‘Pretty sure you did.’

‘Very sure I didn’t.’

‘Aye, you may have a point. He’d have kicked you out if you had, and where would you be then, a hobo living under the bridge.’

‘Yes, that is precisely what would have happened and not at all you listening to too many Red Hot Chilli Peppers songs. You are probably the most impressionable being I have ever encountered. And I am including Miranda’s ducks.’

‘That’s not very nice of you, West. You’re being mean. I’m gonna tell on you.’

‘To whom? Christopher?’

‘No, your ex-wife. Wives.’

‘I wasn’t married to either of them.’

‘And you fathered two children with each of them? How very uncatholic of you. Are you catholic by any chance?’

‘No. Silent member of the Church of England.’



‘I can’t show an interest in your faith and beliefs and whatnot? I am insulted, West, insulted. Of course I care about your immortal soul.’

‘I never doubted that. You are a very caring friend and not at all a Scottish weirdo. My question was more about the reason to why you’re asking this now?’

‘Well, I heard that there are great white sharks where we’re gonna go and surf, didn’t I?’

‘Great white - excuse me?!’

on 2017-08-05 10:06 pm (UTC)
gattodoro: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] gattodoro
Gosh, I am deeply honoured on two counts, I mean, is there a better way to check out than being blown up by West? I think not!

As for having an unhealthy interest in this relationship, I think that it is more that I am convinced that beneath West's 'normal person' facade lurks someone who is even more deranged than bampot Betty and he's just waiting for the right moment to go completely off the rails - Betty being his benchmark - and I don't want to miss the fireworks (potentially literal fireworks him being a Chemist and all).

P.S. Is it too late for Sean to subject West to the contraception talk?

on 2017-08-06 07:57 pm (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] noalinnea
So, fyi, I'm going to work my way backwards through your posts and leave comments all over the place :)

I, for my part, are fascinated by their friendship, because there must be a reason why West is putting up with Gerry's... enthusiasm. How on earth did he find him? Didn't West look over his shoulder often enough? ;)
West's remark about being a silent member of the Church of England had me laughing out loud, literally, as had the Trekkie bit (you realize that Gerry is going to turn every stone on the internet's shore for information about Trekkies and will the want to be one of them?).

PS: And I want to know, too, if it's to late for Sean to try and teach West proper methods of contraception... or was that love? A life-style choice?


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