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3/8/2017 or as the yanks would write it 8/3/2017 - funny people here

Dear Viggo,

A seagull shat on my shoulder this morning. I thought of you. Not because I reckon you’re shit. Because there’s a superstition about that, isn’t there? And you’re in the business of teaching about stuff like that?
Okay, I am sitting here with Dom West and he is being rude and reading my postcard to you (okay, I read it out to him, same difference), and he says I shouldn’t talk about religion as superstition because - and I quote him here - ‘there are still nincompoops in this world who believe that nonsense’. First of all, I am catholic and my mother would tan my hide if I would quit church or God, so I wasn’t saying that you’re a nincompoop or any other kind of poop, really. Second of all, I still have no idea about whether birdshit on my favourite Hawaiian shirt now means I will be lucky in bed for the next year or something. West says not, but he has already proven himself to be a heathen, so I am not listening to him. So, can you please get back to me regarding that. Third of all, postcards are a shitty form of communication, I already ran out of space. Greetings from the Westcoast!
Gerry and West (West made me scratch that out. So rude.)
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