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Aug. 1st, 2017 10:11 pm
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Eight phone calls on 1/8/2017:

1 - Sean calls Orlando around two in the afternoon to check in. He is not drunk. Okay, maybe a bit tipsy, but they had lunch outside and just one glass of wine in this heat instantly goes to your head. Orlando takes the piss, obviously, when Sean starts giggling before he can control himself as Orlando tells him about Omar O’Finegals mishap with the toilet seat yesterday. The rest of the phone conversation, Sean stands in the shade of a column in the entrance of Circus Maximus and listens to Orlando’s report.

2 - West calls Gerry when West is in the supermarket and Gerry is trying to stand upright on a surfboard. Gerry’s surfing instructor is not impressed that a. Gerry takes the call and b. falls off his board. Thankfully they are still practicing on the beach.

3 - Beth calls Karl from about a kilometre ahead of him during their run. Their phone conversation lasts for one minute in which Boris is barking, Karl is breathing heavily and cursing, and Beth is laughing.

4 - From her seat in the back, Liv calls Mo in the second Jeep during their superquick and fun drive through the desert to enquire why she has stopped replying to her whatsapps three minutes ago. She is greeted by Mo screeching hysterically into her ear and by Ryan, Liv’s sorta-stepdad (it’s complicated), making sounds that sound a lot like vomitting in the background.

5 - Kiele calls Matt from somewhere in York, telling him - when he answers with his mouth almost too full with cake to even pronounce ‘yeah’ - with excitement that she just got them tickets for Milan. Matt is a cop at heart and a sceptic, even if Kiele is usually the exception, so he asks whether it’s for the opera or soccer - two things pretty much equally low on Matt’s scale.

6 - Viggo calls Eric from the passenger seat on their rental car which is parked on a narrow road somewhere on Euboea. Eric, leaned so far over the exposed engine of the car that it looks like it is trying to swallow him, answers after the third ring with a ‘yes, mate?’.

7 - Miranda calls John only a little panicked while she tries to turn off the water in Erebor Manor’s basement. John very calmly informs her to get used to the first floor’s showers flooding regularly.

8 - Orlando calls Sean around half past eight in the evening, UTC, to rant at him about today’s developments on Emmerdale. Sean decides to have another wine afterwards to wash down the latest tragedies in the Dales.

on 2017-08-01 09:24 pm (UTC)
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Love how Orlando keeps Sean up to date on Emmerdale regardless of the cost (in wine).

Matt needs to know that the San Siro is an architectural masterpiece and, like La Scala, can be enjoyed whether he has an appreciation for football (not soccer, please) or opera but he can go to the science museum instead if he is determined to be a philistine.

I wish Eric luck with the Panda.


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