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Supershort today. Outside = sunset + mosquitos, Caro = distracted :)

Eric and Viggo spent their first night in Athens, then drove up to Delphi on Sunday where Viggo stood in the sun for a good long time, contemplating the oracle and Apoll’s questionable guidance while Eric got sunburned. Monday has the ruins of Thebes on their itinerary (well, Viggo’s paper napkin that he got in the hotel in Athens). Monday is also the day when Eric and Viggo unanimously decide that suitcases and backpacks are for sissies and just empty the contents of the luggage into the (surprisingly big) Fiat Panda. It is surprisingly liberating. Like walking around without underwear, Viggo remarks wistfully, while they drive over the bridge into Euboea. Eric nearly runs them into the Euripus straight because he is snorting with laughter.

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Oh Eric, sunburn again? Do you really want Orlando to lecture you about sunblock?


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