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Landed safely in paradise where the weather is magnificent, the beach is beautiful, and the internet connection is spotty at best. Bliss.

Eric sleepwalks/-flies his way to Greece. To be honest, Viggo worries about that sometimes, the degree to which Eric is able to walk and talk and lift heavy luggage without being fully awake. Because Eric is as gullible as a Labrador puppy, only a lot bigger. But what does size help against kidnapping if all you gotta do is tell him 'get in that car, mate' and that's what he does?

The only good thing about it, Viggo supposes, is that Eric stopped wandering off ever since Viggo spend a rather frantic 50 minutes searching for him at Honolulu airport once, only to find him in a souvenir shop about to buy a necklace made out of shrimp.

So, on this Saturday morning - well, night really - Viggo puts Eric into the back of the taxi that picks them up at 4.15 a.m.. On their way to Leeds Airport he is also the one who chats with the grumpy Turkish taxi driver about cyclists (the driver thinks they should all be shot and Viggo of course agrees wholeheartedly) while Eric snores quite loudly on the backseat.

At Leeds Airport Viggo has Eric guard their luggage while finding out where to check in and where to board. He comes back to find Eric has been the opposite of kidnapped - there is a five year old sitting on Viggo's holdall, mimicking Eric, seated on his own backpacker's backpack, perfectly. Viggo's arrival is met by and owlish blink from Eric and the kid bursting into tears as he realises the silent sleepy man is not his dad but some stranger. Viggo's next quarter of an hour - he deposits Eric at the end of the ridiculously long queue in front of check in - is filled with trying to locate the kid's real dad while making sure he is not arrested by airport security for kidnapping. Curiously enough he spots the boy's dad, indeed surprisingly similar to Eric even if definitely more awake (possibly due to the temporary loss of his offspring), only ten people ahead of them at the check in counter.

This family happily reunited, Viggo returns to his family of one a couple of people further down, only to have Eric's stomach grumble loudly at his arrival. Viggo solves that problem right after he got them through the security check - Eric once again proving that he is a very docile sleepwalker as he allows the security guard to pretty much cope a feel despite Viggo quite loudly clearing his throat. He feeds Eric three very overpriced sandwiches, the ten quid he pays for them very much worth the sounds Eric makes while wolfing them down which are not exactly fit for public consumption.

Their plane is on time and Eric is possibly the passenger least appreciative of the window seat he has been allocated. He is asleep again even before their plane takes off at 6:15 a.m., his head pillowed on Viggo's shoulder. The flight attendant that serves coffee a bit later finds that cute enough apparently that she gives Viggo an extra handful of individually wrapped cookies; the young man sitting next to Viggo looks a bit jealous both of the free biscuits as well as Eric's head's resting place that is definitely more comfortable than his only half inflated neck pillow.

Viggo spends the flight mostly looking at the small monitor over their heads that show the plane's progress, looking out the window at cloud formations that make the sky look like the coast of the Antarctica and. He thinks of their upcoming road trip and bets with himself that it will be Eric who breaks the no-farting-in -the-rental rule even before they left Attica. He rests his hand on Eric's thigh and when that stirs Eric from his slumber enough to start talking, he has a chat with him about cricket which Eric is obviously dreaming about.

They land safely in Athens, Viggo gets their bags (and one of an equally tiny and fat man who looks like a walking cube which incidentally is reflected in the shape of his suitcase), and when he returns to the bench where he left Eric, he finds him dozing again, his head now slumped onto the shoulder of a rather petrified looking woman. Viggo relieved her of him, shoves his backpack onto Eric's shoulders and guides him out through the entrance into the area where he imagines Europcar to have their booth.

It doesn't surprise Viggo that it is the slight jingle of car keys being placed in his hands that finally wakes Eric.

His yawn is huge enough to make the Europcar woman lose her grasp of the English language that had only been very loose to begin with. Eric stretches his arms over his head, repeats the giant yawn and as he lowers his arms again, the left comes to rest on Viggo's shoulders. He smacks his lips and smiles at Viggo.

'We there yet, mate?' he asks.

on 2017-07-29 09:56 pm (UTC)
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Happy Holiday!

on 2017-07-31 07:32 am (UTC)
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This is soooo awesome!!! Will be back for coherent feedback later, but am demanding live coverage of their holidays! ❤️

Schön, dass ihr gut angekommen seid und dass es schön ist! :)


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