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Jul. 28th, 2017 02:13 pm
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Guys, I'll be on holiday from tomorrow on and I hope to be able to post throughout the holidays. But considering that I am stupid and technically inept, it might very well be that I won't be able to get my phone to work abroad :). So that is the reason if you don't hear from me for two weeks.


Venice, July, 28th 2017

Dear Orlando,

I found this wonderful historical postcard on a flea market in Venice. I am sure you appreciate that I am recycling and writing atop the original message that was fairly unreadable anyway. From what Cate and I gathered it was a love note from 1976, and we both found that very poetic since that was the year in which you were conceived. As for Venice, I am positive you would absolutely LOVE it here. It is filled with tourists and particularly newly weds and it reeks of fish something fierce. Historical fun fact about Venice: In the 14th to 16th century they had no less that 26 outbreaks of the plague here. Cate also insists that I write that there is excellent Venetian wine here, but hat this is not a historical fact. So, I reckon the current count must be 4237 to 4334? My lead is growing.
Sean and Cate
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