Fic: Rome

Jul. 26th, 2017 11:45 pm
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It’s Sean’s and Cate’s third day in Rome, and around ten in the morning they decide that it is time to stop correcting people when they falsely assume that they are married. They are a bit surprised by that, to be honest; usually they don’t hold out so long. When they were in Portugal the year before last they got called Mr and Mrs ten times before the end of their first day. They do a lot of stuff on holidays which, to the less observant bystander, might work as indicators that they are in a (possibly very unhealthy and rather weird) relationship. Stuff like...

... Sean’s need to sit in a corner café and try his best to eat one of each flavour of gelato the parlour has to offer. Given the fact that some places have over 100 different flavours, it is an ambitious goal. Cate, of course, takes bets from the people sitting at the other tables.

... Cate having to eat food that Sean ordered for her. This doesn’t sound too adventurous (or stupid), but Sean’s ability to pronounce any words that aren’t English is absolutely horrible. So when he orders coda alla vaccinara, the chances are VERY slim that Cate will actually receive oxtail in the style of the slaughterhouse butcher.

...Sean flirting with Roman women whilst smelling horribly of garlic. Cate then flirting with the same women whilst also smelling horribly of garlic.

...Cate pretending to be French for most of the day. This is particularly amusing when they aren’t in France and when they ask random bystanders to translate things Cate says to Sean who doesn’t speak a single word of French.

...Sean’s tendency to stand rooted to the spot for an hour at some random spot in, say, the Colosseum and stare at a stone that, to anyone else, would just seem like any other. Sean, though, keeps making noises that are the historian’s intellectual counterpiece to orgasmic groans. Cate is standing next to him, so he doesn’t get arrested for public indecency or something.

... Cate never being able to resist the urge to re-enact scenes depicted on famous paintings while Sean takes pictures. They get away with a lot in the Palazzo dei Conservatori, but that is mostly because this time Sean can convince her to not remove several items of clothing for more reenactment-accuracy.

...... Playing chicken with Spaghetti. It is kind of like eating spaghetti the way the Lady and the Tramp from the Disney movie eat them - each starting at one end and meeting in the middle. Only that it doesn’t end in them kissing but them sitting leaned over the table with their noses almost touching and their bit of spaghetti between their lips, waiting for the other one to give in (and bite down) first. Their record is at five minutes, thirty seconds.

Andrew and the boys and Ashley will join them next week and expect them to get all their idiotic Sean-and-Cate stuff out of the way until then.
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