Fic: Kiwi

Jul. 13th, 2017 01:47 am
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First of all, you all need to go to [personal profile] noalinnea's journal and read her AWESOME Cate fic which I can't praise enough (especially when it's the middle of the night and I can't form coherent sentences any longer :)).

Also, have something very random and nonsensical for Wednesday :)

In hindsight, Sean, Viggo, Miranda, and Dom should have listened to Orlando. But Miranda usually can trust her own judgment pretty well, Viggo would never listen to Orlando, Dom habitually doesn't listen to anyone, especially not common sense, and Sean, well Sean was pretty much the only one out of the four who arrived at Bernie's with exactly the right expectations for the evening.

The result, in all four cases, is pretty much the same. When they leave Bernie's house at around midnight, they did accomplish their goal of the evening all right; they chose ten very fine wines to give to John as a retirement gift on the party on Friday. Also, what Orlando predicted when he heard of their mid-week-wine-sampling-plan at Bernard's place aka Dionysus's Yorkshire headquarters? Exactly what happened. All for of them are royally and utterly pissed.

Miranda (very wisely) takes up Marianne's offer to kip on their couch. Dom falls asleep against a traffic light when they walk back, and Sean and Viggo only notice five minutes later that they left him behind and then decide that it's not really worth going back. Sean drunk-dials Orlando to tell him – well, yell at him because Sean doesn't really have a concept of noise when he is sloshed, thankfully they are in the middle of the forest – that he is really bummed about missing out on the motorcycle trip to Poland with Karl and Orlando. Orlando, in his caring and empathetic way, tells him to go fuck himself, hangs up and goes back to sleep. Viggo in the meantime makes retching noises at Sean; not so much in response to the sentimentality per se but because of the sentimentality being directed at 'that faithless robot-demon and the smelly what's that fruit again? Piyata? No... Avocado? Hmm, no. Something else. Greener. And hairy. Though I could eat an avocado now. Have you ever tried avocado with garlic, Sean?'.

Sean for his part is not necessarily the best person to be around when drunk, though. He has been known to be an enabler when pissed. And also even more hungry than usual.

Which is why, at 1.30 a.m. Eric enters Arnor House's common kitchen to investigate suspicious noises to find Viggo slicing fruits and vegetables while Sean apparently has a conversation with someone's answering service.
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