Fic: Violet

Jul. 5th, 2017 04:37 pm
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Around noon on the third day of project oriented learning week Eric holds an emergency meeting with his group. It consists of four boys and fifteen girls and all of them gather around him willingly, the noise from several kids outside the common room coming through the windows.

'Right, guys,' Eric addresses them and scratches the back of his head as he surveys the room that is an absolute mess at the moment. 'Bit of a problem, there.'

'What?' asks one of the boys, the one with the curly hair. 'Did we run out of paint?'

'Dickhead, don't you have eyes?' one of the girls asks him, shoves his shoulder and points at the row of half full paint cans. Eric looks at the pink handprint that is covering her right breast that does bear a certain resemblance to curly hair's paw and decides to let the insult go.

'No, you have enough paint,' he reassures them. 'It's something else. Sources informed me -'

'When you say “sources”, you mean Mr M, right?' asks a girl with hair that matches the bold band of blue on the wall.

'Of course he does,' says handprint-girl.

'Yes, I do,' confirms Eric. 'But can you shut up for a moment? As I've said, this is sort of an emergency.'

The kids nod.

'Right,' says Eric. 'So Viggo informed me that there was a bit of a mix up of sorts.'

'Meaning you didn't pay attention?' interrupts a girl wearing just one sock.

'Don't be rude,' says handprint-girl,

'What? It's not rude if it's true,' says a boy that Eric thinks is in his AS-level. 'That's what Mr Bloom always says.'

'That's bull,' says the girl with the Iron Maiden t-shirt. 'Like, if Mika says that Noel is a dickhead, then that's true but it's still rude.'

'Oi,' protests curly hair Noel.

'What, Mika can say it and Liv can't?' protests a lanky girl who looks like a beanpole right back.

'Now that is fucking rude,' says handprint-girl. Eric assumes that she is called Mika.

'Shut up!' Eric bellows with his cricket coach voice.

The kids shut up.

'Soz, Coach,' says Joshua Jones.

'You were saying?' asks the blue haired one.

Eric opens his mouth and then closes it again.

'Damn it, I forgot,' he mutters and glares at them. Somehow his glares are by far less effective than Orlando's or even Christopher's.

'Some sort of emergency?' says a tiny girl who is still holding her paintbrush that is sort of dropping violet paint onto the floor.

Eric nods.

'Yes, of course. Thank you -' he stops, not knowing the tiny girl's name, gestures at her.

'Janet,' the tiny girl provides. The paint keeps dripping.

'Yes, thank you, Janice,' Eric says to her, then addresses the group again. 'We have to come up with a bit of a battle plan. Because I only just learned that this week has a motto.'

He stops for dramatic purposes, but the kids just look at him expectantly.

'Yeah, so?' asks Iron Maiden Girl (Liv?).

'Yeah, so,' Eric says, 'come Friday we have to present our projects results. And I kinda need you all to come up with an explanation.'

'An explanation for what, sir?' asks Janice.

Eric barely keeps himself from rolling his eyes. He makes a grand gesture at the common room that they are standing in – the biggest one in the main building and now half-way through being freshly renovated. The left wall is already completely pink, the right one is mostly blue and the large one in the back is blue to at least 1/3rd.

'Don't you think we did a good job so far?' asks Noel, sounding more offended by this than by the dickhead comment earlier.

'Shut up, it looks brill,' says Joshua and shoves him.

'Yes, it looks lovely,' says Eric, somewhat distractedly. 'That's not what I mean. What I mean is that you all need to come up with an explanation why we spent five days painting a common room when the motto of the week is -' he makes a vague gesture.

'”Love throughout the centuries”,' provides a girl with paint on the frame of her crooked glasses.

'”Love throughout the centuries”, yes. So, any ideas?'

The kids are silent. Instead of looking at him, though, they exchange looks between one another.

'What do you mean?' asks Janice.

This time Eric does roll his eyes.

'We need to find a way to tie this whole painting in with the project's motto,' he explains patiently.

Another round of exchanging meaningful looks.

'Mr Bana, weren't you at the preliminary meetings for our group?'

Eric looks at her without comprehension.

'He wasn't,' says Joshua.

'I believe he said he was “sick”?' says the girl with the crooked glasses. She makes air-quotes around the last word.

'Don't be rude,' Eric says. Beanpole-girl snickers.

'Mr Bana,' says Noel. 'Don't you kinda see what we did here? Like, the colours, yeah?'

Obligingly, Eric looks around the room again.

'Yes, they look lovely,' he says.

The kids wait. Eric waits.

'For fuck's sake,' says Liv aka Iron Maiden girl. 'It's the bi pride flag, Mr Bana. We painted the room in the colours of the bi pride flag. For awareness and shit.'

'You did?' asks Eric.

'We did?' asks handprint-Mika.

Liv pulls a face at her.

'Yeah, what did you think we chose these colours for?'

Mika absently rubs her breast and looks around the room.

'I dunno, cause it looks pretty?'

Liv rolls her eyes.

'You're such a brainless doll.'

'Oi!' says Mika, not as good as receiving compliments as she is at dishing them out apparently.

'This is the bi pride flag?' Eric asks and rubs the back of his head.

'Yes, Mr Bana,' says beanpole-girl with an encouraging nod. 'Pink is for homosexuality, blue for heterosexuality, and violet is, like, the mix of them and it's for being bi.'

'Fascinating,' says Eric, once again looking at the walls, then at the paint-smeared kids. He smiles. 'Well, that's great. Carry on, then.'

Most of the kids go back to their tasks which apparently consist to 50% getting paint on the walls and to 50% to get paint on themselves. Only Joshua remains where he is and looks at Eric thoughtfully.

'Coach?' he asks. 'If you only just leaned what the actual theme was, what did you think it was before?'

Eric wipes a droplet of violet paint from his shoe.

'”The pond and its inhabitants”,' he replies distractedly before he puts his foot down again and turns towards the door. 'Right, if you lot need anything, I'll be in the staff room, having a coffee, all right?'
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