Jun. 17th, 2017

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So, I am not sure how it happened that I am once more SUPERBEHIND with replying to your comments, but please know that I appreciate them all so much and WILL get to replying to them. Possibly when I stopped forcing Eric and Viggo to relive their traumatizing first time :).

Also, this here happened today in front of the Pony, and if you are wondering whose fault it is, it's [personal profile] noalinnea's.

June, 16th – Grounded )
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Changing it up a bit today, because this story isn't from today, but sets exactly seven years ago. Also, I apologize in advance for it :). Except I don't because I am really rather proud of this.

Fic: I don't know the question
Pairing: Viggo/Eric (Boarding School AU)
Rating: R or NC17 I guess?
Word Count: ~2500
Disclaimer: Not true, like everything I write.
A/N: This sets in 2010, a couple of weeks / months after 'The Axiom of Choice', which is about their first kiss. This is about their first sex. Which isn't good. Blame [personal profile] noalinnea. Cause I do.
A/N2:The title is the first half of a quote from Woody Allen.

In which Viggo and Eric had really bad sex because the author is apparently a sadistic bitch :) )


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