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Dear weather,

last weekend +20° and now -5°? Stop behaving like a stroppy 13-year old, goddamnit.

No love,
my cold feet

Dear student,

do you realize that you just told our female protagonist that committing suicide would indeed be a brilliant idea because (and I quote) 'she should quit while she's ahead'?

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: WTF, dude?!

Dear beloved muses,

I get that you're all excited about me watching 'Bang goes the theory' and now want me to write 100k of Bradley James / Colin Morgan / microwave death ray shenanigans. But out of the two of us, one has to work for a living and can't afford to frolic about all day, and sadly, that person is me. So get a grip. PLEASE.

Sincerely yours,
someone who desperately wants to write that story NOW. I mean, come on, it's Bradley James building a MICROWAVE DEATH RAY! me

In conclusion: *weeps*
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So I had a really bad start into the day - I can tell you that hardly anything sucks more than hearing the same thing over and over again about your class, how there's mobbing going on and how everyone (including now a psycho therapist) is offering me fucking useless advice. I am fucking on to that fucking thing for three years now and believe me, suggestions á la "you should try talking to the children" are not exactly all that helpful. Argh.

My day overall was quite alright though, despite that, and here is why:

I had my 8th graders in the afternoon and we're doing late 19th century German history now and I frigging love teaching history so much. (relatedly: My Sons of Anarchy lesson went really well and I think I got some kids addicted already. Next stop: Pushing Daisies)

I re-watched random episodes of the first season of Merlin and might have fastforwarded to Prat!Prince and Cheekbones scenes a lot. &hearts

[ profile] menel posted an interesting and thought-provoking meta about sex in fanfiction and I love discussing this stuff.

[ profile] azewewish's last post just reminded me of the A-Team movie coming out this summer and I am SO PSYCHED! I absolutely adore the show and the trailer looks absolutely awesome and completely like my kind of movie. W00t!

And last but not least: I love shopping at Cafepress. I just ordered this Blink hoodie and this baby!Dalek shirt.

Life, in all, is good :).

Tell me about your day, guys, and what made it awesome! (Also, share with me your guilty pleasures on Cafepress :))
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So, my 11th graders (16 year olds) have their last test in two weeks and I have almost two months left till summer holidays after that. I'm already through with what our curriculum contains, so I was thinking that I could do something very important and imo veeery fitting for a literature class: Do some TV series related educational work.

What I'm thinking of doing is single out four or five genre-specific shows and focus on certain aspects in them. Things that come to mind would be for example:

- Gender-clichés on TV ("Sex and the city" works there imo)
- Means of characterisation on TV in comparison to 'traditional' texts ("House M.D." and the character of Greg House could work for that)

Has either of you ever done anything similar (even in university courses etc.)? If so, what were the shows you discussed, what was in the center of attention?

Even if you've never taken / given such a course, what would you suggests I should focus on? Which shows and specifically which main characteristics?

Thanks for your help :)!
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Remind me to never make promises I don't want to keep? I said I'd write an intro for a friend's book project and I just keep procrastinating it - it's SO BORING and I'd rather be writing porn instead in what sparse free time I have atm. *headdesk*

In other news: True to form I did write 5000 words of porn and the reason for why I'm not posting is because the fic is in that stage where playing around with it is all about the little details and the most fun. *pets fic*

Also, I am nudging you all into the direction of the Halloween fic exchange at [ profile] sons_of_gondor because well, it's FIC EXCHANGE. What other reasons do you need to sign up :)?

A completely random question: Does anyone of you own cowboy boots? I'm kinda sorta thinking of buying some mostly because it pisses me off that I constantly have to buy new shoes and want something to fricking last :). Any recs for brands or whatever?

I'm having a shitload of schoolwork to do these days and there're not even essays to grade... But you might all be interested that once again Orlando made it into the main cast of "Don Carlos" as my 12th graders cast it :). His best mate is played by Gerard Butler or Paul Bettany or Vigo (sic. They have got a LOT to learn). Good kids.

Exchange of the day with my now 7th graders (they grow so fast and still remain a pest):

(During a written test someone is trying to cheat AGAIN; I react by loudly clearing my throat.)

Leon: (innocently) Miss C, you clear your throat rather a lot today. Do you have a disease?
Me: (dryly) Yeah. You.
Robin: (resignedly) What, we're a sickness now?!
Leon: (enthusiastically) I'm the chief germ! (to Robin) And you're fired!!


Jun. 25th, 2008 06:42 pm
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Two words: Summer break! *drops down dead*

I'm so glad that I don't have to deal with the little hooligans aka my class for a total of 6 1/2 weeks now. Yay! Now on the program: sleep. Like, 15 hours straight or something.

What did I miss (except for Orlando's naked bum, that is :))? Anything fic-wise / life-wise / whatever you posted I need to see asap? Please do link me, guys!

Oh, and did I mention: Summer break? :)
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Can anyone of you rec me a movie about witches? Nothing fantasy like, though, 'cause I need it for school. At the end of term my 11th graders want to watch a movie and we're dealing with witches and witchhunt. Sadly, I have no clue whatsoever when it comes to films regarding that... So, any recs, guys?

Or, if that won't work - any movies about historically influential women in general you could think of (general topic being women's history). I'm sorta desperate ;).
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Today, I got booed at in school and felt awfully cool because of it. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the boo'ers came from my 11th grade history class and their catcalls were followed instantly by urgent pleas to _not_ turn the video projector off (after the first 15 minutes of the DVD)...

Class: Please, Miss C., can't we watch the entire thing?!
Me: Nope, that's enough almost naked men for the day. (For you, anyway)

Man, I totally love Frank Miller for "300" :). Also, I got great marks from my classes on my evaluation sheets, go me.

In other news: I have a sore throat (a-fucking-gain) that won't go away and waaaay too much work for my liking. Pfft. *runs off to prepare lessons for tomorrow*
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I'm preparing lessons for my 9th Grade atm and we're doing absolutism. I want to show them how to do a detailled interpretation of a painting next and the famous one of Louis XIV seems ideal. However, I have some problems "deciphering" some details and - since I reckon that nearly everyone has been forced to interpret this painting at school :) - turn to you guys, hoping that you can help me out

Painting and questions under the cut )


Apr. 13th, 2006 07:59 pm
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I'm currently grading my 6th graders history folders and guess what I come across in Kai's? He's written - in 3 cm big letters and right below the notes on the impact of the Trojan war on the Greeks:

Miss D. wears leather pants!!!

(Which I did).

Another time in the same class (I don't remember whether I told you that already) one of the girls (!) comes to me and says:

"Miss D., you really have a sexy firm arse."
(For the Germans, her exact words were: "Sie haben einen sexy Knackarsch.")

Honestly, kids these days. *shakes head and slaps her own butt just because she can*
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Two things:

#1: Is there anyone willing to beta an OrliBean story for me? It's not only for grammar and spelling (though that could use a second pair of eyes, too...) but for the logic and stuff. So if anyone's interested (prettyplease?) it would be great of you to leave a comment here, yeah?

#2: I started teaching in a new class today. History in 11th grade under supervision (that's part of my internship), half of the class I knew already because they're in my German course. And when the teacher announced that I would be doing the class for the next month, some of them actually cheered. I feel like the coolest person on the planet right now *beams*.
That aside, I think I shocked my 8th graders a few days ago - two of them just couldn't stop hitting each other and I told them to stop re-enacting celebrity death match during my class. Reaction: o.O "YOU know celebrity death match, Miss D.?!" - Hello? Do I look like I am from the stone age? Honestly. Pupils. ;)


Jan. 14th, 2006 03:46 pm
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You know what? Grading papers can be fun. No, honestly, if you give your pupils - after doing newspapers and reports for a few weeks - information to write an article and said information begin with 'accident on Bon Jovi concert in Munich, Jon injuring his foot when backdrop crashes down' and you name all the eye witnesses after people from your own school days...
And Gods, I was _such_ a Bon Jovi fangirl back in 8th grade, knowing Jon's favourite fruits, Richie's grandma's maiden-name and the length of Tico's eyelashes and translating songs from English to German during lessons (I once got detention for asking my teacher what the heck a 'french kiss' was supposed to be right in the middle of a lesson about London's subway system...).

ANYWAY. I'm back to grading now *snickers* /random


Dec. 28th, 2005 03:02 pm
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Why are some of my pupils such utter morons, I ask you. They do it on purpose, write complete nonsense just so that I get a brainsplitting headache and die.

I really really hate grading papers. I mean _really_. More than I hate Buffy-Bashing and Sean-Doesn't-Get-Any fics.

*thinks about it* Well, not that much. But almost.

*wallows is self pity and accidentally gets red ink all over her face*

(Oh and btw, I had a great christmas! Lori, will answer your comment the moment I have stopped feeling sorry for my teachery self. Irrlicht, ditto :))


Nov. 3rd, 2005 06:50 pm
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Still alive over here. Barely but still :). First timers this week: 14 hours straight of grading class tests / having a pupil faint when she caught sight of me (well, maybe it was more like a dizzy spell, but my version sounds way cooler) / being _that_ close to killing one of my supervisors because he was fucking late for my fucking lesson / threw my very fist pupil out of the class room. Just so you know ;).
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Okay, I'm home from 6 hours teaching and an additional seminar which means I'm, like, working nonstop for the last 11 hours or so and still I'm high as a kite :).

I love my 6th graders. I know I've told you before but I'll tell you again: I love them.

Alright, it's their first year of history in school and so we start out with finding out what history is and what a historian does. The last lessons have been about how we ask questions regarding history and that we always need to find things that prove our possible answers - working with sources. The lesson before today's we began talking about prehistory and talked about Frozen Fritz aka Ötzi, a very famous ice mummy, discovered 1991, that is over 5000 years old. Homework for today was to find out of what cause Ötzi died.
I started the lesson by asking them how they got their answers and they replied wikipedia, google, history mags, the telly and / or their parents. We then talked about which probably is the most reliable source, which we could most possibly believe (history channel and encyclopediae). Back to the original question I asked the little ones which was, after their sources, the reason for Ötzi's death.
A girl said that he froze to death, a boy contradicted her that Ötzi died due to a wound caused by an arrowhead stuck in his shoulder. I asked for the others' opinions and then one of those really cheeky boys, Kai, raised his hand and said:
"Ötzi died of masturbation."
Major giggling attack in the class and me with my mouth hanging open, not able to suppress a grin.
Me: "Die of masturbation?!"
(more giggling, bordering hysteria)
Kai: "Yeah, that was on Helena's piece of paper!" (points)
Helena (blushing): "I didn't read that, I just printed it out of the internet."
Me: (still believing in some kind of misunderstanding what with Kai reading something wrong) "Hold that piece of paper up, would you."
(Helena holds it up and it clearly says in the headline: "Scandalous! Ötzi's cause of death: masturbation!")
Me: Well... what kind of article is that? Do tell us the url of the page you found that on, please.
Helena (reading out) Erm
Me: oO!!!!!!
- Der Spiegel, for anyone outside Germany, is German's biggest news magazine and has very well researched articles. -
Me (recovering, walking over to Helena's table) "May I take a closer look?"
- And the frigging page really looked like the SPIEGEL layout!!! The url, though, was
Which was frigging awesome, honestly. Because even if I had tried there couldn't have been any situation I could've arranged from which they learned so much. Never trust anything you read simple-heartedly, _always_ question things when you're a historian. Gods, I could practically _feel_ this realisation annealing itself into their souls, something they will neverever forget.
Plus, I got to talk about wanking in school :).
/hardcore teacher moment


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