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I feel like writing stuff, and since I can't be bothered to actually come up with somehting all by myself, I'll make you do it because I am awesome like that. - So, I'll write you NZ or Troy timed fic if you leave a pairing and a prompt, as specific as you like. I'll write any pairing, any rating, any genre for at least... let's say the first five responses to this. So go ahead and prompt :).
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Still four weeks of my summer holidays left and I am finally relaxed enough to seriously want to write again. Of course this has to be the time when I have just finished with my last set of prompts. So, once more into the breach dear friends, help me out and give me new prompts - a pairing, a setting, a quote, a set of words, a picture, a universe, a prequel, a sequel etc. Anything you want for the usual crowd (which is, I suppose, the LotR guys and Merlin). Anyone's welcome to comment, I'd really be grateful for anything to give my muses something to do :).
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So, I still have five days of holidays left and I am BORED out of my skull and trust you to help me out: Prompt me and I'll write you fic. I'm willing to write the usual suspects and if you think I should broaden my horizon feel free to request someone else as well. Any characters, any pairing, any rating, any genre/prompt. - This boredom, it must be defeated and I can't spend another afternoon just wishing toy!Arthur's shirt will come off

Prompts )
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I've been thinking about writing again which is mostly due to the fact that I was too lazy to actually sit down and _do_ some writing but anyway :).

Just a few random observations once again, this time on the process of writing.  )
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Soooo, it's promising to be a warm and sunny week, I am on holidays and have my laptop with me. Of course this means that I'm gonna spend a lot of time in the garden and write / draw. I'm halfway through with that Orlando/Dave fic I promised to write and the seans_50 muse is being utterly shy, so some advanced planning is in order:

Once more I'd like to pump you for prompts and would like to combine two of the previous call out things: I'd hump you with gratitude if you'd either
  • give me a prompt for one of my existing verses OR
  • one of the "unlikely pairing" kind, as in: a combination of characters I haven't really written before.
This can be in the form of a pairing or verse plus one single word up to a more detailed scenario you'd like (bear in mind that I suck at plot though). And to make this a bit of a challenge for you (this point is quite optional): Wish for something you haven't asked for before either. With the exception of Paint of course because there can neverbe enough Paint :).

And last but not least: I know I have some still open prompts from some of the last call outs but for some reason the muses responsible keep quiet. I'm sorry for that. If I haven't answered one of your prompts - and maybe even repeatedly - please do feel free to peer pressure me into writing for you now by bolding your entire comment ;).
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First of all: Happy Easter, everyone!

Then: I'm still working on re-installing the whole internet access whatnot on my new laptop but hey, that shouldn't stop me from writing fic in the meantime, should it? So, this is another one of those 'call out for prompts' posts, only with a slight twist. Since I had such a good time with the last couple of suggestions from you guys - Feel free to ask for whatever scenario you like, setting in whichever of my storyverses.

I can't promise you to actually deliver, say, Actor!Sean doing ballet (thinking about it I'd probably get killed in the process) or Nightclub!Eric selling his Porsche (BLASPHEMY!!), but I'll do my best with whatever suggestion you come up with :). (Oh, and Amy, I haven't forgotten the parents thing - it'll just have to stew a bit first)
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RL wise this has been a quite eventful week and I shall go into the weekend with a smile on my face, in particular because of situations like this one:

11th grade - discussing a play by D├╝rrenmatt. We compare a 'love' scene in it with the traditional romantic movie version.
Me: So, speaking of the movie version - where'd be a good setting for a really romantic date?
Boy: Parking lot!!

And they wonder why they are not getting any. Also, I managed to talk about the new Rodrigues movie AND '300' both in lessons on one day :).

Anyways, it's weekend and I have papers to grade but it's only 5th grade grammar, so that's not too bad. [ profile] irrlicht74 and I have started RPing in the Nightclub verse again which probably doesn't interest anyone but us but I am rather excited about it, so I have to babble about it here, too. Yay :).

Soooo, for some weekend-not-work-related-distraction, I shall try to get a bit into actor!Sean's head which is rather exciting 'cause he is actually talking to me atm and not just grunting and kicking my shin when I'm not looking ;). Also, I still have to type down a couple of stories from my blue-book-of-smut answering to the latest call out for prompts and hope to get to that over the weekend. Looking through my remaining list of prompts I also see that there's quite a bit to play with still left for me but feel free to toss new prompts at me on top of that :).

Happy weekend, everyone!
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One of the 15 days/year that Grand Canaryhasnt go sun... Anywaz, I am doing fine and am tanning nicely while the muses bathe in the ocean or something, meaning I am not really writing so far. - Time to ask you for some new prompts :) Pairing and prompt of your choice! Cant promise to get anything done really, sun is too distracting, but I promise to try :). I hope you are all doing good!
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I survived the week, yay! Kids still are grand, even though I really do prefer the higher grades, really ;).

Oh and ETA: Just to share something that made me smile: My fifth graders were supposed to write fantasy stories about their dream schools and while some of them were rather unimaginative and just copied Hogwarts, one of them wrote a 'Charlie's Angels' sorta Spy school for kids and guess who was the superrich boss of it, Charlie-like and with bodyguard and fancy clothes? Me. I'm having fanfic written about me. So much for megalomania, hehe :).

But anyway, it's weekend, so it's fandom time.

Here's the thing: I don't have much time to write or even think about witty storylines (hehe, as if there ever were any in the first place), so all my 'proper' longish ficcing projects have come to a sad and rapid standstill. However, my fingers are itching to write something, so my call goes out to you:

Please throw prompts and pairings at me!

Any fandom I'm in counts - Angel, BDS, Buffy, DLM, Doctor Who, Firefly, Harry Potter, Pirates, RPS (I'm a total easy there, I'll give about any pairing a try), Troy, whatever else I've ever watched :) - The weirder the prompts, the more you'll have me grinning happily here. I shall write something short, drabble-ish most probably, in response over the next week or so and it will be fun for all parties involved :).



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