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I went to watch Stranger Tides yesterday and didn't have high expectations. That was pretty much what kept me from throwing my (over priced) popcorn at the screen I suppose because man, that film was not worth the money for the ticket, was it?

Fourteen things about PotC4. Spoilers obviously. )
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Is there a better way to spend a sunny weekend other than grading papers? /sarcasm

Got almost nothing done fic wise (or replying-to-comments-wise) but I wrote this little piece of leathal fluff for my dear Lori :)

Title: Sleeping arrangements
Fandom + Pairing: PotC Jack/ Will/James
Rating: Gen fluff
Word Count: 349
Disclaimer: I own nothing. The mouse does.
A/N: [ profile] lorielen prompted “Norrie/Jack/Will - position & other manner of who'll-stick-what-where settlements" and the muse decided to go into sugar-y overdrive :)

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Title: Fancy me then?
Fandom + Pairing: PotC Anamaria / Elisabeth
Rating: PG
Word count: 452
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, the mouse does. *mouse envy*
A/N: [ profile] megchen prompted Elizabeth/Anamaria and a dress and Ana snorted at that.

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Title: What Jack is
Pairing: Jack Sparrow / Will Turner
Rating: PG
Word count: 406
Disclaimer: So totally not true, it’s sad. So not my characters to play with either.
A/N: [ profile] giselleslash prompted Jack/Will – sneeze and I bow to her every command.

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Just came back from seing AWE for a second time and there's still a few things that I don't get...

Getting to the heart of the matter (SPOILERS) )
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I hope LJ is kinder to me than a few days ago when it professionally hid my I'm back picspam *looks weary*

Anyway, as promised, I deliver a new Jack Sparrow drawing. It is most definitely the only squirrel-approved Jack art ever, I'm sure of that. Drawing and self explanatory photo proof behind the cut:

Jack and the squirrel-fangirl )

And while we're at it: [ profile] lorielen posted a review on DMC over at [ profile] popcorn_addicts and my comment on that post turned out to be rather longish. Instead of re-shaping that comment into yet another DMC review, I suppose a link to that will work just as nicely, won't it?

My thoughts on PotC: DMC (spoilers)


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