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May. 31st, 2017 09:00 pm
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Sooo, after posting the bit about Viggo's house yesterday, I thought a bit more about JC's structure, and I'm just gonna share all the new bits and pieces that came about since the last "meta":

First of, I think we now have heads of house for all six houses; some of them are mentioned as such in the stories, some are just hinted at, some (the ones with *) are just something that I think will fit and hence will probably pop up at some point in the future. The heads of house are:

1) Orlando
2) Sean
3) Viggo (Eric living in a second flat in the same house that previously belonged to Ian Holm)
4) John Rhys-Davies*
5) Kiele Sanchez (who is married to Matt Passmore because I steal everything from TV and loved their dynamics on "The Glades")*
6) Emma Thompson*

Second of, [personal profile] gattodoro made some excellent suggestions regarding the 'Pony' and Bernard's house

Thirdly, what [profile] ishmael51 said about the main building's common room is now canon as well: "It has oak panelling and a couple of green chesterfields. And those wonderful window seats."

And last but not least (though it has nothing to do with meta or houses): As of today, I've written a JC fic for EVERY day over the last six months with a total word count of about 90k. I am a bit absurdly pleased with that and spent five wasted minutes on doing this:

Crest mug

:). So let me just say that it makes me so happy to write here every day and I am just so beyond grateful that you're sharing this verse with me <3

JC Meta 2

May. 24th, 2017 12:22 pm
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Guys, guys, guys, I am so excited that you replied to my last (decidedly rambly) meta about the school layout, and instead / before I reply to each of you individually, I'll sum up what you said and what I think and then we can pretty much give this to an architect and build JC, yeah :)?

So, first of, I think the one thing I had in mind all the while was that the building(s) were mostly Edwardian, which is due to Kittylass on LJ making cover art for this AU AGES ago, using a building like that as backdrop:

And like Noa, I picture a the main building with wings as the "core" of the school as well. (Curiously, in my head that shifts around, though because when I think of the front entrance - like in that bit when Gerry and West came back from their winter holidays and Orlando and Sean nearly ran them over with their Christmas tree - the wings are facing away from the main entrance rather than framing it, if that makes sense). There is a great entrance hall with enough room for a huge Christmas tree and staircases leading left and right. The library that Orlando is so fond of is on the ground floor, left from the staircase. Most of the classrooms are in there, Eric's for instance which is on the ground floor and has rose bushes in front of the windows. Sean's is on an upper floor - Vig and Eric once carried Sean's motorbike up multiple flights of stairs to dump it in his classroom. The stairs themselves are seriously weirder than in Hogwarts, and I have no idea what leads where even though it SHOULD be easy because it's not like a "U" shaped building is that difficult to suss out. But anyway, they are mostly really broad wooden staircases with banisters made out of iron. And like [profile] bluegerl, I picture the walls in various shades of beige (because it hides dirt) and with some of the least practical iron heaters attached to them.

Possibly because the number of pupils rising meant that they had to add more teaching buildings over the years (it has NOTHING to do with my narrative being all over the place ;)), there are several additional school buildings, like the one where Johnny's drama classes take place in. That - and the auditorium - looks like the auditorium in the grammar school I went to as a kid, so you're all treated to the questionable aesthetics of German post war architecture ;). (Also, sidenote, my old school had the auditorium on the second floor and underneath that was the gym. Seriously, 1950s people?). Aside from the Drama Building which you can just about see from Viggo's and Eric's classroom, there is the Science building which must've been added in the 1970s because I have a very weird 70s architecture image in my head. Within reach of that is the bench where the teachers who smoke like to go for a fag. Also, there is the Human Sciences building which also has most of the common rooms used by pupils on breaks.

As for where the teachers live - after finally doing some research on British boarding schools in February or something (Yeah, Nobel prize for realistic depiction of life for me there - hey, I grew up with "Die Jungens von Burg Schreckenstein", a German kids book about a boarding school set on a castle that had no heating and a torture chamber as a common room, so give me a break :)), I figured that they can't actually all live in the same building where the classrooms are situated. It's a bit inconvenient, however, that before that my mind had already placed Sean's flat pretty much right in the middle of the classrooms and a couple of the pupils' bedrooms somewhere in the attic :). I'm still negotiating with Sean to move out of there ;). Anyway, considering that the school I have in mind has definitely more than 600 pupils (otherwise they wouldn't need as many teachers), and more than half of them are boarders, there should be about six "houses", which by now I picture as actually seperate houses. Kind of like this seriously posh real school. I happily ignore the fact that no same person would put boys and girls in the same houses and opt for co-education (and -habitation) all the way).

So, Sean and I agreed on the compromise that he now lives in his own house which LOOKS like it has classrooms in it, so it's probably the biggest one ;). It's also within shouting distance of the bit of lawn that Viggo and Eric like to use for camping-chair-and-beer-star-gazing sessions like this one.

Viggo's house must be a bit weird because it has two seperate flats in it (at least) - one is Viggo's and one (after Ian Holm retired) is Eric's. And [personal profile] noalinnea's description of them is pretty much how I picture them as well - most of them arranged around a giant couch. Except possibly for Orlando's whose flat has been taken over by books.

Orlando returned to JC in 2003 (as you can read here) and became head of house after someone retired after that.

That leaves at least three more houses, one of which is now Miranda's because [personal profile] noalinnea decided so :). (I am very open to suggestions as to how to fill the remaining positions btw :))

There are some teachers living on school grounds even though they aren't heads of houses - definitely Gerry and Eric for instance - and they probably live in the main building (great, now I have Sean grumbling that it's not fair that HE had to move out :)).

The school grounds - it's a bit "hill-y", so there can be sleigh riding and just general tumbling down hills, and there is a lot of lawn between the houses. The entire school is adjacent to a pretty big patch of woodland and to the village. There is a pond on school grounds (the one where Bernard repeatedly got marooned on, and the one where Sean and Viggo liked to hang out in the 1990s, like in this story), there is a football pitch and a cricket pitch at least.

The village is a seriously clichéd Yorkshire village and could possibly pass as an enlarged carbon copy of Emmerdale when it comes to looks because I am a lazy person :). It must be quite a bit bigger than that, though, because it has a Lidl AND a Tesco, at least within short driving distance, and the village itself is about a ten minute (30 if you go through the forest) walk from the school. The teachers' pub, as you know, is "The Prancing Pony" which once again is every bit the proof of my laziness as researcher cliché of a pub.
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I just realized why I can't stand Thomas Mann (I mean aside from him being an arrogant dick with only one style of writing which is identical with the way he talked all day and must've annoyed the crap out of everyone around him… can you tell I really don't like the guy?).

Some more spontaneous hate directed at Thomas Mann, some thoughts on why shorter is better (especially when it means avoiding the detailed description of cushion colours) and two questions for you )
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I never really post anything politically but I just gotta say if Germany's minister of defence is not resigning from his position I'll be fucking ashamed to live in this country. For those of you who usually follow the plagiarism issue that every once in a while rears its head in fandom again, our minister of defence spits in the face of everyone who has ever written anything. How he acts and how the majority of the people seems to be okay with it? Frankly, I am disgusted.

On a lighter note: I continue being amused by how SoK has not only the funniest typos but also serious cases of accidental pov change and "the younger man / the older man"... Oops. - Speaking of the latter - aside from names and personal pronouns obviously which kind of stand ins do you personally find acceptable? I suppose I am okay with the occasional 'younger/older' and use 'the other man' but aside from that I really dislike the mentioning of hair colours, height and nationality (exception: if the character is in a foreign country and sticks out because of his nationality etc.). I am a bit undecided about the use of jobs however, I mean certainly it's okay if one character sees the other (solely) as "the teacher" or whatever but what if I'm writing the pov of someone would he refer to himself as 'the teacher / trainer / footballer'?

What about you guys? Personal squicks or 'most used's?

Completely unrelated? NCIS:LA? &hearts
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So, a friend of mine who reads the „Berliner Zeitung“ (a rather big newspaper here in Germany) gave me a nudge towards this article. It’s in German and I know that most of you guys probably don’t speak German, so I’ll try to give a brief summary:
It’s an article about Vigbean, or more generally speaking about reasons for writing slash, and RPS specifically. It’s written in the form of an interview and it briefly explains what slash is and then the interviewed (is that a word?) explains her reasons for writing RPS, specifically Vigbean (since some of the Vigbeaners on my flist are mentioned by name so I figure you already know which article I’m talking about anyway).
The main focus of the article is the interviewed’s perspective on slash as a possibility to write pornographic stories (and more than that sometimes) as a form of female sexual dream fulfillment.

Now, let me say before anything else, the author of the article is not judgmental but well-meaning (even though I can’t stand the usage of the word ‘normal’ in opposition to slash); the definition of slash and its place in fandom is brief but all in all accurate and the reasons for writing/reading that the woman interviewed states are well-phrased and while they aren’t congruent with what I’d say would be my reasons for reading and writing, they reflect points that have been made in fandom repeatedly (for instance the dream-fulfillment aspect).


I’m not sure what to make of this and I’d like to hear your opinion on it. Not, mind you, on the specific points made in the article – there is a vast number of reasons for liking slash and imo it’s pointless to argue which are the “best” / “most valid” or whatever reasons for it.

I’m more interested in your opinion about the “fandom going public / mainstream” thing. (ETA: I think I didn't phrase it all that well here. It's not about revealing the big secret of fandom (hah, as if there was such a thing as secrets in the age of internet), it's about how and what you can/may/should/shouldn't cover in a newspaper article about fandom and/or slash, directed to the general public. I should have made that clearer.)

My thoughts on fandom going mainstream )
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I've been thinking about writing again which is mostly due to the fact that I was too lazy to actually sit down and _do_ some writing but anyway :).

Just a few random observations once again, this time on the process of writing.  )
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Two posts in one day, wow it really is the beginning of the new year :).

I’ve wanted to write another meta on writing for the past few month but I never got around to do it. Mostly because I lacked the hm, metaphorical brackets to wrap all my random thoughts up nicely. But hey, fanfic is that exactly, too – the randomness or as I’d like to call it: freedom :), to put things together however you want to. So, I’ll just do a few paragraphs on each topic every now and then and let you guys take your pick and try to make sense of it.

1. Why do I write? )

So, what about you? Why do you write? Why certain characters / fandoms? What is it to you? What isn't it? What would you like it to be? etc.
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What this following bit of rambling is NOT:
- a farewell to RPS,
- an admission of limited creativity,
- a cooking recipe.

Because I don’t think I can ever (translate: in the foreseeable future) say goodbye to my boys, I am way too full of myself to ever seriously contemplate that there’s limits to what I can do – well, except for cooking which I am crap at, which is why no recipe either.

But. I did some thinking about writing over the last few weeks, tended to come back to some wise things some people said over the last few years and suppose I can share the not-as-horribly-muddled-as-before thoughts now.

In a related discussion Brenda recently pointed out that when writing RPF we essentially write original fic. )
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One of my favourite authors once said that if you’re angry at someone or about something you should write a letter. You should pour all your irritation and fury into it and rant your heart out. Once your finished you should put it away, wait three days and then write a new one.

I never said I was good at taking advice or all that patient :). But I’ll try to turn this into less of a rant and more of a statement of general sorts. Because this – or things like this - has been bothering me for a while now. So, about writing and feedback... )

Comments are obviously enabled because hey, diversity and all that shit ;).

ETA: This exchange with [livejournal.com profile] foxrafer made me want to encourage you to read the comments to this as well because some things might be clearer there than in my original post. I don't want to edit the original text above so I'm linking to some stuff in the comments, firstly to my response to [livejournal.com profile] lenalove's comment in which I try to be more specific on what irritated me in the first place and why it did.
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The ongoing discussion about fic headers, listings and whatnot has got me thinking – and we all know that this is never a good thing because it keeps me from writing fic :). So, instead this is me writing meta about reading and writing again.

To put it in a nutshell – if I can choose between anticipation of knowing what’s ahead and a surprise I will always choose the former. )
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Finally! Weekend's here. Phew. Granted, I have tests to grade but still, the silly ass busy week is over, so expect to be belatedly comment stalked by me tomorrow :).

Has anyone watched that Stauffenberg movie with Tom Cruise yet? My tenth graders asked me to go with them on Tuesday and I couldn't turn them down but man, it's Tom Cruise. Bleh... Any opinions?

Speaking of opinions: Thank you all who recced "Veronica Mars" to me in that call out for new fodder for my addictive self - I'm through season one and two now and am really enjoying myself! And Cameo by Joss! Yay!

Continuing with the random notes: Thank you (again) for the nominations for the [livejournal.com profile] slashy_oscars! Three of my stories made it into the final ballot - all in the same category, which amuses me to no end :).

What else, what else... Does anyone know whether there is something like a how-gross-are-the-corpses rating for eps of "Bones"? I really need to get my best friend hooked on that show but she refuses to watch because of the eew factor of so many of the bodies... So, I need less gross ones until she is addicted :).

Oh, and there was this porn meta I was gonna write - I suppose I won't get a proper one done any time soon, so here's the basic idea: Why porn is the most comforting thing ever )
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I'm shamelessly stealing this from [livejournal.com profile] stormatdusk who got it from [livejournal.com profile] fleshflutter because I think the idea is absolutely lovely (I slightly modified the original text):

"Writers/artists/iconners/vidders/meta-ists/picspammers, I would like you to comment with a link to a single fannish creation you have produced in fandom: fic, art, vid, batch of icons, beta, meta or even a single line from a fic. Just one piece you have created in fandom that pleases you personally.

Comment with a link, pairing or gen, a summary/description if you feel you can provide one, any possible warnings, and maybe tell me a bit about why it pleases you, too.

And then, just to totally rack up some karma points, have a scroll through the other comments - because I shall be disappointed if plenty of people don't comply with my edict - and if there's something you haven't read or seen before that looks good, click the link, and maybe leave some love.

Please do pimp this!"

So, people, I don't wanna hear any lame excuses for not doing this :)! Go comment and tell me all about your favourite piece of fannish work - even if it's not a pairing I usually read or even a fandom I'm in, or if we haven't spoken in a while - I'd love to hear all about your fav in any case. And yes, if you can't decide on one single thing, you're more than welcome to name more than one, too.
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I realised that I can’t complain that you don’t make it easy for me, regarding the [livejournal.com profile] slashy_oscars noms, when I don’t have a fic list for 2008 posted myself… So, here it is:

My ficlist for 2008 )

Now, GO and make your own, so I can re-read and nominate! Or link me back to your list (because I'm an idiot and didn't keep track of them...)

Secondly (and since I have to go back to work tomorrow), going through my old entries I found the mini holidays for the brain :)  which date back to December 2007 (time flies). And since that was huge fun imo, let’s do this again:

What I'd like is a few fic scenarios. Not in the sense of prompts-for-proper-fics, really. But just a bit of sweetness / sexiness that the smut part of our mind can dwell on when too busy to write proper fics. Again, you'd make me insanely happy if you just dropped me a comment saying something like this:

Young Robert and Paul (Redford and Newman that is :) running a restaurant together á la "Kitchen Confidental" (in case anyone but me has seen it :)).

Hector (Eric) and Deiphobos (Karl) as young boys, breaking their first horses

Orlando as the main character of an Enid Blyton like whodunnit / kids novel :)

Sean as a brilliant but slightly schizophrenic journalist / Clark Kent wannabe who constantly thinks that his co-worker Orlando is Lois Lane

Paris blogging á la Barney Stinson (from How I met your mother) - '10 ways how to get laid even if your big brother has grounded you' etc.

Karl being a writer, paid to write the thrilling biography of car racing legend Eric Bana

- Your turn :).

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I’ve been meaning to do a whole wistful „This was 2008“ post, with very deep and introspective stuff about RL, but then I realized that a. all considering, 2008 was a bit on the crap side and b. I don’t really care because I’m pretty happy with where I am regardless.

However, I still feel the need to say deep and meaningful things and since I crossed RL off the list, there’s one thing left – fandom and more specifically writing.

I’m too much of a scatter brain to really keep track of all the fics I liked in 2008 and too much of a perfectionist to end the year with a half arsed list, ergo it’s not gonna be a rec list. So, what else? Right, praise good writing in general.

Here it goes, my kind of stories I’d like to nominate for the Nobel Prize in Fanfic.

I love stories… )

Now it’s your turn, folks! I wanna hear what made your year 2008, fic wise!

(Oh, and a good start into 2009 to all of you – not just fic wise ;))
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Yeah, I couldn't resist. It was hard to choose, and I tried to make this as vastly spreaded as possible :).

The OTP meme )
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After a discussion with Brenda, I just couldn’t resist. Of course this means that I am horribly behind on all things work, because apparently writing 3000 words about why Joss is boss and why ‘Buffy’ is true art, doesn’t count as ‘lesson preparation’. Pfft to that, really.

Why Joss is boss. An academic’s love declaration, of sorts

Preamble: 'Whatever' girl’s three religious beliefs

I'm not really passionate about a lot of things, not in the '100% devoted to it’ sense of it anyway. I do like reading and talking about literature for example, but I studied it mostly because I like to prove why something is crap, not because I wanted to swoon over the brilliance that is, say Hermann Hesse (urgh). Same with my writing and art, I enjoy myself and am happy when other people like the results, but personally I don't even really get the fuss about plagiarism because I'd probably take someone copy/pasting my stuff as a (sorta weird) compliment to my writing and shrug it off.

We could go on and branch out to not-literature areas as well, but point is, and that's I'm trying to say, I'm not really the overly passionate kinda gal and should probably have 'whatever' tattooed on my chest or something.

So, it always surprises me kind of a lot, when I _do_ feel that fire, that fanatism, that made people go on crusades, or, to put it a bit less cynical, that makes you feel so fucking alive and joyous that you need others to participate / share your happiness.

So, when it comes my intellecutal passions, we have the following three things:
- Wilhelm v. Humboldt's idea of 'Bildung'/Education
- the theory of historiography (as in: how humankind constructs history)
- Joss Whedon

And no, there isn't a specific ranking in the order of listing, Joss's works to me have the same value as my two other (granted, equally geeky) choices.

What has this got to do with fandom anyway? )
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Oh, I SO shouldn't be on LJ at the moment, a truckload of papers glare at me from the corner of my study :). But [livejournal.com profile] rotpunkt posted a very interesting meta in her LJ regarding top/bottom preference and it reminded me of something that I had been pondering about on and off for quite a while but never gotten around to actually do some 'research' on.

Read more... )


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