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So, for the White Elephant Christmas gift exchange I bought "Newman's Own Cookbook". And aside from it featuring a lot of recipes that sound rather delicious, here is what it says about the autor:

"Paul Newman is probably best known for his spectacularly successful food conglomerate. In addition to giving profits to charity, he alsoo ran Frank Sinatra out of the spaghetti sauce business. On the downside, the spaghetti sauce is outgrossing his films. He did graduate from Kenyon College magna cum lager and in the process begat a laundry business, which was the only student-run enterprise on Main Street. Yale University later awarded him an honorary Doctorate of Human Letters for unknown reasons. He is married to the best actress on the planet, was number ninteen on Nixon's enemy list, and purely by accident has done fifty-one films and four Broadway plays. he ist generally considered by professionals to be the worst fisherman on the East Coast."

Oh Paul &hearts

And aside from that cookbook, as far as Christmas presents go this year I'm pretty proud of the 80k of mythology "fic" I wrote for my best mate. Aside from that I think that this, this, this and this (I made an actual clock out of the last one) are pretty nice. And yes, most of the stuff I present people with is pretty much useless nonsense :).

So this leads me to two things I want to know from you:

1) What is your favourite anecdote of your favourite actor? Tell me all about it and share the aawww.

2) In terms of Christmas presents: Which presents that you bought this year are you particularly proud of and consider to be the best idea ever (or something similar)?
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Title: Three times Sean knew he was in love with Orlando
Pairing: Sean/Orlando (Sport of Kings verse)
Rating: PG13
Word count: ~1.400
Disclaimer: Not one word is true.
A/N: For [ profile] azewewish who asked for more from this verse.

It was very early that year, the year Orlando started working for him. )
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Title: Awesomely subtle
Fandom: CW RPS
Characters: Jensen, Misha, Jeff, Jared
Rating: PG at most, but not even that really
Disclaimer: Right. It happened exactly like this. I was totally there.
Word Count: ~1.000
A/N: Written for [ profile] caras_galadhon who asked for “Misha/Jensen + purple glitter”

“Nonono,” Jensen insists, the triple repetition emphasized by the headshake and a sort of desperate look to him. )
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Title: Maddening
Disclaimer: Not true.
Rating: Totally NC 17. At least for violence. If you ask Eric. Eric is a bit of a pansy though.
A/N: Written for [ profile] rinakabu’s prompt “Karl/Orlando – Eric wants to watch”. Enjoy!

Eric has been waiting for this for years. Literally, years. )
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This universe? My new happy place :).

Banner made by the lovely [ profile] kittylass

Title: You’re all talk
Characters: Eric and Viggo, plus Orlando, Sean, Karl, Johnny, Bernard, Harry et al
Rating: PG13 at most
Word Count: ~7.000
Disclaimer: Not true.
A/N: The pov switches in each part, just so you don’t get confused; and just for clarification: Dom = Dominic Monaghan; Dominic = Dominic West :).
A/N2: This is for [ profile] amygirl who wanted more from the boarding school AU (-> The Staff) and prompted ‘manly or not I want to see the other BFF duo...i.e. Sean & Orlando. In other words Gen me up’. Vig and Eric still insisted on being the protagonists in this, hon :). Also, some people in this are totally Gigi’s fault, you’ll know which ones.

In which Eric is a lonely fourteen wheeler speeding down the highway of mathematics, Viggo is appealingly humble all the time as well as randomly naked, Bernard has to defend his own honor since nobody else volunteers, Sean and Karl perv over WoW and Orlando is the only one acting like a responsible adult (even though he has smelly feet). )
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Title: Why is there silverware in the pancake drawer?
Pairing: Orlando/Sean (Scrubs!Verse)
Rating: PG at most
Word count: ~3.400
Warning: Complete lack of pancakes
Disclaimer: It did not happen like this. Believe me.
A/N: The title is a quote from “Scrubs” and couldn’t be more random. Has nothing at all to do with the story, I just liked it. – This is for [ profile] giselleslash who wished for Scrubs!Sean and Orlando and a Christmas dinner. It went slightly different than planned but I hope you like it anyway, as random as it is! Love you, oh Bradley-to-my-Colin :).

Orlando sits on the couch when Sean comes home from football. Some episode of “Scrubs” is on telly but Orlando’s eyes aren’t on the screen. )
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I should start posting these xmas stories, shouldn’t I?


Title: Xmas ADD
Pairing: Karl Urban / Eric Bana (AU)
Rating: R maybe
Word Count: 2.000
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
A/N: Written for [ profile] griffndor who wanted “Eric/Karl - slice of life universe - holiday decorating with spiced egg nogg, a tree that won't stay standing, Christmas lights that blink maniacally, Christmas music and gaudy ornaments” . I hope you like it, darling! (And thanks so much for your gift – you shouldn’t have :).)
A/N2: This sets in the carpenter/architect AU but you really, really don’t need to have read any of the previous bits :).

So, every December Karl turns into an enabler of epic proportions. It’s a good thing that Eric doesn’t really notice because he is being to busy being even more of a dorkface whackjob than usual.  )
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Title: How Knecht Ruprecht got the girl hot northern bloke
Pairing: Orlando/Sean
Rating: PG13
Word count: ~5.000
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
Summary: Orlando is the last to arrive at what will later become known as Viggo’s perverted Christmas dress up party. Terrible choices of costumes and revelations of the schmoopy kind ensue.

”Ho Ho –” the door is half opened and Santa Claus stops in the middle of his greeting. Blue eyes, peeking out between the massive hat and the even more voluminous beard, look Orlando up and down. Then Santa finishes pointedly, “Ho.” )
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Given my infatuation with this pairing in the last month, it's not really surprising that I wanted to do this for a while and finally had a reason to :). 
[ profile] griffndor said she liked both of them best when a little scruffy looking, so here I give you Karl and Eric, unshaved and probably right after some bed activities (given the state of Karl's hair). Please feel free to try to squeeze between them and make yourself comfortable. - The scan is a bit crappy (again), I might do another once I'm back at my place.

(click onto the picture for the big version)

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Okay, it is still roughly a month till Christmas, time to start with presents. The fact that I still don’t have any idea what to gift my family or my RL friends with doesn’t stop me from doing this here :). I am way too lazy to write Christmas cards, so you’ll all have to do with an online gift from me. And since Christmas shopping is always easier when I have a list, consider this post the enourmous flist wish list:

X-mas wishlisting

If you’d like to get something from me (and by something I mean fic, obviously), just comment here – with pairings, characters, word prompts, picture prompts, you get the idea. It can be pairings I’ve written before, it can be for one of my verses, or it can be something I’ve never done so far, you’re totally free to choose.

The only thing I ask you to do is to provide me with three different things to select from – say for example #1 Accidentally naked Orlando, #2 Faraboro, #3 Actor!AU: Nailpolish, or however you want to combine pairings, prompts and verses.

To one of your three wishes, I’ll write a drabble / ficlet / fic (whatever the muses decide on :)) for you for Christmas. Around the 25th I’ll make a post with the resulting stories for you to drag out from under the Christmas tree.

Even if we don't talk a lot or just met or whatever, please don't be shy - go ahead and demand something. I love Christmas gifting :).

(And in case you wondered, no, this doesn’t affect the still outstanding prompts from last time – I’m still definitely gonna do Orlando and Dave, Sean and Sala etc. :))
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Oh, this was a wonderful Christmas. Picture me surrounded by 19th century editions of classical German literature, smelling of leather and aged paper, because my Mom and Dad got me bunches of lovely editions of Goethe and Büchner and Herder *book geek squee*

Anyway, I kept thinking of what to say to you, guys, aside from a heartfelt but rather cheap holler of Merry Christmas and went back and forth in my mind between gushing all over you or writing something seasonal. So, let’s start with the first, but an abridged version :):

I know I must sound like I had too much egg nog and chocolate (only the latter being the case) but you all really mean the world to me. It’s so wonderful to have you on my friends list, read your stories and dive into universes created by you, not so much fleeing reality but enrichening it, squee with you over our boys’ prettiness, have lengthy discussions about movies and TVseries, full of fangirlish glee as well as serious discussion. Your posts make me smile and lean back and just feel at home, challenge me and make me think, make me laugh out loud and sometimes cry with happiness or compassion. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a good start into 2008.

Now, as for the seasonal ficcage. How about a few snippets from universes of mine and how the boys in the respective storylines spent their holidays :)?

Christmas with the lads from the Actor!AU (Orlibean) )

Christmas with the Nightclub boys (Banabloom) )

Christmas in the wild wild West (How to Woo a Sheriff ‘verse, Orlibean) )

Dialogue only Christmas (‘Say aren’t you’ verse Orlibean) )

I might do a few more over the next days, this is fun :). – Happy holidays!
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As announced there won't be any christmas cards or badly tuned carols under your bedroom window from me this year. While you might actually be grateful for the cutback on the latter I think I should still mess your flist up by slobbering all over it with my lurve and season greetings :).
Starting fittingly with the kitschyest christmas card I could find:

Image hosted by

I am truly blessed to have all of you in my life. I mean is there a greater thing than coming home to a houseful of fangirls that are equally as obsessed with language, hotmensex and chocolate (not necessarily in that order) as I am? So, much love to all of you, my friends! )


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