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After a discussion with Brenda, I just couldn’t resist. Of course this means that I am horribly behind on all things work, because apparently writing 3000 words about why Joss is boss and why ‘Buffy’ is true art, doesn’t count as ‘lesson preparation’. Pfft to that, really.

Why Joss is boss. An academic’s love declaration, of sorts

Preamble: 'Whatever' girl’s three religious beliefs

I'm not really passionate about a lot of things, not in the '100% devoted to it’ sense of it anyway. I do like reading and talking about literature for example, but I studied it mostly because I like to prove why something is crap, not because I wanted to swoon over the brilliance that is, say Hermann Hesse (urgh). Same with my writing and art, I enjoy myself and am happy when other people like the results, but personally I don't even really get the fuss about plagiarism because I'd probably take someone copy/pasting my stuff as a (sorta weird) compliment to my writing and shrug it off.

We could go on and branch out to not-literature areas as well, but point is, and that's I'm trying to say, I'm not really the overly passionate kinda gal and should probably have 'whatever' tattooed on my chest or something.

So, it always surprises me kind of a lot, when I _do_ feel that fire, that fanatism, that made people go on crusades, or, to put it a bit less cynical, that makes you feel so fucking alive and joyous that you need others to participate / share your happiness.

So, when it comes my intellecutal passions, we have the following three things:
- Wilhelm v. Humboldt's idea of 'Bildung'/Education
- the theory of historiography (as in: how humankind constructs history)
- Joss Whedon

And no, there isn't a specific ranking in the order of listing, Joss's works to me have the same value as my two other (granted, equally geeky) choices.

What has this got to do with fandom anyway? )
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Title: How to (not) suck face
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 1.240
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
A/N: Christmas fic written for [ profile] idlesloth

For Idlesloth )
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In celebration of the brilliance that is Joss Whedon and the last day of Dr. Horrible´s sing along blog I present to you:

Title: Suck you dry, snap your neck
Fandom / Pairing: BtVS / LotR x-over, Spike / Orlando Bloom
Rating: R
Word count: 1.062
Disclaimer: If you believe this is true, you will make Joss Whedon cry.
A/N: So, ages ago, back in 2004, I wrote this slightly crackish Spike and Orlando story, called Marks. When, a while ago, I called out for prompts, [ profile] softbluebuddy asked for a another bit from that verse. – I hope you enjoy this prequel, darling, even if it’s slightly different from what you wished for and my Spike voice might be a tad rusty :).

So, completely hypothetically speaking, if Spike had written a list of how to be a bloody great vampire icon – when he was really bloody bored and Dru was busy organizing a tea-party (Guest list: two dolls with body parts missing, one slightly parched looking canary and one pizza delivery bloke, recently deceased) – that list might have looked suspiciously like this: )
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Title: Like dirty laundry
Fandom / Characters: BtVS / Xander and Spike
Rating: Gen
Spoilers: None really, sets somewhere during the last episodes of Season 7, definitely after "Dirty Girls"
Disclaimer: The Buffyverse was created by God who is also known under the name of Joss Whedon. No profit being made from this.
A/N: [ profile] idlesloth poked me for Spike, Xander and the basement of doom and strangely, the muses became wistful...

Read more... )
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And now for something completely different – I wrote Buffyverse fic. And with plot no less *gasp* Hope you enjoy!

Title: That one time
Author: [ profile] afra_schatz
Fandom / Pairing: AtS - Angel/Spike. Sorta.
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 11.694 (and actual PLOT, would you believe it?)
Spoilers: Everything up to the series finale 5.22 – sets right after that one (you might wanna rewatch, just because :))
Disclaimer: God created the world and because that wasn’t awesome enough and he then transformed into Joss to create the Buffyverse and Angel’s L.A.
Dedication: Written for [ profile] jaynelove’s birthday
Beta: [ profile] jaynelove herself – all remaining mistakes are my own

’That is so bloody typical for you,’ Spike shouted as he hacked away, doing his best to slice the left wing of the dragon into bite sized bits. ‘Personally, I want to slay the dragon,’ he continued, mocking Angel’s voice. )
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Dearest, sorry for not having replied to your mail yet, I was busy with this here :):

Slayer smile )

Kati, I hope this maybe inspires some BtVS re-watching sessions and lots of discussion afterwards (Have you watched OMWF this week? No? Dear Lord, what has the world come to...).

And I hope all you other dear friends of mine aren't too shocked that I actually drew a woman and like the pic as well (isn't that girl gorgeous, Gods, I love Buffy :)).
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All this studying is starting to mess with my head, I desperately needed some time off. So this was the perfect opportunity to go and visit the lovely Buffyverse again and re-read all my favourite fics. And now I shall spam you with a list of links, in case anyone except me needs a Buffy-fic fix these days :).

Spike/Xander )

Spike/Angel )

Buffy/Spike )

Giles/Spike )

Spike/Riley )

Spike/Dawn )

General )

Okay, I'm off to paint the kitchen walls now. Really.
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Title: Marks

Fandom: Buffyverse + x

Rating: NC 17 for hinted kink

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters/persons, all made up.

Pairing: That's a surprise, I'm definitely not telling :).

Warnings: Slight Angel bashing (both literally and metaphorically, but nothing too bad) and rave music (*shudders*). Oh, plus this ones not betaed, so...

A/N: This is for [ profile] justinetre - thank you again for the layout and aw, you know for being so lovely in general. I'm sure you'll spot the pairing right away, since it's yours anyhow. Hope you like it.

Living or rather being undead for 250 something years leaves you quite a lot of time to collect things you hate from the bottom of your heart... )


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