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Once again busy with work I'm not really getting any creative stuff done. Bleh. However, in case anyone remembers - a few weeks back I asked for tips regarding self publishing since I wrote a book for a friend's birthday, yeah?
[ profile] azewewish recced me and of course I couldn't resist and aside from the bday book I had one done for Paint and one for the Actor verse. I'm really, really pleased with the results :)

Pictures of the pretties )

On a related note, recently [personal profile] icarus_malfoy recced amazing Harry Potter artwork. Seriously, even if you don't even like the books you have to take a look at [ profile] mncuddlecub 's gorgeous artwork for the first book. Trust me :).

Hope you're all having a lovely week, people!

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Thank you guys for yesterday - feeling much better today :). And since it is the beginning of the weekend I come bearing an assembly of random and yet not so random things, all weekendish and lovely in their way :).

#1 Something hilarious

#2 Something painfully sad and beautiful

#3 Something powerful

#4 Something sexy

#5 Something adorable

#6 Something true

#7 Something with dimples

#8 Something artistic

#9 Something piratey

#10 Something really porny

#11 Something ancient
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First of all: Is LJ messing up dates of posting for anyone else as well? I wonder how I could possibly have posted that Karl/Eric fic on the 9th when today is only the 3rd?!

Aside from that: I am back home (in the country of Rain) and dog tired, will read flist and respond tomorrow, now: tub then bed. But three things before that:

1. Anyone willing to beta 2200 words of Orlando/Bean for me? No smut though, just a gen fic...

2. If you wanna see really gorgeous Orlando/Bean manips, you might want to check out this post in [ profile] cadenadelreino's journal, trust me.

3. And again somewhat related regarding the Orlibeanage:

Title: When you whisper
Pairing: Sean Bean / Orlando Bloom
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Very much not true at all.
Word count: 173
A/N: Written for [ profile] amygirl’s prompt “whisper”. And my question to you all: Who of the two would you say is the whisperer and who the listener :)?

Read more... )
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Two weeks to go until my exam day and yay, I still feel remotely sane…

The reason for this post is a different one, though. I took a stroll through Devian Art the last weekend and hence: Huge art reccing ahead :).

About 30 art recs for Orlando, Viggo, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jared Leto, Johnny, Buffy et al (coloured and b/w) )

Also, [ profile] caras_galadhon made a really cool post about 6-words-fics. Like this one from her: ”Paris was pretty; Hector was weak.” Brill, innit?

And (yeah, I promise I will shut up after these) two more anecdotes from why-this-land-needs-more-teachers:

Lehrer (im Geschichtsunterricht, 20. Jh.): Wo stand denn nun die Mauer?
Schüler (voller Überzeugung): Die ging lang zwischen Dortmund und Bochum, oder?

(Unterhaltung einer Mutter mit ihrer 3jährigen Tochter, es geht um ein Spielzeugauto)
Tochter: Aber Mama, das ist doch Karin seins.
Mutter (belehrend): Karin ihrs.
Ich (in Gedanken): Nee, Karin ihm seins.

Nur mal so… ;)
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It has been a while since I recced something, hasn’t it? Even longer since I did an art rec post, non?

So, this is what I’ve come across in the meantime and thought you might enjoy looking at and drooling over as well :).

Orlando Bloom Art )
Sean Bean Art )
Misc Art )
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Before all: Happy birthday, [ profile] mittyw! I hope you have / had a wonderful day filled with loving time with your family as well as some quality time with your PC and some good Banabloom smut *squishes you*

Thanking Giselle and Govi )

Art and Fic recs revolving around Bloomenhaal, Bean, Éomer, Vigbean, Viggorli and Banabloom )

Last but not least: [ profile] mesnica and [ profile] prussiluskan, I held the Louis XIV’s lesson today and the little buggers even got the bit with the lilies symbolising the Trinity right! Thanks again for the heads up!

That’s it for today, people, I’m off to bed now *yawns and starts snoring*
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I’m still alive. Barely, because my nose feels like a big slime monster crawled into it and died there. In other words: Flu. Also: Big time stress to no end and the next week will be known to future generations as the week of DOOOOOM. But yeah, still alive. And I’ve finished my thesis on KoH – well, almost – and graded the class test that was long over due.

I got two reasons for sneaking away from the truckload of work waiting for me. The first one is this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Isn’t it fucking AWESOME? [ profile] lorielen made it for my story Sport of Kings and I love it so so much that of course I need to show it off here :).
Look at how adorable Orlando looks, his hair all messed up like he’s just taken off his jockey helmet (or had a good long fuck…) and aw, that look on his face *melts*. And Sean! *howls* Of course Bark would never ever wear a stubble like that, being all serious trainer-bloke-like, which obviously means that this picture is taken after three days of not-getting-out-of-bed-at-all. Which sorta explains that grin on his face… And look at the colours and the picture of the horses and the quote (okay, I admit being that self involved…) – it all is so perfectly “Sport of Kings”, isn’t it? Thank you so much, Lori, this is beyond wonderful! *prints it out and does dirty things to it*

Okay, I’m done with the gushing now. No, wait, my second topic involves a lot of drooling, too (what a surprise). It's been a while since I've been reccing fic here and somehow it makes me feel like having collected Panini stickers for months without owning an album to put them into (do people outside Germany collect Panini sticker? *is clueless*)

ANYWAY. Vigbean. Orlibean. Sharpe. There:

Time for three recs )

Last but not least: [ profile] lorielen posted a bunch of lovely icons in the campaign to make hotmensex a LJ interest. *licks her Beanie butt icon*
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Oookay. School starts again tomorrow and I have to say that six weeks are hardly enough. Especially since the weather in Westfalia has been nothing short of shitty for entire August. All my sun-tanning-in-the-garden-while-forcing-lil-sis-to-read-Dick-Francis-to-me plans fell through. But instead of being a good girl and preparing my lessons I was a good girl and read bunches of fanfiction :). Go me.

So, before I'm off to school and probably too busy to even _think_ so much as "hotmensex" (sad, sad times), I come bearing arms full of recs for you all - my favourites of the thousands of pages of VigBean I've read over the last weeks and some fantastic art links I really want you to clicketiclick :).

VigBean recs )

ART recs - HP, LotR, BtVS, PotC et al )

So much for summer freedom, I'll be around a bit less frequently now, but I'll be thinking of you - and smut - as often as I can :).

P.S. Oh and since LJ is even grander than usual and now allows us 100 icons *beams* - anyone got any "recs" for me where to find droolworthy Banabloom and VigBean icons free for grabbing? Or Angel/Spike, BDS or mythology ones? Ah, any other witty / pretty ones too, please! 'Cause "88 of 100" just doesn't look right, does it? /selfishness mixed with procrastinating of work

10 things

Jun. 3rd, 2005 07:29 pm
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Long time, no randomness. Time to correct that :).

#1 I had a really, really strange day yesterday. There I was, peacefully driving to school (at frigging 7 in the morning I might add) when my smut muse decided to pay me a visit. Which is unfair to begin with 'cause at 7 am my brain is not yet awake and can’t tell said muse off. Thinking about porn while driving 170 km/h on the A1 is not good. Anyway. It wasn’t a usual, hey-let’s-entertain-ourselves-with-thinking-through-the-kamasutra-while-pushing-a-BMW-off-the-fast-lane sorta thoughts. No. At approximately 7.15 cet my muse gave birth to a new Eric. Eric as a primary school teacher. *cries* This is not right. Not the Eric bit, mind you, I never say no to a new Bana-muse (do I, Irrlicht?), but to the primary school teacher bit. Picture me driving though pretty Westphalian landscape in early morning mist sporting an idiotic grin until I caught sight of myself in the rear mirror. Dear Lord, is that work invading my brain’s porn section or is it – worse if you ask me – hormones? *cries more* Eric would be a brilliant primary school teacher, though… *headdesk*

#2 [ profile] lorielen has posted a huge bunch of Keanu Reeves and Orlando Bloom icons, that I love to pieces and that I really need you to look at and drool over. I just love Lori’s style, always the perfect combination of picture and text+font, sweet and sexy and mostly with a wink included.

#3 I’ve just sorta returned to school after a few weeks of seminars (*yawn*) and started in new classes. Instead of the 5th year and the 10th, I’m now in a 6th grade in history (Roman empire – darn, I missed them Greeks by inches) and in an 11 in German, doing Schiller (which reminds me that I have yet to tackle that Goethe/Schiller genius project, don’t I, [ profile] mittyw?). Had my first lessons in both today and especially the 11 was real fun to work with *beams geekily*

#4 Kati recently recced me this and I nearly died laughing. It’s a series of short fics from different authors, topic fairies. And I swear to you, there’s nothing more funny than the idea of Sawyer woke up fairy. Well, except for Jayne woke up fairy maybe *giggles*.

#5 There’s this petition for more user iconsI found repeatedly on my flist. Since imo one really can’t have enough icons of SEAN BEAN OMG I’m passing this info on to you guys, too.

#6 In case you’re German and a fan of „Die drei ???“ – did you know there is this fanmade episode floating around on the net. It’s called „Die drei ??? und der humpelnde Goldzwerg“ and I cried tears with laughter when my sis played it to me. Just saying… *g*

#7 I finallyfinally have seen all the Bean movies I ordered a long time ago and didn’t watch until now cause my mom guarded them jealously I never found the time. Now I need MORE. So, far I own these ) (cut ´cause maaany). Now, tell me, folks, what else do I really, really need to buy?

#8 The ever wonderful [ profile] irrlicht74 has linked me to this. It’s a multifandom fanfic project, cluedo style by [ profile] eviea, starring among others a dead Lord Pitt, Colonel Banadinovich, Detective chief inspector Bean, Lord Viggo Mortensen II and many more. You can either read it as a normal fanfiction or you can help dear Detective Bean with the investigations. Fun, people :).

#9 Yesterday, I finally got the 3 DVD Edition of PotC *bounces*. I’ve only watched the Johnny and Geoffrey bits so far, but man, I can’t frigging wait until PotC2 comes out and really need to (re)read PotC fics again. So, any recs? Fics you read recently and you liked / tought original or all time classics, I really should reread? Oh and btw, have you already seen action figure Jack one and two?

#10 Happy birthday, [ profile] jaynelove! Belated, I know, but only LJ wise, right? I hope you’re having a frigging wonderful time in Jaynestown – I wish I was there with you, so we could watch Firefly and go jane-austening on the lake and stuff! While you’re gone, I’ll just re-watch Brisco then :).
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I really tried to think of some brilliant general topic for this post but I seriously couldn't find one. So, now you get 10 maaajorly important things in completely random order:

1. School started again today - after 2 weeks of easter holiday. I'm still in denial.

2. Westphalia is absolutely beautiful in spring sunlight.

3. Entirely thanks to [ profile] irrlicht74 - me, I'm a lazy bum and would never have anything finished if it wasn't for her - the 3rd chapter of our story "Nightclub" (BanaBloom, R in this chapter, but oh-so-definitely NC17 later) is up (Chapter One and Chapter Two, just in case you missed 'em ;)).

4. Today, I love Bon Jovi. I was the biggest Bon Jovi fangirl in the 1990s (and I am serious about that, I cried for days when Alec quit, not speaking of the ridiculous-bandana-wearing in school because I really believed that Bon Jovi in the 80s were stylish...), but that obsession cooled down a little over the last few years. But honestly, there's nothing better than driving to work, shouting along on the top of your lungs (and completely off tone) to "Sleep when I'm dead" when you spent the last night not sleeping but fretting about teaching. Bon Jovi rock.

5. I've been to the movies. Saw "Kinsey" and liked it a lot - Liam Neeson is absolutely brilliant in that movie. Only thing: I hate old German cinema seats. My bum is still numb.

6. Some time ago, [ profile] killthwight has made an iconpost featuring amazingly beautiful Colin Firth and Jared Leto icons. I really need to rec this here, because omg the COLOURS! *loves*

7. More reccing, this time regarding LotR art: I finally found the time to take a good look around at [ profile] amir_lj's LotR slash art website and am in love with so many of her works, particularly this Boromir/Faramir one, this Boromir/Aragorn/Faramir/Legolas one, this Frodo/Merry/Pippin one and this Aragorn/Boromir/Legolas one (all NC 17).

8. I've got a new PC. My old one, 'Willow', was really pissing me off with continuous - as Emi calls it - PMSing and now I got a shiny new one. Called 'Viggo'. Hope his midlife crisis is far, far away from now.

9. Today, "Lost" starts in German television, 20.15h Pro7, I reckon.

10. Following [ profile] shagalote's good example: Sign the Slash is not evil petition!

Hope you're all well, folks, I'm gonna spend the rest of the evening watching television and preparing grammar lessons for my 5th grade. der schöne Mann / dem schönen Mann / den schönen Mann / des schönen Mannes... Alltogether: SEAN BEAN Declension!
Life is grand.


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