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afra_schatz: Made by wizzicons on LJ (Sean smoking)

We will rule all over this land and we will call it...'This Land'

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Created on 2013-01-04 17:41:36 (#1894719), last updated 2017-09-22 (22 hours ago)

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Website:My Fanfic
I use this journal mostly to post my fanfiction (Orlibean, Banabloom, Vigbean and Eric/Karl mostly). But I also occasionally write lengthy metas and bitchramble about films, books, Greek mythology or whatever else remarkable comes across – which, quite often seems to be in some way or another related to Sean Bean's arse.

No fandom does variety as well as LotR RPF, which is why I find myself almost exclusively writing here. I particularly love Orlando Bloom together with Sean Bean, and apparently I am still the only person on the planet who believes that Viggo and Eric do have sexual tension.

Like Dürrenmatt I think tragedy doesn't work in the modern world any longer, so I don't write it either. As far as reading is concerned, imo quality writing trumps everything else, even OTPs, and bad clichés are awesome, as long as it's crack!fic they are in.

I adore Buffy and think her the one female icon of the 1990s, and I can speak along to every single episode of Firefly. I think Christina Hendricks is the most beautiful woman ever, and Dominic West is the most perfect man. If I wanted children, I'd want Timothy Olyphant to be their Dad and Michael Westen to be their nanny (that totally makes sense in my head). I love 'Merlin' and everyone involved, think 'Boston Legal' to be one of the cleverest and most charming shows ever, and I adore the fantastic 'Doctor Who'. My go-to-feel-good show is 'Leverage' whose episodes I have watched a minimum of ten twenty times by now, I have so much love for rude gladiators and their snarky boyfriends'Spartacus' and OMG PIRATES!!'Black Sails' that it's not even funny. My favourite guilty pleasure shows are definitely 'Skam' and even more so 'Emmerdale'. -So basically, I am a bit of a fandom slut, if I look at the length of that list :).

Feel free to comment on any post that took your interest and/or 'friend' this journal, I'm always happy to make new acquaintances. Commenting is definitely not mandatory, and feel free to 'unfriend' again anytime as well, no hard feelings.
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