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A bit of V/E domesticity for [personal profile] noalinnea who wrote the loveliest JC snippets over the last couple of days <3.

When Viggo returns to Arnor House a little later than planned - he and Bernie kinda gotten distracted (Viggo) / lost (Bernie) in the woods during what Bernie dubbed ‘a pleasant walk through the woods of autum, such as grown ups like to indulge in’ -, he finds the house smelling of ginger bread. That is a little surprising, considering September isn’t even half over yet. It doesn’t smell like the house might burn down any minute now, so Viggo first washes the mud from his hands (and picks a couple of random leaves from his hair, he has no idea how they got there), before he goes back downstairs to make enquiries.

Eric grins at him when he enters the kitchen. He is wearing an apron that has ‘Katie’ embroidered onto it and that is definitely about ten sizes too small for him. Aside from him Viggo also spots Katie McMannon, Rakesh Sanji, Jake Cole, and Jennifer Ashton, all looking very serious and like they are in class. Which, Viggo figures, they kinda are. The kitchen counters are stacked with baking ingredients and possibly all the pots Arnor House has to offer. The oven is open right now, Rakesh hunched over it as he is pulling out the latest batch of ginger bread. The kitchen table itself looks like the table of Churchill’s war room, or, no, like the drawing board of a prestigious architect’s office. Even though the drawings are upside down from where Viggo is standing, it is not hard to tell what they show - city landmarks from all over the world, all picked out not so much by their artistic value, Viggo supposes, but by their geometrical simplicity. Katie is wielding a giant kitchen knife, busy cutting out the shape of one fourth of the Eiffel Tower, and Jake and Jennifer stand by with icing to act as glue.

‘Do you take commissions?’ Viggo asks, leaning against the doorway. ‘Because I’d really like Cristo Redentor, the big one from Rio, if you do.’

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Aw, thank you! :)

I love all the little details- Viggo managing not only to come back with leaves sticking to his hair but with muddy hands, too, Eric wearing an apron that has the size of a tea towel, the fact that he is baking with the kids (even if it's disguised as a geometry tutorial... and of course Viggo would ask for Christ Redendor, that's second best after the Meteora (which I can imagine is more of challenge, geometrically)!
I can see them all sit down at the table in a moment with a plate full of gingerbread and have afternoon tea together. By then Sean has found his way over, too, I am sure, attracted by the delicious smell... ;) Whereas Orlando hopefully has his nose buried in a book somewhere- gingerbread in September and Christ Redendor? What is that, fucking early Christmas, for fuck's sake? (and yes, all the orgasms Richard fails to supply because of his absence are not a mood-stabilizer...)

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Is it biscuit week on the Great Britich Bake off? Surely Orlando can't object to the Eiffel Tower, no religious connotations there at all?


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