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Sorry this is late :).

These are nine things that happened at JC on Saturday, September, 9th:

1 - Miranda has a stern conversation with Steven Bosgrove about never again eating so many Mars bars that vomitting in his sleep remains a singular occurance.

2 - Orlando’s copy of ’Responsibility and control’ arrives in the mail. He rearranges priorities - putting up the new shelves in the bedroom can wait; the neat stacks of books on the floor of the sitting room that didn’t find room on the shelves there will keep for another day. So will vacuuming, socializing, food. He puts the kettle on, flops down on his couch, starts reading.

3 - Matt is slightly worried for five minutes at TESCO. It isn’t because Frank Underson goes missing - he does, but Matt is always very clear about how he will just drive off without them, if the kids from Palm House he took with him fail to turn up at the bus in time - but because he can’t find Kiele’s favourite mustard in its usual place. A bit of worry and one short conversation with a shop assistant later, however, it turns out they just moved it because it’s on sale.

4 - Karl and Beth go rock climbing and get told off by the supervising staff. Apparently they think people making out whilst stuck to the side of their most notorious rock is sending mixed messages.

5 - When, at lunch in the canteen, Orlando isn’t present, Emma asks Roddy Keen, lower sixer and both in Emma’s AS-level and in Mirkwood House, whether he has seen his head of house anywhere. Roddy very politely swallows the pound of chicken he has in his mouth before he informs Emma ‘haven’t seen him all day, not since the postman arrived’.

6 - Martina Sanchez nearly twists her ankle when, during football practice on a rather muddy field, her shoe gets stuck in the dirt while the rest of her body tries to move forward. Coach Bean is not very good at hiding his amusement.

7 - Boris and Bernard both exit the forest, looking over their shoulders every couple of steps. But there is no doubt about it. They are being stalked by a rather shabby gray kitten.

8 - Gerry declares Viggo his new favourite person on the planet when, after pony club, Eric invites him over for a beer and Gerry and the Rapunzel/Spiderman mural meet for the first time. It is pretty much love at first sight, which surprises no one, especially not Eric.

9 - Sean [4:56 pm]: Pint, Pony later?

Sean [5:20 pm]: Too busy?

Sean [5:25 pm]: Or dead?

Sean [8:13 pm]: Lando?

on 2017-09-10 08:02 am (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] openidwouldwork
*grins* and *has spend yesterday not doing any chores or meeting friends with a book on my chouch! which is now assembled again the first time since '12! and has a reading lamp! YaY!*

... and didn't someone say our history teacher looks good in white?

on 2017-09-11 08:11 am (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] noalinnea
So, Orlando is making most of his time, now that Richard is away and isn't creating a distraction, hm? Can't wait to hear his thoughts on that book! ;)

I love how casually Sean treats his failure to respond here, I mean it takes him three hours to follow up the 'Or dead?'. He's used to a lot, I guess.

The best part is Gerry's love for the mural (and Viggo), though! I wonder if Sean has seen in, yet? A picture of it would make for very cool t-shirts with the slogan 'Love is'... :)

PS: Love this weird thing Eric and Gerry have going there, drama club, pony club, beer... who says Eric doesn't exist outside his relationship with Viggo?

on 2017-09-13 04:12 pm (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] gattodoro
1 - Does she really think he'll learn? Just wait until he discovers alcohol

2 - I read the synopsis, it sounds a laugh a minute :-(. Perhaps Orlando will be the first to leave a review (when he has stopped yelling at the author).

3- Tesco - and most supermarkets - do this just to vex regular shoppers because they are evil

4- if they can't get a room they could at least get a portaledge.

5 - Emma knows that this explains everything

6 - Bad Sean. Funny though.

7 - How terrifying! is it a friend for Gerry?

8 - Eric is the most chilled person at JC. What is his secret? Is the answer in the calculators?

9 - Aww, he's actually worried when Lando doesn't show up in the Pony, bless


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