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On Wednesday, Viggo wakes up with a headache and the knowledge that he has his horrible fourth form right at the start of the day. It’s also raining outside, his right shoe seems to be missing and so is Eric next to whom he remembers falling asleep last night but who is nowhere to be found.

Viggo showers, leaves his rooms, nearly breaks his neck on the way downstairs because Khalid Mohamed for some reason is lying on the staircase with a balloon clutched to his chest. Viggo doesn’t ask what this is about, he is too tired and his knee hurts for some reason and he is feeling sorry for himself and he hates that.

He makes it across school grounds to the main building and when he comes close enough to the cafeteria, he can at least smell the scent of waffles in the air. Predictably, Eric has a stack the size of the tower of Pisa on his plate and is actually using one half eaten waffle to wave at Viggo. That, naturally, leads to Orlando giving him the stink eye and telling him not to play with food. Viggo sits down, ducks when Eric very nearly slaps him in the face with his waffle because he needs Viggo to taste it right now, and simultaneously wishes for maple syrup and for Orlando to be anywhere but at their table. Eric takes Viggo’s phone, as always right there in his right hand, away from him and replaces it with a fork. Orlando meanwhile looks at Viggo the way a sadistic and bored panther looks at a gazelle who has a headache and really just wants to have breakfast in peace.

‘You don’t look too good.’ Orlando says. ‘Pulled a muscle during morning yoga?’

It’s harmless, considering who is talking, really. But Viggo still scowls.

‘Go away, Orlando.’

Orlando narrows his eyes, tilts his head. Viggo’s headache instantly grows stronger. Eric doesn’t even look up from Viggo’s phone. But he says, in a sort of by-the-way fashion,

‘We exist as atomic ionization.’

‘Excuse me?’ Orlando replies.
‘This life is nothing short of an unfolding canopy of unified potentiality.’ Eric says in very much the same tone of voice. He looks up and smiles at Orlando. ‘Consciousness consists of psionic wave oscillations of quantum energy. “Quantum” means a flowering of the holistic.’

Orlando’s eyes narrow to a degree that Viggo is certain he is just giving himself a headache right now.

‘What?’ he asks, and just that, like his instant anger doesn’t even know where to start and thus chases its own tail.

Eric lifts his shoulder, puts Viggo’s phone down, takes another waffle into both of his hands.

‘You may be ruled by stagnation without realizing it. Do not let it exterminate the richness of your path.’

He takes a huge bite out of his waffle, eyes still on Orlando. Orlando, in turn, opens his mouth, then closes it again, narrows his brows even further. Then he shakes his head, takes his empty plate and gets up.

‘Idiot,’ he says instead of a goodbye.

Eric stuffs the other half of his waffle into his mouth as he looks at Orlando’s back. There are crows feet around his eyes when he turns to look at Viggo. Viggo arches one brow in question. Eric licks his index finger clean from butter and powdered sugar before he uses it to push Viggo’s phone closer to him, points down at it.

Obediently, Viggo looks at the screen and finds Chrome opened at, a New Age bullshit generator. And like this, the day is saved, even without maple syrup.

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That's exactly what we were talking abou, isn't it? That love is all around them (pun indended)? Because the way Eric so casually saves Viggo's day after having taking just one single look at him? What's that if not love as good as it gets? :)

The beginning is so interesting, because there it is, Viggo's voice, and he's clearly gotten up on the wrong side of the bed (love that little detail, that Eric is nowhere to be found, because of course he would be looking for him)- the head-ache, the prospect of an exhausting morning, his aching knee and students fooling around on the staircase. And then Eric just -takes over, I love that, too, the way he simultaneously feeds him a waffle, takes away his phone and hands him a fork, he's just been sitting there waiting for him, hasn't he? And Viggo's irritation about Orlando's existence on that particular morning (or mornings in general, maybe), he picks so effortlessly up on that and gets rid of Orlando with minimal hassle. So neat.

My day was saved twice by this. Firstly, because it's V/E. Secondly, because that generator? That must be one of the ten most awesome things on the internet.

Only thing I'm wondering is why Eric (or Viggo) is using Chrome. Is there a story to that? :)

on 2017-09-10 11:11 pm (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] gattodoro
Here we see Eric - genius mathematician - employing his full deductive reasoning powers i.e.
Viggo is vexed by Orlando
Take away Orlando
= Unvexed Viggo (and greater chance of a shag in the lunch break).

Orlando's scientific mind, however, uses inductive reasoning to conclude that Eric is an idiot and on the evidence provided there is a high possibility that he is right.

I have a horrible suspicion that this means Eric is the Moriarty to Orlando's Sherlock Holmes, which means that Dom is Dr Watson and Viggo is Irene Adler. Gerry is, of course, the Hound of the Baskervilles and Christopher is Mycroft.


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