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First of, Noa posted a wonderful, wonderful Viggo/Eric ficlet at her DW, so go and read that at once, you.

Second of, I missed youuuuu, Gerry!!!11!!:

Tuesdays are hilarious, if anyone asked Gerry. Okay, fine, no one usually asks Gerry because everyone knows that Gerry’s answers to questions are normally a. not actually answering the question, b. containing personal details about his (or for some reason West’s) life that no one in their right mind would want to know or c. so meandering that you not only don’t get an answer but also forgot the question by the time Gerry is done. But IF anyone asked Gerry, he would tell them that Tuesdays are hilarious.

For one thing, he and Eric once more get to teach drama together even though neither of them is actually qualified to do so. But in all honesty, JC employs Johnny Depp as a full time drama teacher and Gerry is absolutely certain that Johnny works under the assumption that he is the reincarnation of Sir Francis Drake. (Not that Gerry ever tried to dissuade him from that notion, if only because that makes Christopher Queen Liz I, which in itself is pure comedy gold). So Gerry and Eric are fantastically qualified in comparison, really.

For another thing, Gerry also has riding lessons on Tuedays. Gerry is aware that the application of the word ‘hilarious’ to those still holds true; not necessarily from his point of view but most definitely from the horse’s. But really, Gerry is by now very good at making somersaults through the sand when the horse has decided that it should temporarily relieve itself from Gerry’s company. And also, his riding instructor is always really very, very concerned afterwards and usually offers to kiss it better. That is a service the riding school doesn’t offer for all customers, just for the one who was clever enough to also date the person he regularly makes himself a fool in front of.

For a third thing, Tuesdays at the beginning of a new school year and around lunchtime are particularly hilarious because of Sean. Tuesdays are ‘Food from Foreign Places’ (or something like that) days in JC’s canteen, and Sean hates foreign food more than Orlando hates organized religion (well, maybe about equally much) or Miranda hates it when someone calls her ‘my dear girl’ (aside from Ian, but then, Ian could call Gerry ‘my great Scottish thugmuffin’ and Gerry would be fine with it, that’s just Ian for you). So anyway, normally - over the course of the rest of the year - Sean plays the French Resistance, only that he isn’t secretly fighting Nazis by killing sentries in the dead of night but by very openly boycotting escargot and fishtail soup by eating Fray Bento’s from the can. But not during the first month or so of a new year. Because Sean leads by example (which is probably why none of the Wellies grasp the concept of indoor voices or matching socks), and the newly arrived big-eyed first formers of course watch their head of house like newly hatched hawks with particularly good eyesight. So Sean can’t really get away with not eating what the kitchen has to offer, right? Because that would lead to tons of kids demanding chicken nuggets and spaghetti bol instead of fancy dumplings from Taiwan and whatnot.

So, Sean eats fancy dumplings from Taiwan and whatnot. And really, Gerry is very glad that he has found a great partner in adlib theatre in Eric; because Sean? He can’t act for shit. He looks like someone is torturing his mouth and Gerry can see that he is trying to swallow his mouthfuls of food without the food actually ever touching his tongue. It is hilarious.

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This! is hilarious. Seriously, woman, I have no idea how you're doing it, but your love for Gerry, this priceless unicorn-flamingo-dandelion of a man, jumps at me from every line! :)

Let me quote the most hilarious bits right back at you:

1) containing personal details about his (or for some reason West’s) life that no one in their right mind would want to know

This must be the sweetest friendship ever- Gerry just showering West in his affection (and getting everybody wet who's standing too close) and West just letting him. So much love! :)

2) Gerry's whole description of his riding lessons and the fact that he is just embracing the fact that he is making a fool of himself and having a good time nonetheless- because it's riding and there is the horse and Jane... and it's all good, really. Or better. Hilarious.

3) Drama lessons with Gerry and Eric. Just picture them setting up 'Romeo and Juliet' with a bunch of grumpy, awkward teenagers. I want you to write that asap!

4) Miranda hating being called 'my dear girl', that's such a neat bit of characterization thrown in there (and I love that she makes an exception for Ian!)

5) Sean doing his best to lead by example. That's the most hilarious bit of it all, because it speaks volumes, about Sean's teaching style, about his character, and Gerry's description is so vivid, I am feeling Sean's pain here, every ounce of it.

I never thought I might say that: But I missed Gerry, too!
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I hereby declare that henceforth Tuesdays shall be known as Scottish thugmuffin day. Betty is welcome.

(And Sean of all people should know that the trick to making anything palatable is Henderson's Relish


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