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Aug. 30th, 2017 08:40 pm
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man, I can't believe how behind I am on replying to your comments again. I do appreciate them so so much and each and every one of them makes me smile. And I WILL reply :D.

Anyway, in the meantime, you may guess who said what at the end of this one :).

On Wednesday, school starts again at Jackson College after six weeks of summer holidays. There is a lot of excited squeeing from dayers and boarders alike, a lot of exasperation from the teaching staff (okay, that’s not really true, 87% of the exasperation is hogged by Christopher and 65% of those are focussed on West and the fact that he isn’t actually so much here), a lot of unnecessary trampling up and down the halls and stairways, a lot of your usual first day back stuff.

Also, in the staff room there is cake, only a little less excited squeeing, and a short performance of sirtaki dancing.

If you happen to be new here - and it doesn’t even matter whether you’re a teacher or a pupil -, you will probably find this quite a bit overwhelming. You might compare it to the twilight zone. Or the result of an accidental trip in the TARDIS.

If you happen to be new here - and it doesn’t even matter whether you’re a teacher or a pupil -, you will probably do what you’ve always done on the first day of school. Here is how the six heads of house started their first regular period in varying forms in 17/18:

‘Welcome to Jackson High! I know there are a lot of first impressions doing your head in right now, aren’t there? So, I brought a little friend of mine with me today. Why don’t you all say hi to Cricketta?’

‘So, guys, Rome was sacked by the vandals in 455, and I reckon they didn’t just do it for the ice cream, though you get fantastic ice cream there, trust me. Who can beat that with a fact from his own holidays, eh? A point for every historically accurate I can’t disprove. Go on then!’

‘Rupert, can you turn out the lights, please? You don’t need any pens, you can put your markers down, Vicky. Just look at the photos and let them take you on a bit of a journey to the place of the suspended rocks.’

‘It is remarkable how many misconceptions there are about life in the developing world and I think that that knowledge gap has done a lot to contribute to the imbalance quite frankly. So I suggest we do something to educate ourselves some this year, what do you say?’

‘Right. In the 18th century, David Hume criticized teleological arguments for religion. Hume claimed that natural explanations for the order in the order were reasonable. We’ll get back to that when we’re dissecting the design argument. - You must have a developed a remarkable memory over the holidays, Victoria, considering you’re not writing any of this down.’

‘Now, I don’t know about you guys, but the weather is far too nice to be trapped in this stuffy bio lab. Come on, follow me outside, we’ll see if we can’t find any frogs in the pond. - No crocodiles, you don’t even need to ask, Patrick.’

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I'm a complete failure at remembering the heads of houses... and there are only six of them... feel free to yell at me in all caps if I get this wrong ;)

1- Miranda
2- Sean
3- Viggo
4- Emma
5- Orlando
6- Kiele (though this sounds a lot like Gerry)

PS Cricketta= ❤️
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Hang on a moment, we've had a change of personnel over the holidays haven't we you tricksy person! Okay then,I'm going with

1) Kiele (Palm) - wild guess, I have no idea about Criketta
2) Sean (Wellsley) - has hangover, deploying old trick to get kids to talk so he doesn't have to.
3) Viggo (Arnor)
4) Emma (Austen)
5) Orlando (Mirkwood) - sounds excessively grumpy for first day of term - also has a hangover
8) Miranda (Erebor aka Blue Mountain) as she probably wants to check on the ducks. JRD has emigrated to Cuba. Or maybe just retired to Scarborough.

Oh and Eric did the sirtaki dancing, possibly with Viggo though I imagine he was more or less static.

on 2017-08-31 07:00 am (UTC)
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- Eric
- Sean
- Viggo
- hm, who teaches geography and/or social sciences?
- Orlando
- the exploding chemistry one, but I'm sure he could find an alligator

(I know you posted an who-is-who somewhere... searches)
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