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Aug. 27th, 2017 10:09 pm
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This one is a bit short because I mainlined Black Sails today :).

Viggo finds Eric on the lawn behind Arnor House. The air is balmy, and the sky is the darkest of blue. Eric is busy pulling out grass blades with his naked toes and only looks at Viggo when Viggo plops down on the ancient fold-up lawnchair next to him and it collapses under him. Eric snickers. Viggo kicks his foot, then brushes himself off with rather limited success. The grass is damp from a shower earlier and he will have stains on his jeans. Then, a little more carefully this time, he sits down once more.

Eric holds out a can of Coke to him, his own opened in his other hand. Viggo takes it but shakes his head.

‘What happened to the Retsina we brought from Thessaloniki?’

Eric makes a vague gesture at the building behind them.

‘Don’t know about you, but with all your kids back, maybe it’s not the most brilliant strategy to get pissed in public.’

Viggo pulls a face but opens his fizzy drink.

‘I wasn’t suggesting it we’d drink it straight from the bottle, like we did on the beach. I’d have fetched glasses.’

Eric snickers at that. Viggo leans down, nearly overbalances again, rips off some grass and throws it at Eric’s head. Most of it sticks to Eric’s hair who doesn’t bother removing it.

A mid-sized horde of second formers stampedes over the lawn. The one in front, Calvin Robson, carries a football, holding it like a rugby ball as he is trying to get away from the rest. In his flight he nearly falls over Eric’s outstretched legs and just a last minute jump prevents a fall. Viggo’s mid-level ‘hey’ of reprimand slows them down maybe for a second before they round the shrubbery and are out of sight.

Eric snickers again. Viggo doesn’t kick him or throw something at him. Instead he holds out his can, so Eric can touch it with his own in a toast.

‘To another year, mate, hm?’

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They are so adorable. Here's to another year indeed.


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