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Aug. 20th, 2017 10:04 pm
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This is for [personal profile] gattodoro, mostly because I will from now on always blame Gerry stuff on her.

On Sunday, August 20th, Gerry returns from his trip to the USA. He lands in Leeds and clears customs and is actually also a bit surprised that no one wanted to check his luggage for smuggled goods. That usually happens to him.

He is possibly even more surprised to find Dom Monaghan waiting for him outside, in the middle of the line of chauffeurs from taxi and limousine firms waiting for their pick up. Only that Dom isn’t wearing a chauffeur’s uniform or a chauffeur’s hat but a band shirt from Twisted Sister and one half (the right) of his hair is shaved down to about 2 mm.

Gerry waves, accidentally slapping a Chinese businesswoman in the face, and is about to enquire what Dom is doing there. But then Dom raises a sign, like one of those the fancy chauffeurs. Only that Dom’s doesn’t say “Luxury Limousine, York - Mr Gerard Butler” on it. Instead it reads “This is not Florida, Crazy-Tartan-Arse”.

And Gerry is so happy to be back home and to have mates who look out for him and make sure he doesn’t get lost (well, okay, maybe Dom isn’t the best choice for that. He once did get lost in the Pony.), that he very nearly cries. He is also very, very sad that he opted against wearing his kilt on the flight back even though it would have been SO much more comfortable and would have fitted so nicely with the whole theme of this welcome home.

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*Applauds* that is an excellent welcome home. And well done Dom on finding the right airport!

Gerry will be pleased to know that I saw Twiglet yesterday and he was happily grazing on a clover-rich lawn.


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