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Viggo and Eric stay for one night in Thessaloniki. They get a room in a hostel in a somewhat shady neighborhood, and the sole reason for picking that one is that Eric found a step-by-step photo-story as to how to get there from the main station on the internet. Viggo points out to him that they are, in fact, in a car, and didn’t arrive by train, but Eric didn’t think that that was relevant information. He is very proud that both side mirrors are still (mostly) attached to their car when they park it in front of the hostel.

The hostel itself is kind of decorated the way Sean dresses. One can’t help but ask a. who in their right mind did ever buy something like this, b. who in their right mind would combine things this way and c. where does it seem like someone tossed half of the matching clothes/furniture in the mid 80s and replaced them with stuff from the thrift store and d. what’s up with the ridiculous amount of corduroy?

That is, at least, what Eric thinks while they wait for the receptionist. Viggo is preoccupied staring at the life sized icon of the Virgin Mary next to the staircase.

Mary is sporting a slightly crooked mustache that someone made out of felt and stuck to the glass. It so far must have escaped the hostel’s proprietor’s attention. Viggo peels it off very carefully.

‘One shouldn’t mock other people’s devotion,’ he says in that quiet voice of his.

Then he sticks the felt mustache to his own upper lip.

on 2017-08-19 08:38 am (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] noalinnea
Aww, Viggo, that is so cute and so gross at the same time (Do you have any idea where that mustache has been before it ended up on the Virgin Mary's upper lip? No? I didn't think so.)

on 2017-08-22 09:46 am (UTC)
gattodoro: (Viggo Blue)
Posted by [personal profile] gattodoro
Has it occurred to Viggo the he may have unwittingly dedicated the shrine of the - admittedly not well-know - moustacheoed Virgin?


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