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In the wake of last night's accidental wine tasting booze up, several different approaches to the concept of aftercare are employed while – and this is somewhat worth pointing out, considering how much work there is to do on the second to last day of school – Cate pretty much runs the entire school because a lot of her colleagues are closeted alcoholics.

Miranda receives Aspirin, breakfast, and a ride back to JC from Marianne, Bernard's wife. Bernard offered to take her himself, but considering that his blood alcohol level is still at astronomical levels, Marianne would've only allowed him to take the bike. Miranda is not a friend of the idea of riding on the back of that; the village is paved with cobble stone.

Dom actually made it home and found his flat. He did end up sleeping in the bathtub, not his bed, though he isn't so sure why that is. He is also naked and used a towel as a blanket. That is convenient because that way he can take a bath before first period without having to get up first.

Eric wakes up to find Viggo eating avocado next to him. Viggo claims that avocado is the new wonder cure for hangovers. Eric hums in response and is about to fall asleep again when Viggo, very chipper and definitely not hung over at all (kudos, avocado), starts relaying to him the details of last night. Eric laughs himself fully awake in the next five minutes.

Sean doesn't have the advantage of avocado for breakfast. He sits at the teachers' table in the common dining room and really just wants to sip his tea in peace and feel sorry for himself. Orlando sits next to him and talks to Gerry about runny eggs, roller coaster rides, and other vomit-inducing subjects loud enough for it to repeatedly turn heads at some of the pupils' tables. Gerry, for his part, has no idea that he is made a pawn in Orlando's revenge. He does enjoy the early morning grossness just for the sake of it.

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Sean could just crawl away, but I suspect he knows he deserves Orlando's mockery - that's what mates are for after all.


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