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This is what nine people at JC are doing at 9:09 a.m. on July, 9th:

1 – Orlando wakes up with a massive hangover, grabs himself a Paracetamol from the nightstand without opening his eyes and swears to himself that he will never drink Polish beer again.

2 – Karl wakes up because Boris is licking his face and demands being taken out for walkies. Karl ignores him as well as his annoying phone.

3 – Sean is on his second cup of tea and indulging in his dirty pleasure which is reading Gerry's week's worth of 'The Sun'.

4 – Craig is chatting to his mother via Skype who is trying to convince him to spend at least half of his summer holidays in Wuppertal. Craig kinda enjoys riding the suspension monorail and likes spending time with his family. He is still gonna go to Grand Canary for four weeks.

5 – West shows up at Gerry's doorstep to drag him to the Yorkshire Air Museum. Gerry, of course, is absolutely game and ushers West out the door, brushing his teeth in West's car.

6 – Miranda has John over for breakfast which they have been doing for a while on Sundays now. John is enjoying the shrimps and dishing out good advice to his successor.

7 – Kiele is getting cake from the bakery in the village because it's her and Matt's wedding anniversary. Matt, in the meantime, is baking cake because it's his and Kiele's wedding anniversary. They may have coordinated this a little bit better.

8 – Beth is on mile 2 of her Sunday morning run and writing ridiculing text messages to Karl.

9 – Eric and Viggo have sex. One of them is even fully awake for it.

on 2017-07-09 07:31 pm (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] openidwouldwork
Dirty, Sean, dirty! ;)
Karl, let the large dog out... otherwise major cleaning may have to happen.

on 2017-07-09 07:44 pm (UTC)
noalinnea: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] noalinnea
I'll just keep doing the thing with the numbers until you're telling me to stop :)
1. Awww, Orlando! Also, Richard needs to talk to him about how PCM is metabolized. His poor, poor liver!
2. I can totally see how that trip to Poland is going to be awesome!
3. Naaaw, Sean! His second guilty pleasure next to Emmerdale, wait, third, Emmerdale and food porn!
4. I'm laughing so loud I should close the windows. Schwebebahn!!!
5. These two are so... cute! Or Gerry is, like an overexcited toddler on sugar ;)
6. I very much approve of this Sunday morning activity. I heard there was lobster at some point?
7. A spare cake... surely not a problem at JC!
8. How's she doing with dating a guy who's less muscles than she has, btw? ;)
9. Aaahhh... can't decide who... Viggo! No, Eric! Damn. Is this sleepy- don't bother I can totally take care of this myself sex? ;)


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