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Now, most of the time Karl thinks that Orlando is a persnickety dick. Like, Karl is pretty sure that it's Orlando's fault that he, Karl, has to work on June, 8th, the last Saturday before the summer holidays. Instead of doing something fun and not a complete waste of time, Karl spends most of his Saturday keeping Gerry's kids in line since he, Karl is obviously the only fucking adult in this freak show. So it falls to him to make sure the stupid pony doesn't get loose that Gerry and the girls brought onto school grounds for fuck knows what reason. Also, he is forced to look at the project presentations of at least five other groups, and the only fun thing about that is when Sean gets clobbered in the head with a giant spear held by a second former with terrible eye-hand-coordination. Other than that, it is pretty much the opposite of Karl's idea of a perfect Saturday, and Karl is sure that that is down to Orlando.

Doesn't mean Karl isn't mates with him. And here is why:

Karl has just gotten out of the shower when his doorbell rings.

'Hiya,' says Orlando when Karl opens.

'What do you want?' Karl asks, poking his ear to get the water that's stuck in there out.

Orlando rolls his eyes, then uses them to look pointedly down at the cardboard box he is carrying. Karl peers at it with some skepticism. That dissolves, however, when he sees the Polish inscription of “Żywiec“ on it.

'Is that -?' he asks and feels his face lighting up.

Orlando, because he is a dick, rolls his eyes again.

'Of course it is. I told you I ordered it ages ago, didn't I? And I got travel guides to Poland as well.'

Karl takes the box from Orlando's hands and leaves his bag with books to him. He rips the box open as he walks towards the living room of his flat, expecting Orlando to follow.

'Yeah, yeah, whatever. I'm only interested in the beer, mate.'

on 2017-07-08 09:11 pm (UTC)
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Haha, my favorite moment was when Sean got clobbered, too :) also, I can't wait for them to go on holidays together! Are they going by car, btw, oder does Karl own a motorbike as well? The pony is not coming, I take it? ;) Oooh, but what about Gerry's holidays? Iceland?


on 2017-07-08 09:45 pm (UTC)
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Oooh, can Gerry go rafting? :) Hmm, and do I see a convenient window there for Orlando to meet someone in York when he's off school? Also, do all the kids leave? Or is there a bunch of them that has to stay behind? :( Richard, btw, doesn't get the concept of boarding schools at all, and thinks all parents who send their kids their are mean.


on 2017-07-09 09:05 am (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] noalinnea
My thoughts exactly, both on JC without students and Richard and Orlando :) Some might stay because their parents have to work during (part of) the holidays, some might need some extra tuition, some might actually prefer to stay (like Emma?)
The house mothers are a bit fuzzy to me, but right now I really can't think of anybody either who might be one... let me think about that :)
Oooh, and will there be a party for John's retirement? !


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