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Jul. 6th, 2017 09:25 pm
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Sorry this is so short. I just came home from 13 hours of school. And I still drove home thinking I have the best job in the world. Because I do. And also because my tutor group performed a fairy tale they wrote themselves tonight and the prince ended up marrying Aladdin. I love my job.

Project oriented learning week goes very much like Aristotle's theory of dramatic structure. In case you didn't pay attention in Bernard's English Lit lessons, Aristotle says that in a five act drama the fourth must have a moment of final suspense, a moment where everything that can go wrong seems to go wrong and everyone is frustrated. Day four of the week, Thursday, is very much like that. Here are just four of the myriad of disappointments that pupils and staff members of JC have to face during that horrible day:

1 – The kids in Johnny's drama club complain very loudly over game night in the basement of Wellesley Manor that they didn't get any chance to act at all today. Johnny deemed them all unworthy and played all the roles himself, using a broomstick as the stand-in for the princess's love interest.

2 – Mikael Burdin and Jason Franks have a lover's spat in the gym's loo. It's nothing too bad, really, Jay just doesn't understand why Mikael suddenly won't jerk him off in the changing rooms anymore.

3 – Different to the common perception, Orlando is not in a good mood a day after he had amazing sex twice. Quite the contrary. His body and his brain keep telling him that orgasms are great – case in point: last night – and demand more. Subsequently, he is not good company. Everyone can attest to that.

4 – Even though he searches all day, Eric can't find a word that rhymes with purple to finish his shower poem for the day. Stupid bi flag. Why doesn't it have red in it instead of purple? Eric has loads of words to rhyme with red. Like bed for instance. How's that for “Love throughout the centuries”?
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