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Jul. 6th, 2017 09:25 pm
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Sorry this is so short. I just came home from 13 hours of school. And I still drove home thinking I have the best job in the world. Because I do. And also because my tutor group performed a fairy tale they wrote themselves tonight and the prince ended up marrying Aladdin. I love my job.

Project oriented learning week goes very much like Aristotle's theory of dramatic structure. In case you didn't pay attention in Bernard's English Lit lessons, Aristotle says that in a five act drama the fourth must have a moment of final suspense, a moment where everything that can go wrong seems to go wrong and everyone is frustrated. Day four of the week, Thursday, is very much like that. Here are just four of the myriad of disappointments that pupils and staff members of JC have to face during that horrible day:

1 – The kids in Johnny's drama club complain very loudly over game night in the basement of Wellesley Manor that they didn't get any chance to act at all today. Johnny deemed them all unworthy and played all the roles himself, using a broomstick as the stand-in for the princess's love interest.

2 – Mikael Burdin and Jason Franks have a lover's spat in the gym's loo. It's nothing too bad, really, Jay just doesn't understand why Mikael suddenly won't jerk him off in the changing rooms anymore.

3 – Different to the common perception, Orlando is not in a good mood a day after he had amazing sex twice. Quite the contrary. His body and his brain keep telling him that orgasms are great – case in point: last night – and demand more. Subsequently, he is not good company. Everyone can attest to that.

4 – Even though he searches all day, Eric can't find a word that rhymes with purple to finish his shower poem for the day. Stupid bi flag. Why doesn't it have red in it instead of purple? Eric has loads of words to rhyme with red. Like bed for instance. How's that for “Love throughout the centuries”?

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good thing Eric teaches maths, yes.

Hope the drama club at least enjoyed the show.

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1. Karl tells them to stop whining and throw the dice. At least the broomstick is called Orpheus, and so the whole project is much closer to the actual motto than that of Gerry's group is (which seems to be grooming ponies)
2. And isn't the fact that they are arguing about this a brilliant representation of the week's motto?
3. Richard, on the other hand, is. There's an relaxed air to him all morning, and he smiles amicably at both his co-workers as well as the parents and even at the odd neonate. At 11:30 he is asked by nurse Penelope to 'go find someone else to pester and stop whistling, for heaven's sake, the babies are getting twitchy'. Richard spends the rest of the day grinning at his paperwork.
4. In bed, he asks Viggo who furrows his brow and comes up with 'snircle' and 'curple''. Eric claimes he made the second one up, but Viggo maintains that it's a Scottish word for some part of a horse and he's just forgotten which. Eric shakes his head and retrieves his phone from the floor to call Gerry. He's siding with Viggo, the bastard, and Viggo smirks at him when Eric hangs up, leans towards him to steal a kiss and then comfortably settles down next to him, only to wake him up two hours later and confess that he made up 'snircle'. Eric tells him to shut up and sleep, but without snircling into his ear, and Viggo laughs quietly and only snircles a little after he's gone back to sleep.
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:) I'm glad you liked it! Because yours was a great ending to a good day as well!

1. I don't know how that happened- Karl knowing his mythology... but I kind of like it, and yes, he's going to have an awesome time with Orlando!

2. I couldn't quite remember which of them was the one who was told off by Orlando and who was the one better with words or I would've elaborated

3. That might both be because he'd like to see Richard smiling that smile or because of his aversion of babies :)

4. Yeeeeeessss! Also, Gerry actually knows Viggo is right about curple, being from Scotland, but forgets to tell Eric that snircle isn't in fact a word...
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It does seem rather unfair to his colleagues that Orlando is in a bad mood after awesome sex. Unwise too, I mean what incentive have they got not to cock block him at every opportunity?


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