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Jul. 4th, 2017 10:30 pm
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This is for [personal profile] noalinnea, mostly because what Eric does in here is actually her idea :). Also, guys, summer holidays in 10 days, and then I will finally reply to all your comments. So prepare for a lot of nonsense coming your way.

As far as the second day of project oriented learning week is concerned, it is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of success. If Bernard's group of young journalists, trusted with the task of documenting the proceedings of the week, were a little less like their teacher (which would mean a little less bumming about on JC's lawns), they would have had the chance to document or at least hear of the following occurrences. Whether or not they – or in fact any of them – actually are thematically relevant to this week's theme ('Love throughout the centuries') is neither here nor there:

Karl wakes Beth by going down on her. Now, you might argue that this is neither something project related nor, in fact, something the general public should even know about. However, Karl is really pretty good at it, Beth as a concept of privacy that somewhat differs of that of the majority of people, and also she has a very carrying voice.

Viggo wakes Eric by reading a poem to him. Eric is not really awake for the performance, but the cadence of Viggo's voice and his obvious enthusiasm cause him to hum in appreciation anyway. It's only about six hours later, during lunch, that he enquires why Viggo thought it fitting to read that to him in the first place. Paul, who happens to sit at the same table with them, cuts in and says some very moving and insightful things about the history of English literature and its greatest love poems. Eric very patiently listens while he is devouring about half a loaf of banana bread.

Aside from banana bread, the canteen serves fig salad, asparagus, avocado cream and basil fettucine. The selection seems rather eclectic, even for International Tuesday, but when Sean, somewhat disgustedly, remarks on it, the kitchen staff tell him to sod off, it's all food of love.

Robert Ryan obviously ate a little too much of it because he feels inspired to use the rest of his lunch break for a bit of a fumble with Maria Dayton in the bloom closet below the Western staircase. Maria thinks this a very neat idea. The two people who will probably appreciate this less are Kiele, Robert's head of house, and Victoria Shaw, who happens to be Robert's current girlfriend.

A very heated argument over the differences of Plato's and Aristotele's definitions of romantic love ensues between pupils from Orlando's A-level. Punches are thrown. Orlando appreciates the passion, the bloody noses not so much.

Gerry and his bunch of first and second formers visit Al Capony and Pony Soprano in their yard in a field excursion. In theory, the theme of Gerry's project is animal protection and the concept of love within the animal kingdom. It could be argued that not all of the twenty children who spend their morning braiding Al Capony's and Pony Soprano's manes fully grasp Gerry's pedagogical concept.

After returning from a well deserved pint at the Pony, Eric returns the favour and recites a poem for Viggo which he actually just gave birth to under the shower. It goes something like this:

The wildlife in the local pond
I'm actually rather fond
Of that lot that's stuck in there
So I guess it's only fair
To wave hello to every toad
From the shoreline, from the boat.

Viggo claps when Eric has finished – something of a less brilliant idea since he is washing his hands at the time – and praises Eric's use of rhyme scheme and enjambment. Eric bows which would be more dignified if he wasn't naked and standing the middle of the bathroom. However, then Viggo asks what's up with the subject of the poem, though. It transpires that Eric has spent the first two days of project oriented learning week working under the assumption that the theme was 'The pond and its inhabitants'.
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